Chapter 126: Anticipation

After using an afternoon and night of cultivation guidance, Han Xue’s cultivation had risen to the Qi Training Realm late stage. Although she was still a stage away from reaching Foundation Establishment Realm and not able to utilize the strength of a cultivator yet, she had become a cultivator.

“You must cultivate using the method I passed to you properly. Without a doubt, after you get familiar with it, you will know how powerful you can become. In the future, even if you face countless bullets flying at you, you can also move unobstructed and unscathed,” Cheng Yu looked at the clean and refined Han Xue while speaking.

After the process of washing the bone marrow, the person’s temperament would have some changes. Not to mention, now that Han Xue had already entered the Qi Training Realm, not only had her temperament become more noble, she even gave off a feeling of illusions. Perhaps, this was the reason why cultivators were so mysterious to the mortals. Because not only were they able to display stunning strengths, they also possessed extraordinarily grand auras.

“Is what you said real? I can really block bullets?” Han Xue was shocked. At the same time, she was also extremely excited.

“The current you is not able to. But once you are able to adapt to your current strength and familiarize yourself with the cultivation method, that is definitely possible. The biggest feature in Qi Training Realm was that their body now held a large amount of Qi. It was able to be used as an equipment of defense or as a weapon for offense. You could read the cultivation method silently in your heart and feel the immense strength in your body. It’s just that you are still unable to use it right now,” Cheng Yu slowly explained to Han Xue.

Han Xue closed her eyes and chanted the cultivation method in her heart to give it a go. Immediately, she became extremely excited. Sure enough, she was able to feel an immense strength in her body. However, she was still unable to control it.

“Although the things I passed to you are very powerful, you must know that there are also people stronger than you. Thus, you must not expose your strength so easily. With your current strength, even if it was just an ordinary punch, it’s not something a commoner will be able to defend against. Therefore, you must be extremely careful. If one day, you meet other cultivators that you are not able to win against, just say that you are someone from the Limitless Palace.”

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Cheng Yu knew that Han Xue was someone who liked adventures. He also knew that she had always hoped to be able achieve some accomplishments in the police and not stay as an ordinary archive clerk.

Therefore, in the future, Han Xue would inevitably meet some strong opponents. Furthermore, after the sneak attack by Kunlun two days ago, Cheng Yu felt some bad premonition that something was going to happen. Since he had already exposed his own cultivation, he believed Kunlun would also be able to pinpoint that he was the culprit behind Fang Wenxuan’s death.

Even though Cheng Yu had the strength of Foundation Establishment Realm late stage, Cheng Yu was still not able to eliminate Kunlun directly. His opponents possessed two Foundation Establishment Realm late stage experts and a pile of Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage elders. Even if he was able to dominate those that were in the same cultivation as him, if he were to face a bunch of cultivators even at middle stage, it would be hard for him to survive.

Originally, he wished before entering the Cultivation World that he would be able to allow the women he loved to possess a certain strength to protect themselves. This could also be used to intimidate Kunlun. He hoped that by doing this, Kunlun would not act blindly without thinking.

However, the incident did not go according to Cheng Yu’s wish. After the sudden sneak attack and Cheng Yu’s strength being exposed, it had broken off the subtle equilibrium.

Cheng Yu had never once thought of Kunlun as a group of kind hearted people. After they knew that he was the foe they had been looking for, they would definitely not battle with him, but would eliminate him as their objective.

As Cheng Yu was able to perceive this crisis, Cheng Yu definitely did not wish for these women to expose their strength as well and become targets. Otherwise, there would be an enormous disaster waiting for him.

When he thought of the remaining two Spiritual Origin Fruits in his hands that were meant for Yao Na and Lin Yuhan, Cheng Yu was at a loss of what to do. He wished to be able to help them at the same time, but he was afraid that it would stir up his own doom.

It’s a must to help Lan Ya cultivate because the conflict he had with Kunlun was started from her. As for Yang Ruoxue and Han Xue, it was because they were people who possessed a certain background. It was relatively safer for them if they were to possess some protection method for themselves.

Yang Ruoxue was from a rich family that paid a huge amount of taxes in Yunhai. If something were to happen to her, there would be bodyguard sent out to protect her. As for Han Xue, she was already in the police, so inevitably she would face dangers sometimes.

However, Yao Na and Lin Yuhan were just commoners and did not possess any background. If they were to suddenly possess a cultivation of Qi Training Realm late stage and Kunlun learned of them, they would be extremely disadvantaged. When the time came, if he was not around, it would be very troublesome.

Therefore, after much consideration, Cheng Yu felt that he should not teach them how to cultivate for the time being and allow them to continue staying as commoners. Everything would have to wait until he returned from the Cultivation World before continuing.

If Kunlun was truly going to be so persistent, Cheng Yu did not mind extinguishing Kunlun from the Secular World before going to the Cultivation World. He would certainly cause a stir there. When that happened, even if the Cultivation World Kunlun wished to send someone out, they might have to consider whether they would have enough might to continue sustaining themselves in the Cultivation World.

After he thought of it so clearly, Cheng Yu’s heart finally felt relieved. At least he was no longer as worried as before. In contrast, he was actually looking forward to Kunlun carrying out the operation to eliminate him earlier.


In the morning, Cheng Yu brought Han Xue out to have a breakfast before going their separate ways. One of them went back to work at the police while the other went to school to attend a lesson.

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In five days, it would be the time for the national exam. All the students who would be attending the national exam couldn’t help feeling extremely nervous. Only Cheng Yu was able to continue being so unconcerned about it.

When they saw how Cheng Yu had walked into the classroom leisurely, those graduating students could only admire his tranquil and calm attitude. At the same time, they also envied him. Who asked him to be born in a rich family?

If there were still people who were not worried about the national exam, it would be Fatty Qian. Remembering the assurance Cheng Yu gave him two days ago, Fatty was extremely excited.

It was lucky that he had such good taste in submitting to such an awesome boss. Currently in Fatty Qian’s eyes, Cheng Yu was unconditionally a deity. He had experienced Cheng Yu’s martial power before and witnessed a lot of his mystical acts. None of them were not accomplishable if he wasn’t an immortal. So, he decided that no matter what, he must follow Cheng Yu.

Cheng Yu always had the intention to nurture Fatty Qian. However, there was nothing that needed his help right now. Furthermore, it was almost time for the national exam, so he had no intention to get Fatty Qian involved in any other things. Cheng Yu intended to wait until after the national exam before continuing with his plans.

“Boss, it’s almost the day of the national exam. Why are you still skipping classes?” Fatty was still the same as the past, he went up and welcomed Cheng Yu.

“It’s because it’s almost the day for the national exam, so I need to go out to relax to adjust my mentality. This way, I will be able to get a good score,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Hehe. Only boss is able to think of things this way. However, because boss possesses such abilities, you are thinking of things this way. If it was not because of boss, I would long have become depressed,” Fatty laughed.

“Whatever you are trying to do, you must approach with a serious attitude. However, even though you are serious about it, you must also maintain a peaceful mentality. Let’s take the national exam as an example. As long as you have put in your best effort, it’s sufficient. No matter what the end result is, you must face it with a tranquil heart and not because you did not score well, and don’t become depressed, as if your future is ruined. It’s the same as the thing I passed you previously. Understand?”

Cheng Yu was trying to convey to him that there were things that Fatty must not be too attached to. On the road of cultivation, there would be numerous setbacks and every step of progression would be very difficult. If a failure made him depressed, how would he accomplish crossing the other shore then?

“Understood, Boss. I will definitely be more unyielding,” After Fatty understood what Cheng Yu was trying to convey, he knew that Cheng Yu was trying to give him some advice to persevere with his cultivation. Fatty seriously nodded his head and swore that he would not cause his boss to be disappointed in him. Cheng Yu did not speak anymore and went straight back to his seat.

“Why are you still skipping classes at this time? Don’t you know that the week before the national exam you must adjust your mentality properly to face it? With you wandering around, it’s very easy for you to become distracted halfway,” Actually, in the last week before the national exam, there was no need for continuous working on assessments. They would only need to read through their notes every day and try to solve a few questions. By doing so, this allowed them to not separate themselves from their memories and habits.

This kind of feeling was actually the same for cultivation. Cultivating in meditation had to be done daily and could not be something you do when you wished to. This way was very easy to cut off the feel of cultivation. If they were to once again need to find the feeling of cultivation, it would affect their future progress.

Therefore, the last week before the national exam was the same. It was a way of maintaining their state of mind. This way, once they entered the exam hall, they would be able to enter that state of mind to start solving questions and not waste time adjusting their state of mind.

With such an important day drawing closer, Cheng Yu still continued to act so unconcerned and roamed everywhere, causing Lin Yuhan to be extremely dissatisfied with him.

“Haha! I am actually adjusting my state of mind right now. The method I used is different from yours. You can be at ease. I already said that I will enroll into Yunhai University with you, so there will definitely not be a problem. You must know that my Xiao Hanhan is so pretty, and if I were to not be able to get accepted into Yunhai University and caused you to be snatched away by someone else, the one regretting it would be me, right? Therefore, I am more anxious than you actually!” When Cheng Yu saw Lin Yuhan was criticizing him, he laughed.

“Hmph! You still dare to mention that?! I can tell that you are extremely eager to stay away from me. So as not to delay you chasing after other girls. There isn’t any part of you showing any anxiousness,” Lin Yuhan said unappreciatively.

“It’s not always necessary to show the anxiety. It’s the same as how I like you. It’s not something that can be shown by using my mouth, but it is visible through my heart,” Cheng Yu said gently.

Although Lin Yuhan knew that Cheng Yu was just trying to coax her, she still felt extremely happy. Women were like this. They needed the meticulous care from their lovers because they liked to listen to those sweet sayings and honeyed words, which were half true and half false. They obviously knew that the other person liked them, but they always wanted the other person to say it with their own words. Only by doing so would they feel that it was real.

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