Chapter 436: Probe and suspect

Everyone rushed up as if they were awakening from a dream. This woman gracefully dealt with everyone. It was obvious that she was a highly competent individual.

As for Long Yi, he stared her every action from the corner of his eye. He had high praises for her as he observed everything she was doing and he clicked his tongue in his heart. Casting aside the noble air around this woman, her face and figure were also top-notch. The pair of Jade Hare on her bosom were tightly held up by her dress, and that slender waist which could be held by a single hand, along with the several thread tassels of the dress, it was truly like the finishing touch to a painting. She attracted the gaze of everyone in the room. Long Yi wondered who was fortunate enough to possess this matchless beauty.

Just as Long Yi was sizing her up, she suddenly turned and looked in Long Yi’s direction. Unexpectedly, a trace of smile appeared on her face. However, that smile seemed extremely mysterious as it seemed as though it wasn’t a smile at the same time.

The eyebrows of Long Yi jumped. The moment their eyes met, Long Yi wanted to see through her thoughts. However, her clear eyes seemed to have a layer of unbreakable fine gauze covering it. He was unable to see through her at all.

Mist Fairy walked a lap around the drinking party hall and before long, she entered the rear hall under the lead of Nalan Wen. Everyone in the hall started talking in hushed whispers about this woman.

The answer was already portrayed vividly. This Mist Fairy held a very important place in the heart of Nalan Wen. Perhaps, he had already reached the point where he was utterly obedient towards her. If that was the case, she should be the hidden manipulator behind Nalan Wen. However, her identity was still a mystery. Long Yi was unable to sense any magic or spirit fluctuation from her body. This caused him to be unable to determine which power she belonged to.

“Lord Son-in-law, the first prince requested you to come to the rear hall for a chat.” All of a sudden, a delicate and pretty imperial maid ran over to Long Yi and said respectfully.

Here it comes, Long Yi secretly said in his heart. Nodding his head, he walked towards the rear hall together with this imperial maid. He might be able to find out why Mist Fairy seemed so familiar to him before long.

Entering the rear hall, he saw that Mist Fairy was sitting upright on the sofa. Nalan Wen was sitting on her right side, waiting for Long Yi to enter the room.

“Brother-in-law, quickly come. Fairy wants to meet you.” Nalan Wen said to Long Yi.

Long Yi went over but he didn’t sit down. Instead, he occupied a commanding position and sized up this so-called Mist Fairy. Her eyes were truly beautiful, however, they didn’t resemble the eyes of any women he had seen before. The structure of her nose wasn’t bad as well, but Long Yi just couldn’t think of anyone. In the end, Long Yi was wondering about where he got the familiar feeling from. Even after he pondered over it for a hundred times, he was unable to think of it.

“Young Master Ximen, why don’t you sit down?” Mist Fairy’s mood didn’t change at all. Instead, she faintly smiled at Long Yi and asked him to take a seat.

“It’s fine. I feel more comfortable when I stand up.” Long Yi smiled and took a deep breath. He was able to smell a lingering fragrance in the air, but he knew that it was different from whatever fragrance he had smelled before.

“Brother-in-law, it doesn’t matter. Just sit down. Standing up in front of Mist Fairy is very disrespectful to her.” Nalan Wen hurriedly said to Long Yi.

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Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and sat down. He placed one leg over the other. Folding his arms in front of his chest, he stared at Mist Fairy and said with a smile, “Mist Fairy, right? Your name is truly extraordinary. I wonder where your immortal adobe is.”

“You don’t need to know where I come from. The only thing we are discussing now is how are we going to make Prince Nalan ascend and take over the throne.” The expression of Mist Fairy was gentle and her tone was neither urgent nor slow. However, the way she spoke had a kind of peculiar rhythm and it made everyone who heard it feel comfortable.

“Right, right. I request that Fairy give me some pointers.” Nalan Wen respectfully said. He was very impatient the moment Mist Fairy spoke about the throne.

“I’m going to make things clear. Nalan Wu has the Dark Church behind him. Currently, the Dark Church’s Hell Priest Lafaer, is by his side.” Mist Fairy said.

Long Yi was startled. Hell Priest Lafaer, wasn’t he the master of Leng Youyou? It seemed like the Dark Church had truly participated in this war. However, Long Yi still had his doubts. What about this Mist Fairy? Could she belong to the Light Church? Doesn’t seem likely.

“I never expected that second brother would go astray. Just like father emperor. This throne must not fall into his hands at any cost. Otherwise, out Nalan Empire would enter a state of turmoil.” Nalan Wen said as he appeared righteous. He had never thought the Nalan Empire was already in chaos due to himself.

“That’s natural. The first prince must do his best.” Long Yi said as he showed false concern towards Nalan Wen.

“This prince will definitely try hard. However, second brother has more troops than me. The two legions at the Yatesianna defense line are being tardy and there are no news of their return.” Nalan Wen said with a vexed expression. He was just a big good-for-nothing idiot.

“No need to worry, we have Young Master Ximen to help you. Now, all of your problems would be solved.” Mist Fairy gently said. Her beautiful eyes had a hidden smile as she looked at Long Yi.

Nalan Wen instantly became elated. Since Fairy had said so, this brother-in-law of his would definitely be able to help him. In his haste, he hurriedly asked, “Brother-in-law, what should we do next? Please give me some advice.”

Long Yi glared at Mist Fairy. This woman did this intentionally.

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“As a matter of fact, there is an extremely simple solution to all this. Isn’t the Dark Church behind Nalan Wu? As long as you make this known to the public, he would lose his footing in the race for the throne.” Long Yi said with a smile.

“Right, brother-in-law is truly intelligent. However, no one would believe me without a proof to back my words up.” Nalan Wen clapped. However, he thought of the problem and was disappointed again.

Long Yi shook his head. This Nalan Wen was simply a pile of mud on the beach. Poor Nalan Wuji, he gave birth to these two good-for-nothing sons.

“If you don’t have evidence, can’t you fabricate some? Moreover, the Light Law Enforcement Team is coming in a few days.” Long Yi said with a smile.

Listening to Long Yi’s words, Nalan Wen suddenly saw the light. He started to admire Long Yi’s intelligence. He had already started to scheme in his mind.


“Have we met before?” Under the starry sky, Long Yi asked Mist Fairy, who was standing at his side.

“Do you ask this question to every girl around you?” Mist Fairy indifferently smiled.

Long Yi grinned and said, “Don’t act dumb. We definitely know each other from somewhere. Perhaps, your true appearance is different from when the time I met you.”

Mist Fairy didn’t speak and she looked into the starry sky. She didn’t utter a word and it was obvious that she had completely ignored whatever Long Yi said.

Long Yi waved his hand and released his Lightning Domain in the courtyard. He initiated a surprise attack on Mist Fairy just as quick as lightning. Who would have thought, Mist Fairy already anticipated his attacks. Long Yi’s hands passed through an afterimage of Mist Fairy. However, the moment Long Yi retracted his hand, she appeared in the same spot. It was as though she had never moved in the first place.

Long Yi was astonished. Sure enough, she had some skill. It appeared as though his Lightning Domain had no effect on her. Not thinking too much about it, Long Yi released his lightning net and used his spirit power to confine this space.

This time, Mist Fairy neither dodged nor hid. A layer of lustrous and transparent light appeared around her body and she had no reaction even though the lightning net enveloped her. As though that wasn’t enough, she appeared to be completely fearless of his spirit confinement. Taking two steps forward, she said with a smile, “Don’t waste your efforts, you are too weak.”

Long Yi retracted his domain and no longer attacked. He stared at her as he appeared lost in his thoughts. This was not possible. Even if his attacks were like ant bites to her, she should be feeling something at least. However, she appeared to be completely unaffected by Long Yi’s attacks at all. It was like his attacks were hitting the void. How was that even possible? Even if his attacks were useless, there was no way he would feel like he was hitting the void.

Long Yi thought about it for a long time. As for that Mist Fairy, she was looking at Long Yi with interest and her eyes had a complicated look in them.

Impossible, Long Yi shook his head. Once again, he slowly reached out his hand towards Mist Fairy’s neck. However, this time, he did it extremely slowly.

Mist Fairy neither dodged nor hid like before. That snow-white and exquisite neck unexpectedly fell into his devil’s talons. Long Yi was startled as he felt the satiny feeling in his hand.

“Do you want to strangle me?” As if she wasn’t aware of her current circumstance, Mist Fairy smiled and asked Long Yi.

Long Yi didn’t speak. Suddenly exerting force in his hands, he clenched his fist. His hand, which behaved like iron pincers, squeezed Mist Fairy’s neck. All of a sudden, the neck which he was holding, changed into air. Mist Fairy stood there and she stared at Long Yi, her head apparently unaffected. She was clearly smiling as he looked at him.

“What is this magic?” Long Yi was greatly shocked.

“It’s just a little trick. Anyway, you are too weak.” Mist Fairy smiled and mocked Long Yi.

Long Yi suppressed his feeling and rubbed the beard stubble on his chin. Sizing up Mist Fairy, Long Yi suddenly broke into a grin.“Do you dare to let me try again?”

Mist Fairy looked at Long Yi with surprise. Could it be that he had already found a way to attack her? That was fast. She nodded her head as she was curious to see what was Long Yi going to do.

Once again, Long Yi slowly reached out towards Mist Fairy’s neck. His action was extremely slow and he appeared as though he was acting out a slow motion scene in a movie. The moment his hand was about to come into contact with her skin, Long Yi stopped. He could feel the heat emitted from her skin. This proved that she was truly standing before him, and her neck was impossible to be fake.

Long Yi’s hands moved downwards and stopped right above Mist Fairy’s towering breasts.

Mist Fairy felt that something was wrong. Just as she was about to open her mouth, she saw that Long Yi had a strange expression on his face as he stared into the distance. Involuntarily, she followed his gaze. All of a sudden, she felt as though her ** was surrounded by something. Moreover, the red pearls on her soft mounds were being pinched.

“You……” Mist Fairy retreated two steps back glared at Long Yi. She disappeared with a flash and white light flashed around where she once stood.

“Space Magic… Could it be that she was also from Lost City?” Long Yi felt that faint magic fluctuation and he muttered.

Thinking about it, Long Yi felt as though there was something suspicious going on with this Mist Fairy. From the start to the end, she never attacked. Moreover, Long Yi didn’t feel the noble temperament she had when she was dealing with other people. That only happened when they were alone. Furthermore, she had allowed his hand to come into contact with her neck. No matter what, this was considered skinship. This act was unimaginable for women of noble status.

Besides, she didn’t react when Long Yi moved his hand towards her. When he tricked her and fondled her breasts, she had a really interesting reaction. Normally speaking, if a woman was touched inappropriately, they would definitely fly into a fit of rage. However, Mist Fairy was only ashamed and she didn’t even get angry. This was truly strange.

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