Chapter 435: Getting on intimate terms and Mist Fairy

“It seems this entire matter was a misunderstanding. This noble son, all your expenses today will be entirely free. How about dropping this matter entirely?” Mu Hanyan smiled and said to that noble son wearing magnificent clothing.

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“No way. I’ll not drop the matter. I, your father, have a lot of money. However… If proprietress allows me to get on intimate terms with you, this matter shall never see the light. How about it?” The noble son wearing magnificent clothing was the type of people who wouldn’t regret if they don’t see the coffin. His family jewel was already standing erect as he began to reveal his lustful intent.

Mu Hanyan’s complexion didn’t change at all. With a smile on her face, she replied him, “Get on intimate terms with me? Why not. Servants, lead him to my room in the backyard.”

The noble son who wore magnificent clothing instantly became happy. Just as he was about to open his mouth, two sturdy warriors held in and brought him towards the backyard. Since the drama has already ended, everyone who came out of their private box to watch the show slowly dispersed.

“Proprietress, are you really going to……” Looking at Mu Hanyan, Yinyin wanted to say something. However, she stopped herself at the last moment.

Mu Hanyan smiled mysteriously. The two young girls who were standing behind her showed a strange expression on their faces. It was as though they wanted to laugh out loud, but they didn’t dare to.

“Yinyin.” Long Yi stepped forward and called out.

Yinyin trembled and with disbelief written all over her face, she turned around. That voice was so familiar, and when her gaze landed on his handsome face, she instantly recognized him. When she saw that Long Yi was standing in front of her, a sensation of pleasant surprise appeared on her face.

“Long Yi, what are you doing here?” Yinyin stepped forward and her beautiful face immediately flushed bright red. She couldn’t help but lower her head when she looked at Long Yi. She recalled that night when Long Yi was about to leave Blue Moon City. She remembered how she had fallen asleep while her lips were pressed against Long Yi’s. When she saw him now, she couldn’t help but think about the awkward moment in the past. Not to mention the fact that they met in this kind of ** place. It was awkward for the both of them.

“So you two actually know each other. I’ll take my leave now and not disturb the two of you any longer. The two of you can slowly catch up with each other.”  Mu Hanyan smiled and left along with the two young girls behind her.

Looking at each other, Long Yi and Yinyin both remained silent. Long Yi had a bad smile hung on his face, but Yinyin didn’t know where to put her hands. Their attitudes were in complete contrast.

“What? Is it necessary to feel so awkward when meeting an old friend?” Long Yi smiled.

When she heard that Long Yi was teasing her, the awkward atmosphere dissolved. She walked over to the front of Long Yi and asked, “Will that proprietress truly let that perverted fellow take advantage of her?”

Long Yi smiled and said, “If you want to know, then we can just go and take a look. Wouldn’t we know if we saw it for ourselves?”

The two of them quietly sneaked into the backyard the noble son was brought to. The moment they entered, the could hear the screams of a man. It sounded like a pig being slaughtered.

“That sounds like that pervert! Why is he screaming so miserably?” Yinyin asked in confusion.

“You were the one who said that he is a pervert. Common sense doesn’t apply to this kind of people. Maybe he feels more pleasure the louder he screams.” Long Yi winked and said.

“That’s also true. Let’s go see what is happening in the room.” Yinyin curiously said.

Long Yi held back his laughter and nodded his head. Without guessing, he knew that Mu Hanyan was definitely torturing this fellow. However, he didn’t know how she was doing it.

As the two people walked closer and closer towards the room, the sound of the screams became louder.

“Old Four, aren’t you finished? Now, it is my turn. It’s been a long time since I got to play with this kind of dainty and lovely stuff..” In the midst of all the screaming, the hoarse voice of another male resounded.

“Old Three, wait for a moment. This big brother has yet to finish.” Another voice spoke inside the room, and it was accompanied with some panting.

Yinyin bumped onto Long Yi and asked in a soft voice, “What are they doing?”

Long Yi had a strange expression. Mu Hanyan, that woman was truly cruel. It was no wonder that the two young girls had such an expression on their faces when the noble son was escorted out.

“Don’t meddle in whatever they are doing. We are leaving.” Long Yi pulled Yinyin’s hand and said. He was afraid that looking at stuff like that would leave a shadow in Yinyin’s heart.

“I have yet to see why that pervert is screaming so miserably. Wait a little while for me, I will go and take a quick look.” Yinyin didn’t comply with Long Yi’s actions. Taking quiet steps, she crept over to the door of the room. She gently pushed on the door, opening a small crack. Just as she was about to look inside the room, everything became black. Long Yi had covered her eyes with his hand and he was pulling her away.

Not waiting for Yinyin to protest, Long Yi carried her under his arm and quickly flew away from Emerald Mist Pavilion. When he descended, they were already at the beach.

Releasing his grip on Yinyin, Long Yi sat on a huge rock as he stared at the waves rolling in the sea. The sound of water gurgling was extremely pleasant on the ears.

“Long Yi, why didn’t you let me see?” Yinyin walking over to Long Yi and gave him a light punch on the shoulder.

“I’m afraid that you would be traumatized by whatever was going on inside the room. What if you become so scared that you are unable to eat? Why can’t you understand my intentions?” Long Yi turned around and replied with a smile. However, when his gaze landed on the sly smirk Yinyin had on her face, he suddenly realized that he had been duped. She knew exactly what was going on in that room.

Yinyin had a wry smile on her face. Her father had protected her very well from all kinds of pollution. However, she heard stories about how some people among the nobles would love each other from the same sex. Moreover, she wasn’t a child anymore. When she heard the dialogue between the men inside the room, she understood everything.

“I’ll take it as you don’t understand what was going on. Anyway, what were you doing in the Emerald Mist Pavillion? Why did you even dress up like a man?” Long Yi smiled and shifted the topic of conversation.

The expression of Yinyin became gloomy. However, she forced a smile as she explained, “It seems interesting. I wanted to know how it feels like to be a man.”

Long Yi became silent and after a long period of time, he looked at the sea which stretched as far as the eye could see. He eventually replied, “People shouldn’t live in the past. There are some stuff which should be decided as early as possible.”

“I know. Of course, I know! However, I cannot control myself. I don’t even know my state of mind. I might be feeling this way because of my first love. It turned out to be so… ” Yinyin tightly clenched his hands into fists. Her voice was filled with grief and indignation.

“Fool, it has already been such a long time. You have yet to let go of that feeling. How about trying to associate with other boys?” Long Yi said to Yinyin. He sympathized with her. Who would have thought that the person she had loved for so long was a girl, just like herself. This kind of blow was not something everyone could endure.

“Now, I have no feelings for men.” Yinyin said as she felt depressed. Her father had introduced many outstanding boys to her, but she basically didn’t have any interest in them.

Long Yi was speechless. When he thought of the night where Yinyin fell asleep when she was kissing him, he felt as though someone took a sledgehammer and slammed it right into his self-confidence.

When she saw Long Yi’s expression, Yinyin felt a kind of indescribable comfort in her heart. As a matter of fact, she truly wanted to talk about the feelings she had for Long Yi. There was a feeling in her stronger than friendship, and that was how she felt towards Long Yi. The kiss that she shared with Long Yi made her heart beat faster and she felt extremely at ease. However, she was not foolish enough to tell Long Yi about these things.


The scene of the setting sun seemed extremely beautiful on the seashore. The bright red sunset dyed the seawater red, and along with the sea waves, it became darker or lighter. With the ever changing clouds in the horizon, the sunset looked even more magnificent and spectacular.

When the sun completely sunk into the sea, the final ray of sunlight disappeared and the stars appeared in its place. Looking at this cycle, people’s mood would also change. They would realize that there were too many situations in their life they had never experienced before. There were many new things they had yet to realize.

Yinyin had already returned long ago. This moment, only Long Yi was here lying on this remote sandy beach. When he watched the sunset and the rising of stars, he completely forgot the passage of time.

He didn’t come back to his senses until he heard the shouts of some fishermen. He recalled that he had to go to the drinking party hosted by Nalan Wen tonight. As such, he reluctantly took a last look at this beautiful beach as he flew towards the imperial palace afterwards.

When he arrived at the temporary imperial residence of Nalan Wen, many guests had already arrived before him. All of them were nobles of high position. They had one thing in common, and it was that they supported Nalan Wen.

Nalan Wen personally welcomed him and introduced him with a big smile on his face. Long Yi had seen many of these guests during his marriage banquet. However, he had no idea what any of their names were.

Long Yi chatted and laughed with them, but he didn’t see any suspicious person in the party. With a frown on his face, he walked over to a corner. He began to carefully observe the faces of everyone who had a false expression.

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It seemed as though the figure behind Nalan Wen would not show himself in public so easily. Perhaps, like that Military Advisor behind Long Zhan, he remained hidden in the dark.

When Long Yi finished his second cup of wine, the warm-up event of the drinking party had begun. The dance started and all the magic lamps in the hall dimmed.  Couples of men and women were hugging each other as they danced gracefully. Among them, there was no lack of handsome gentleman and noble ladies. There was also no lack of publicly righteous but secretly man stealing w*ores and sinister vile men.

This scene was just like a farce. Long Yi stood at one corner as he stared at everyone on the dance floor. He knew that most of them were leading a befuddled life. His gaze instantly became ice cold. Maybe it was because he was too experienced. Or perhaps it was because he had taken part in too many life and death wars. Regarding people from the ‘high society’, he had lost all his patience.

At the end of the song, the lights became bright and the hugging couples dispersed in succession. They assembled in groups of three or five while flattering and spraying saliva at each other.

At that time, a disturbance came from the entrance of this drinking party hall. A woman dressed in a purple gown with golden edges appeared at the entrance. Her exquisite hair was coiled up at the back of her head, and other than an amethyst hairpin, there was no other ornament. However, her noble aura was unconcealed even though she dressed simply. The brilliance of all the women present was suppressed by her. That aura and that appearance, she was unmatched. Everyone exclaimed in admiration when they saw her.

Long Yi’s eyes shone, This was a true woman belonging to the upper class. However, why did she seem so familiar?

Thinking from different angles, there was no reason for him to forget such a beautiful woman. Long Yi frowned as he thought about it again. He dared to confirm that he had never seen her in his life. However, there was a strangely familiar feeling in Long Yi’s heart.

Long Yi looked all around and everybody seemed to be shocked when they saw the woman. From their gaze, Long Yi knew that that had never seen her before as well.

Nalan Wen greeted her in a respectful manner. To the surprise of everyone present, this perverted fellow didn’t even cast a sidelong glance at her in fear of blaspheming this woman. This gave Long Yi endless surprise as he drew some conclusions in his heart.

“Introducing everyone, this person is Mist Fairy (Piaomiao Xianzi) [1]. She is the person this prince respects the most.” Nalan Wen introduced.

Long Yi shook his head. Mist Fairy? This is merely a title, Nalan Wen didn’t even introduce her name and background. Nalan Wen was actually using such a respectful tone when talking about her. Looking at his expression, he didn’t look like he was pretending. It seemed that his guess was correct.

[1] Piaomiao Xianzi (缥缈仙子): Piaomiao: faintly discernible/misty, Xianzi: female celestial/fairy

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