Chapter 143: Why Didn’t You Like My Mother, Zhuang Nai Nai?

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It is normal for one to vent on their loved ones when their mood is not good.

She forces herself to overlook his vices and takes up her phone.

She did not eat with him during lunch, he probably skipped it.

He has stomach problems; will he be able to endure it if his illness strikes?

With that in mind, she orders a takeout for Si Zheng Ting.  After that, she sends a message to Ji Chen, ‘Prepare some change, Assistant Ji.’

After sending that message, she types another one.  This time, for Si Zheng Ting.  ‘Remember to eat.’

Now that she has done that, she feels at ease.  And then, she continues staring into space in a daze.

The top floor,

Si Zheng Ting is reading some documents.  Since his mood is bad, he is not very productive today.

He suddenly hears Ji Chen’s phone vibrating.  When he sees the way Ji Chen subconsciously glance at him, he has a feeling that that message came from Zhuang Nai Nai.

Did something happened?

Right at the moment, his own phone vibrates.  He remains stunned for a very long time after reading that message.  After a while, he puts his phone back to the table.

15 minutes later, there is a knock on the door.  Da Zhuang appears in the doorway, next to a delivery man.  “Sir, this man said that…. you ordered takeout.”

Ordered a takeout?

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Si Zheng Ting connects the dots together.

She ordered this for him?

His eyes light up a little.

Ji Chen pays the takeout fee and brings the food in.  He opens the lid of the takeout, causing the aroma to fill the office room.  Ji Chen takes a deep breath, “The madam is indeed virtuous.  This noodle soup smells really good!”

Si Zheng Ting glances at him coldly, “Nosy.”

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Ji Chen quickly stands up straight and lowers his head, “It is my fault, sir.  There are things I need to look at outside, please excuse me.”

Ji Chen walks out and stands near the doorway.  From the crack in the door, he discovers his sir staring at the noodles for a long time before finally picking up his chopsticks and digging in.

Ji Chen: ….Sir!  Must you be so haughty?

Perhaps, this bowl of noodles warms Si Zheng Ting’s heart.  He is no longer as angry as he was hours ago.

The aroma of the bone soup and scallions fill his mouth, calming him down.

When he remembers what happened this morning, he feels like he was too rash.

Even if she does not like him, even if she does not like this marriage, she wouldn’t have such a big reaction to his mother’s gift.  Are they hiding something from him?

A thought suddenly appears in his head.


It is now time to get home.  For the first time in a while, they do not have to do overtime, so everyone is really happy.

After contemplating her choices, Zhuang Nai Nai makes her way to the top floor.

Si Zheng Ting is such a workaholic, he must be still working at the moment.

She is right.  His bodyguards and staffs are still there.  This time, they did not stop her from entering his office.

She is pleased; Si Zheng Ting is no longer angry?

She slowly pushes open the door and pokes her head in.  A pair of hands suddenly pulls her in and…..


Her back collides against the wall.  She can feel his breaths on her face.

Before she even manage to react, Si Zheng Ting’s voice reaches her ears, “Why didn’t you like my mother, Zhuang Nai Nai?”


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