Chapter 127: Encircled by Kunlun

After bickering for a while with Lin Yuhan, Cheng Yu’s mood brightened up. The time passed by very fast during the day. Cheng Yu brought Fatty to Lin Yuhan’s stall to eat. After that, he brought Fatty to Xinguang Nightclub.

As the Qin Canghai trio already had some martial arts foundation. Compared to others, they were at an advantage. Furthermore, since the trio were the gang’s bosses, Cheng Yu had to nurture them.

After inspecting the trio’s cultivation and seeing that they had broken through to the middle stage of Qi Training Realm, Cheng Yu was quite pleased. Probably, wait until they had consumed the Spiritual Origin Fruit fully, it would not be a problem for them to break through to the late stage of Qi Training Realm.

Cheng Yu wanted to go back to cultivate and Fatty felt that the night was still young plus he had the backing of Cheng Yu for the national exam, so Fatty was not worried about it. Thus, he decided to stay and cultivate.


After arriving at his own villa, the moment Cheng Yu got off his car, he became vigilant because he was able to feel that his surroundings were filled with strong killing intent.

After sensing the strong killing intent, Cheng Yu did not even bother to think before guessing that the opponent must be Kunlun. This time, he had no idea how many experts Kunlun sent out.

“Since you are here, why bother to hide? Could it be that the world famous Kunlun was actually so cowardly and only likes to sneak attack?” Now that Cheng Yu was not clear of the enemy’s strength and numbers, Cheng Yu tried to provoke them.

“Haha! Friend has such keen eyesight,” The person who spoke was Sect Master Xuan. He naturally knew the purpose of Cheng Yu’s words, so he signaled everyone to show themselves.

Sure enough, the amount of people here was not little. Two Foundation Establishment Realm late stage and five in the middle stage. This clearly showed that they wanted to eliminate him. Cheng Yu looked at the seven figures as he narrowed his eyes. Even though he was shocked in his heart that his opponent had actually sent out such a lineup to kill him, Cheng Yu’s eyes still did not ripple and appeared very calm.

“As expected, Kunlun really thinks so highly of me that you would actually send so many experts here. I believe one of you must be Kunlun’s Sect Master, Sect Master Xuan. Right?” Before Cheng Yu killed Fang Wenxuan, he had probed from him the Secular World Kunlun’s strength. Since the opponents only have two Foundation Establishment Realm late stage experts, one of them should be his father, Sect Master Xuan and the other one should be the great elder. Now that both of the Foundation Establishment Realm late stage experts had appeared in front of him, Cheng Yu obviously knew who they were.

“Friend actually has such a detailed understanding of my Kunlun,” The seven figures all wore nocturnal clothes and masked their faces. When he heard Cheng Yu had actually exposed his identity, Sect Master Xuan’s eyes flashed with shock.

Sect Master Xuan had never descended from the mountains since over 100 years ago. Even when he was young, he had rarely moved about in the Secular World. He never expected that Cheng Yu would actually be able to guess his identity. Could it be that Cheng Yu had already planned of how to deal with Kunlun?

Cheng Yu had brought a lot of troubles for Kunlun. He was worried of the Limitless Palace behind Cheng Yu, and also he had no idea if Cheng Yu had any experts protecting him, so he decided that this time, he would personally make a move. The seven figures were also the strongest lineup in the Secular World Kunlun.

Tonight, they must definitely behead Cheng Yu, to prevent any calamities from happening in the future. Therefore, they must not allow any unexpected mishaps to happen.

“Haha! As the advance troops to enter the Secular World, it’s a must to understand the other Secular World powers. Since you guys sent out such a strong lineup to kill me, aren’t you afraid that the Limitless Palace will kill off your Kunlun?” At this moment, Cheng Yu could only rely on Limitless Palace’s name to intimidate them.

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Although Cheng Yu was a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivator, he knew that he would not be able to obtain victory when he was facing so many other Foundation Establishment Realm experts. Even though he knew that Kunlun should have already thought of this when they were going to eliminate him, Cheng Yu still wished to remind them hoping to change their mind in the last minute.

“Of course we are scared of the Limitless Palace. But if there are no witnesses, what’s there for us to be afraid of?” The Limitless Palace was actually their biggest worry right now. If it was not because of the Limitless Palace, Sect Master Xuan would have slaughtered Cheng Yu long ago.

“Haha! Aren’t all of you too naive? I am the forerunner sent to the Secular World by the Limitless Palace. Naturally, I will have to report the conflict I had with Kunlun. Do you really think that if I, a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage cultivator, were beheaded by someone else without a cause and reason, they would not know that Kunlun was behind it?” When Cheng Yu felt the traces of worry in Kunlun, he laughed in his heart as he continued to frighten them.

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Sect Master Xuan’s eyes flashed with traces of worry. However, when he thought of how his son had died in Cheng Yu’s hands, he hardened his heart and ignored everything else and decided to eliminate him before thinking of anything else.

“Hmph! You don’t need to frighten us. No matter what you say, tonight will be the day of your death. Elders! Charge together! This kid looks so frivolous and cunning, he must definitely have a lot of tricks up his hand. Killing him is our main objective right now!” Since it had come to this situation, if they still wished to retreat, wouldn’t it throw Kunlun’s face away? It was true that the Limitless Palace was strong, but their Kunlun was not something that could be provoked so easily as well. If something bad were to really happen, the Cultivation World Kunlun would also interfere. Otherwise, the face they throw would not only be the Secular World Kunlun’s face.

After much consideration, Sect Master Xuan took out a long sword. The sword lit up and a ray of sword Qi flew towards Cheng Yu.

When they saw that the Sect Master made a move, six of them laid down their worries as they took out their long swords and encircled Cheng Yu in the middle to prevent him from escaping.

Cheng Yu knew that the name of Limitless Palace was no longer useful as he started to think of a way to break through the encirclement. However, Cheng Yu did not wish to just purely escape because this was his home. It was impossible for him to wait until he had reached Golden Core Realm before returning. Therefore, he needed to break through the encirclement, but he also had to make them take a huge loss. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to be free from worry.

Cheng Yu dodged the sword Qi as he turned to send a palm out. A translucent palm flew out. Sect Master chopped down with his sword causing the palm to disintegrate. This was the first time Cheng Yu had faced such a crisis after his reincarnation.

The middle stage of Foundation Establishment Realm was not something that could compete against the late stage. Previously, when he used the same attack, Elder Yun and Elder Feng had to join hands before they were able to defend against his palm. However, Sect Master Xuan had just simply chopped down and the palm had been disintegrated by him.

Cheng Yu did not have any weapon on hand, and he knew that he was not able to deal with seven of them at the same time. He no longer bothered to conceal his identity as the murdered, so he took out Guan Shiyuan’s flying sword.

The moment the flying sword appeared, Sect Master Xuan and the others’ complexions changed. Sect Master Xuan said gloomily, ”As expected. It’s you! Tonight, you cannot dream of escaping from this calamity! I am going to bring your head back to pay respect to my son and Elder Guan Shiyuan!”

“Haha! Who knows who might be the one dying. If you want to kill me, it’s not so easy. Since you miss your son so much, I don’t mind doing you a favor and letting you reunite with him earlier!” The moment he took out the flying sword, Cheng Yu’s spiritual Qi exploded. The flying sword’s size grew according to his spiritual strength, turning into a big spiritual light sword as it wrapped the flying sword before he chopped down at Sect Master Xuan.

The blow was wrapped in a dense amount of spiritual Qi. The spiritual Qi in it was intending to swallow a mountain and river. Sect Master Xuan knew that he could not receive this attack head on as he evaded it quickly.

The sword light came down. Even though it did not manage to hit Sect Master Xuan, the strength contained in the blow was immense as the moment the sword light landed on the ground, a long crack was formed in the ground.

Cheng Yu knew that a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage expert was not so easy to deal with, and he could only choose to dispose of the other five Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage elders first.

With the flying sword on hand, Cheng Yu immediately changed his target as he turned to face one of the Foundation Establishment middle stage elders and sped over. When the elder saw this, a sword appeared in front of him as he sent sword Qi towards Cheng Yu.

As the speed of the sword Qi was too fast, Cheng Yu was not able to evade it. He punched out and was prepared to counter it with force. The punch broke the sword Qi and landed on the elder’s chest. Immediately, the elder flew several meters while he coughed out scarlet blood.

When everyone saw Cheng Yu was actually so strong to the point of making them lose one of the elders in an instant, the other four middle stage of Foundation Establishment Realm elders immediately started to cooperate with each other. Their sword Qi rose together as they formed into a single entity before chopping down at Cheng Yu.

Those cultivator with cultivations below the Foundation Establishment Realm were not able to manifest Qi outside their bodies of them. Therefore, during fights, they could only use the Qi to reinforce their bodies. They would circulate Qi around their whole body to fight against their enemy. Even though the power might be strong, it was still a fight between fists. Thus, even if they managed to kill a thousand enemies, they would have been hurt at least 800 times.

When the two people battle and both use Qi to reinforce their body, if one of them does not possess a cultivation higher than the other, both sides will inevitably get hurt.

However, when it came to the Foundation Establishment Realm, it was no longer the same. Every one of them would manifest Qi outside their bodies and their swords would usually be their catalyst. Once they took out their sword and brandished it, sword Qi would flow out.

As a result, those cultivators who were Foundation Establishment Realm and above would rarely fight using their fists. They would usually fight without using Qi to reinforce their bodies and would rely on their cultivation techniques that was tied to their level of cultivation.

Even though Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage was a stage weaker, facing such a strong sword Qi, Cheng Yu did not dare risking it. If he made a mistake, he would die and his body would disappear. Those things that Cheng Yu was not certain of, he would choose not chance it.

Cheng Yu somersaulted to evade their sword Qi. However, why would Sect Master Xuan and the Great Elder be watching this show? Both of their swords flashed as two swords intersected with each other and were sent striking at Cheng Yu who was still midair.

As Cheng Yu was in midair, he could not possibly evade this. He started to get nervous as he set up a defensive layer of Qi around his body. Although he managed to evade one of the swords, he still collided with the other sword. Cheng Yu flew several meters away and knocked into a big tree inside the villa as the impact caused the whole tree to fall down.

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