Chapter 124: Pleasantly Surprised Peng Dahai

“Young Master Yu, why are you here? Is there anything you need my help with?” Peng Dahai was sipping on his tea when suddenly Cheng Yu and Han Xue came in. He was very surprised and quickly stood up while welcoming them in.

“Haha. It’s nothing important. I am just here to thank the Bureau Chief for helping out when Han Xue was shot,” Cheng Yu smiled.

“Young Master Yu is too polite. Xiao Xue is someone from our police station, and she was hurt because of our work. As a Bureau Chief, I have my responsibility to take care of her. Furthermore, Xiao Xue’s father is my best friend. Thus, Xiao Xue could be counted as my niece. As her uncle, this is something I should do at the minimum,” Peng Dahai said politely.

“Nevertheless, even though I saved Xiao Xue, you also contributed. This is a Longevity Pill that has the effect of prolonging your life. This is my gratitude towards Bureau Chief Peng!” Cheng Yu said while he took out a pill bottle with a Longevity Pill that he placed on Peng Dahai’s desk.

Cheng Yu had always been like this. If someone treated him with politeness, he would treat the person with twice the politeness. Although Peng Dahai knew that Cheng Yu was the nephew of the Mayor and inevitably would fawn on Cheng Yu, this still did not affect how Cheng Yu viewed Peng Dahai.

Peng Dahai’s position may not seem high, but it was also not low. As a Bureau Chief, he held a department level position, so some things may be out of his control. Since the Mayor was behind Cheng Yu, no matter how absurd a request was, he would still have to put in his best to help. However, if they were to be the one giving him a benefit for doing so, it would no longer be the same.

“This…Young Master Yu, this gift is too precious. I am afraid…” At that time, when Cheng Yu was saving Han Xue, Peng Dahai had only been waiting outside with Han Xue’s parents. Although he did not know how Cheng Yu managed to save Han Xue, this did not influence the respect he held for Cheng Yu with regards to his medical skills. At the same time, he also knew that Cheng Yu was not as simple as a nephew to the Mayor. That was why he firmly believed that he must definitely have a good relationship with Cheng Yu.

Peng Dahai did not harbor any suspicions of the Longevity Pill. Instead, he felt extremely excited. He wished to accept it, but he was hesitating because this gift was too precious. If he were to auction it, Peng Dahai believed that it would fetch at least 100 million.

“Bureau Chief Peng doesn’t need to be so bothered by this. There is no other meaning when I gave this to you. Lastly, isn’t Bureau Chief not feeling very well lately? Even though I am not a doctor, when it comes to curing patients, I am still very willing to help out,” After Cheng Yu figured out what Peng Dahai was thinking about, he thought of another reason to make him accept it.

“Ah!” When Peng Dahai heard Cheng Yu’s words, he was stunned. However, he very quickly understood. He quickly kept the pill bottle in his pocket and said happily, ”Thank you for your concern, Young Master Yu.” If it was not because Cheng Yu was still here, Peng Dahai really wished to take out the pill and have a look at it.

“Bureau Chief Peng, I am here today to look for Han Xue to handle some matters. Thus, I wish to request a day off for her. I wonder if this is possible?” When he saw how excited Peng Dahai was, Cheng Yu laughed.

“Sure. Of course it’s possible! Young Master Yu need not address me as Bureau Chief Peng. It seems too polite. If Young Master Yu doesn’t mind, you can just address me as Old Peng,” Peng Dahai had met a lot of children of officials and second generation rich kids, but most of them were proud and arrogant while also being extremely unreasonable.

However, he did not sense any arrogance from Cheng Yu. In contrast, after having interacted with him for so long, he realized that when it came to interacting with others, Cheng Yu was very easy-going. Furthermore, Cheng Yu had been treating him with politeness and gave him a precious gift. This caused Peng Dahai to treat Cheng Yu with even more politeness.

“Young Master Yu…” Cheng Yu pulled Han Xue and was prepared to go out, but Peng Dahai suddenly called out.

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“Is there anything else?” Cheng Yu turned around and asked.

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“This…” Peng Dahai looked at Han Xue and showed an unnatural expression as he had no idea how to phrase it.

“You go out first, I need to talk to him alone,” Cheng Yu was able to tell Peng Dahai’s meaning, so he asked Han Xue to head out first. “Speak, what’s the matter?”

“Er… How should I phrase it? Since Young Master Yu is so skilled in medicine, is it possible…possible to treat that aspect of a man?” With only them left, Peng Dahai still felt embarrassed to mention this issue to Cheng Yu.

“That aspect? What aspect?” Cheng Yu was confused.

“That’s…because of my wife’s age, she demanded something…longer, but I…uh…I would like to know if Young Master Yu has any ways to allow me to…”

“Haha! So it’s this aspect. You can’t do it anymore?” After he understood what Peng Dahai meant, Cheng Yu laughed.

“Er… A little?” Peng Dahai was embarrassed to say that he had completely not been able to do it anymore.

“Is it a little or is it completely?” When Cheng Yu saw Peng Dahai’s evasive eyes, he asked bluntly.

“It…it is something I completely can’t do anymore,” Although Peng Dahai was embarrassed to say it, since he wished for Cheng Yu to treat it, he replied honestly.

“Ok. Give me two days and I will send you the medicine,” Cheng Yu looked at Peng Dahai’s embarrassed look while sniggering.

“Thank you, Young Master Yu! Thank you, Young Master Yu!” When Peng Dahai heard Cheng Yu’s words, he knew that Cheng Yu was able to treat it. He felt delighted and quickly said, ”Young Master Yu, please be at ease. When the time comes, I will definitely give Young Master Yu reasonable medical fees for it.”

When Cheng Yu heard that Peng Dahai was going to pay him the medical fees, he did not reject it. Although it was not hard for him to refine such pills, he would still need to waste some time on it. After that, he walked out of the office. However, Peng Dahai was following behind him. Currently, in Peng Dahai’s eyes, Cheng Yu was no longer just a simple Mayor’s nephew with a deep family background. He was a person with true capability and held miraculous medical skills.

This kind of person, no matter if it was a high government official or rich and powerful businessmen, they all wished to fawn on him. It was commonly know that the higher a person climbed, the more they cared about their health. Only by maintaining good health would they be able to climb higher and further.

Originally, Tang Ze was still waiting for Cheng Yu and Han Xue to come out before continuing to find trouble for them. However, when he saw Bureau Chief Peng was unexpectedly behind them and was even extremely polite to Cheng Yu, this caused Tang Ze to frown.

Could it be that this kid had a powerful background? Although his family background was not any worse and Peng Dahai was his superior, Tang Ze did not feel that Peng Dahai was any high official. But when Tang Ze saw Peng Dahai being so polite to that kid, he could not help thinking of what kind of background Cheng Yu had.

“Do you guys know who that man is?” Tang Ze saw that the three of them had left the office, so he asked the people behind him.

“Captain, that man broke some laws previously and was caught by Han Xue. It seemed like he had some relation with the Mayor,” Although everyone was placed in this big office, they were still separated by a layer of glass and every department office was enclosed separately. Therefore, even though they were able to see what was happening, they were not able to understand the specifics of the incident.

“Relations with the Mayor?” Although Yunhai was not a province, it could still be counted as a sub-province. As a Mayor in Yunhai, it also meant that he held a deputy minister position and that was not a low position. If the kid was very close with the Mayor, even though he was not afraid, if he were to truly angry the Mayor, it might be very troublesome to deal with.


Peng Dahai sent them to the outside of the Public Security Office before heading back quickly. Inside his office a Longevity Pill was still waiting. When he thought of how this pill was able to prolong his lifespan and the medicine Cheng Yu would be giving to him in a few days, he felt excited and also very thankful to Cheng Yu.

“Where are we going now?” After getting into Cheng Yu’s car, Han Xue asked curiously.

“My house.”

“Your house? Then wouldn’t I have to buy some present?” Han Xue knew that Cheng Yu was staying together with the Mayor. The Mayor was also Cheng Yu’s uncle. Now that their relationship had developed to this extent, it could be counted as meeting her in-laws. Han Xue couldn’t help feeling a bit nervous.

“Haha! We are not meeting your in-laws, so why are you getting so excited? I have just bought a villa and started living alone,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“You bought a villa? How come I don’t know about it? Is it because if you were to live alone, you can bring women back home every day?!” When she heard Cheng Yu’s words, Han Xue sighed in relief. After that, she started to interrogate Cheng Yu.

“Che! I wish I could. Currently, there has never been a woman who slept in the villa. If no mishap were to happen, you will be staying overnight here,” With regards to Han Xue’s reaction, Cheng Yu did not seem to care.

“What?! What are you trying to do?!” Subconsciously, Han Xue covered her chest.

“Haha! You will know when we arrive,” Cheng Yu smiled mysteriously.

“I want to get off. I am not going!” Although she loved Cheng Yu and in her heart, she had also thought of herself as his girlfriend, when it came to giving her body to Cheng Yu, she still felt a bit unwilling to do so.

“As my girlfriend, could it be that we can’t do those things that a boyfriend and girlfriend are allowed to do?” Cheng Yu did not explain as he asked Han Xue deliberately.

“I don’t want to! I promised to be your girlfriend, but I did not promise to do those things with you yet!” Han Xue was a very traditional woman. This was perhaps somewhat related to her parents being government officials. “Can you not force me?”

When Cheng Yu saw Han Xue’s aggrieved look, he no longer wished to scare her as he said, ”Alright. I will stop teasing you. I am looking for you because of some issues. Besides, you really will have to stay overnight here, but it’s not to do those things.”

“What kind of matters?” When she saw Cheng Yu yielding to her, Han Xue felt relieved. However, when she heard the latter part of the sentence, she seemed to be on guard once again.

“You should know that I am an immortal. Do you wish to become an immortal as well?’

“Really?! Can I?!” Han Xue immediately became high-spirited. Both her eyes were shining brightly when she heard his question.

“If it was in the past, you would need a long time before becoming an immortal. After we reach the villa, I will teach you about how to become one faster now.”

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