Chapter 123: Tang Ze

Cheng Yu opened the office door and took a look inside. The office was very spacious and the environment seemed quite decent. However, there were only three women inside. One of them was looking outside of the window and daydreaming. That person was Han Xue.

“Who are you looking for? And what’s the issue?” When they heard the door opening, the other two women lifted up their heads to take a look. They saw a young and handsome teen, so they asked kindly.

“I am here to look for Han Xue. Please help me find her,” Cheng Yu smiled.

The other two women were stunned. However, they recovered very quickly. Han Xue was the prettiest flower in the police station. The amount of rich young masters who came here to ask her out for a date were countless. They nodded as they went over to the daydreaming Han Xue and poked her lightly.

“What?” Han Xue who woke up suddenly looked at Wang Li and asked.

“There’s a handsome man looking for you,” Wang Li smiled. However, within her eyes, there were traces of envy. It’s so good to pretty. As long as there was one rich young master who said he liked her, there would be no need for her to stay in this office every day and waste her time.

“Handsome man?” Han Xue frowned. She had always been annoyed by all these rich young masters who would often come over to the police station to look for her. There was already Tang Ze pestering her. Now that there was another one, she felt very irritated.

Because Wang Li’s position was blocking Han Xue’s line of sight, Han Xue was not able to see the door. She leaned to the side and took a look. In an instant, the annoyance immediately disappeared and changed to happiness as she quickly ran towards the door.

Wang Li and her other colleague felt very strange. Although they had always been envious of Han Xue, they also knew that she was very irritated by all these suitors. However, why was the normally irritated Han Xue suddenly so happy? They had never once seen Han Xue so happy while being in front of a man.

“Why are you here?” Han Xue ran to the door and looked at Cheng Yu as she said happily.

“Haha! If I did not visit soon, I would not know when my wife had been snatched away,” Cheng Yu laughed. Ever since he kissed Han Xue, Han Xue had changed to another person. In front of Cheng Yu, she became extremely gentle. However, if she knew Cheng Yu still had a lot more women outside, Cheng Yu was afraid she would start showing the ferociousness she displayed last time.

“Hmph! It’s good that you know. It has already been so long since you looked for me. You must know that every day, there are a lot of people hoping to treat me to a meal. If you don’t treasure me, I will make sure you regret it!” When she heard Cheng Yu’s words, Han Xue started to show her dominance. There was a saying that went, “After a man has gotten the woman, they will no longer cherish them.” Although Cheng Yu had yet to reach that level, Han Xue knew that she must teach this man a lesson occasionally.

“That’s why I am here to beg for forgiveness. I will definitely cherish you well so that no one else will be able to snatch you away from me,” When Cheng Yu saw Han Xue acting like this, he decided to give her some face as he followed her lead.

“This should be your attitude!” When Han Xue saw Cheng Yu’s attitude was good, she felt quite pleased with him. When she remembered she was still working, she asked, ”Isn’t today Tuesday? Why aren’t you in school?”

“No matter how important school is, it’s not as important as my wife, right? I have decided to give you a surprise today. Let’s go,” Cheng Yu pulled Han Xue’s hand and started walking out.

“Hey! Wait! I am still working right now!” Although she was very curious about the surprise Cheng Yu prepared for her, Han Xue knew that it was still office hours, and she couldn’t possibly leave like that.

“You? Working? The moment I came, I saw you sitting at your seat and daydreaming. Furthermore, I can tell that you have a lot of free time from your job. What’s there to be working on?”

“There’s no choice! The archive office only had this job,” When it came to her current position, Han Xue was extremely dissatisfied. Her personality was very courageous and active. Now, every day she would just organize files inside the archive office causing her to feel extremely bored. After the previous gunshot incident, no matter what she told her parents, they would not allow her to return to her previous position.

“Let’s go. I will inform your Bureau Chief about this. After I give you the surprise, in the future, even if you were to be in a war zone, I will not worry about you,” Cheng Yu did not care about anything else as he pulled Han Xue along with him to Peng Dahai’s office.

When they arrived in the main hall at the police branch, everyone was astonished when they saw Cheng Yu holding Han Xue’s hand. When they saw Han Xue blushing as well, they felt strange. The fiery flower in the police station actually had such a gentle side to her? Could it be that they were a couple?!

However, on the other side, Tang Ze, who was handing over stuff to his subordinates, saw them holding hands and was stunned. He became furious. He had been pursuing Han Xue for so long, yet he didn’t even manage to touch her. Now there was a man who was holding her hand in front of him. Tang Ze slapped the file ruthlessly onto his table and walked towards them.

“Stay right there!” Just then, they were walking towards Peng Dahai’s office when a voice came from behind them. Tang Ze walked to the front and glared at Cheng Yu for a while. ”Let go of her hand.”

The whole police station knew that he was pursuing Han Xue. Now that there was a sudden appearance of another man who was holding Han Xue’s hand, it was like giving him a tight slap on his face. How was he going to continue staying in the police station while showing off his prestige?

“Tang Ze, what do you want?” Before Cheng Yu even spoke, Han Xue said angrily. However, she did not let go of Cheng Yu’s hand. Han Xue had always been like this. Although she was shy at first, since she had already chosen to declare it to everyone, she would not be afraid of others gossiping.

“Xiao Xue, I know that you would not be able to accept me in a short while, but you don’t have to find this kind of man to be your shield, right? If my eyes didn’t fail me, he is at least younger than you by several years. I don’t believe that you would fall for this kind of man. You are just doing this on purpose to show it to me. Am I right?”

Although Cheng Yu was very handsome, tall and looked a lot more mature than his age, when it came to comparing with Han Xue, there was still an age gap between them. Tang Ze did not believe that they were really a couple.

“Please call me Han Xue. Who I like is my issue. I don’t need others’ opinion as I am not showing it to them,” After Han Xue spoke, she pulled Cheng Yu and continued walking.

However, Tang Ze did not wish to let them walk away like this. He quickly ran forward and stopped them once again, ”Friend, if you are a man, stand out. Are you even a man if you are to hide behind your woman?”

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Although Tang Ze was very angry in his heart, he could not say it to Han Xue. He could only choose to vent the anger on Cheng Yu.

“For Han Xue to stand in front of me is evident to show how much she loves me. Why would I need to prove it then? Besides, whether I am a man or not, there’s no need for you to know. As long as Han Xue knows about it, I will be fine,” Facing his fury, Cheng Yu was very calm and did not show any traces of anger.

When Han Xue heard Cheng Yu’s words, she blushed. She pinched Cheng Yu’s waist ruthlessly. With so many people around, how could he say such a thing! Although she did not do anything perverted with him yet, others may not think so!

Therefore, after getting provoked by Cheng Yu’s words, Tang Ze’s expression changed. Could it be that they were really in a relationship? When he saw how Han Xue and Cheng Yu’s little movements seemed as if they were flirting with each other, his fury rose. “Kid, I want to fight you in a duel!”

“Crazy,” Cheng Yu glimpsed at Tang Ze before pulling Han Xue off. When Tang Ze saw them leaving, Tang Ze clenched his fist. The veins on his arms became very obvious because of how hard he was clenching his fists. Tang Ze lifted up his leg and kicked towards Cheng Yu’s back.

Tang Ze had graduated from the regular police school. The martial arts he possessed was not any weaker than those martial art practitioners. Furthermore, he had even been a champion before in the martial arts competition in the police school. Tang Ze was extremely confident that his kick was sufficient to cause Cheng Yu to lie on a bed for a few months.

However, just when Tang Ze’s kick was around two inches from meeting his target, it was stopped. After that, he was sent flying by a strange force. He bumped the office table behind him, causing the documents on the table to fall to the floor.

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Tang Ze laid on the floor and coughed a few times. He looked at the duo who did not even bother to turn back as they continued to advance forward. He was confused as to how he was sent flying just now.

“Leader, are you ok? Why did you retract your kick just now?” Two of Tang Ze’s subordinates quickly ran over to support Tang Ze up as they asked confusedly.

“Hmph! I just don’t want to make things look ugly. In the future, I will find an opportunity to teach that kid a lesson,” When Tang Ze heard his subordinate’s words, his face changed between red and green. He quickly found a reasonable excuse to reply to his subordinates in order to redeem his face.

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