Chapter 139: I feel like running away now.

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Translator: Reizenchuu

Editor: Kenny Stryker


On the next day, after I met with my former classmates from my middle school. Despite causing them to misunderstand the situation in the ways more than one, my surroundings were usual as any other day. I’ve no idea what Tenjouin is planning to do now after declaring a war on me, however, I’m sure that he doesn’t have any plans to give up. Although, I’d prefer if he were to give up.

“… I can’t sleep.”

I was lying on my bed like I do every day as usual. However, I was strange awake this, when I should be sleeping. I couldn’t sleep with ease when I don’t know when they are planning to attack. Apparently, it’s always strange that I’m able to lie down carelessly on my bed despite knowing that my life is being targeted by my former classmates. Despite trying several times, I couldn’t just sleep. I thought it would be fine since I’m using both my【Presence Detection】and【Space – Time Magic (Extra Large)】but despite that, I can’t discard the possibility that they possess special abilities as well like me. I can’t afford to think optimistically. I thought to myself before I heard my phone ringing all of a sudden.

“Master, Lina-sama is calling you, Desu.”

A phone call from Lina? Maybe she already grasped some information about Metron.

“Answer the call, Meru.”
“I understand, Desu!”

Replying to me with a voice brimming with energy, Meru answered the call. I picked the phone without moving from my bed and placed it near my ear.

“Hello, it’s me.”
“What’s up?”
“We need to have a talk about this situation related to Metron.”

So it’s about Metron.

“Sure, what did you find out?”
“I’ll get right to the point; there is a high possibility that Metron is unrelated to this problem.”
“A high possibility?”

After hearing such an ambiguous expression. I titled my head and asked her back.

“Why are you speaking of possibilities? Didn’t you go ask him directly?”
“Actually, I heard that Metron-sama had gone missing.”
“Huh? He’s missing?”
“Seemingly, he got tired of work and went to slack off somewhere.”

So, he is just slacking off. That kid is too immature to be a God. Just what is he planning to do at this time of the emergency. Something, it’s hard to believe that he is an actual God. I felt shocked to listen to Lina’s explanation, though at the same time, I agree with her. Apparently, that’s why she said that it has a high possibility.

“So you mean that someone else teleported the entire class back to the Earth in Metron’s absence or perhaps Metron is actually doing it while keeping it a secret.”

If that were the case, then Tenjouin and his classmates are being deceived right now. I don’t think they will believe me even if I tell them that. They will probably think that I’m lying. I mean, they don’t have any reason to believe in me after I showed them that attitude.

“I will start searching for the person who teleported them to Earth and report to you if I find out something else.”
“Yeah, I entrust it you.”
“Be careful. You might be targeted by someone else.”
“I know.”

Lina warned me to stay on my guard all the time before ending the phone call. From the looks of it, there might be someone else who is working from behind the scenes. It’s probably going to be another God, but I can’t come up with any idea who that God might be. The only other Gods I know, besides Metron, is that crazy battle-woman Goddess of Destruction Scala, and that gloomy-ridden-guy Germa. So, even making random guesses isn’t even a possibility anymore, since both of them are out of question.

“I guess it’s useless to think about it now…”

I gave up on thinking about it and slowly rolled back on my bed before I felt a painful shock running through my abdomen abruptly.


Rouga jumped on me from an elevated position. It looks like she teleported directly from her kennel to me. I choked from the blow I received due to her jump, but Rouga didn’t pay me any mind and proceeded with her request.

“Let’s go on a walk~!”

Don’t you have something else to say to me? Like some words of concern to your owner who can’t stop choking? Watching her tapping my chest with her forefeet, and urging me to go out on a walk, I replied to her with a discontent face.

“Can’t you teleport a bit softly next time, Rouga?”
“We need to go on a walk, Chief~!”

I feel that her attitude towards me has gotten a bit harsh recently. She ignored my remark and asked me to leave with her for a walk again. She is really fond of walking with me.

“What, you want to go that grassland again?”

“I want a normal walk this time~”

A normal walk huh…

Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to go out for a stroll in this nice weather.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Let’s take the streets that are darker and have more shadows, if possible. After making that decision with Rouga, I left the house with her to take a stroll.


The air was quite refreshing under the shades. We chose an afforested road for our walk. Thanks to the trees obstructing the sunlight from reaching the ground, the entire road felt fresh and cool. I don’t think that someone whose life is being targeted should be taking a walk like this, but again, thinking too much about the situation is not good either. I won’t able to bear it.

“This is so fun~ Chief~”

I vaguely answered to Rouga’s delighted remark. The surrounding was so peaceful and quiet. It didn’t give any impression of a battle possibly occurring at any moment.

Did they perhaps go somewhere else today?

Such a thought crossed my mind for a second, but I shook my head thinking that it would be impossible. There is no way that the people who declared war on me with that grand attitude would be taking a stroll somewhere else and wearing normal clothes.

“Yeah, no way…”

I unintentionally revealed a bitter smile on my face, as I denied that possibility and suddenly froze in my place. Rouga asked me if something was wrong, however, her words didn’t reach me at that time as if my mind was wandering somewhere else.

Hey! Hey! Are they even serious…?

In front of my eyes was a girl from the group of the heroes, wearing normal clothes and lifting her hand up. I have memorized most of the class members’ face when I was talking with Tenjouin yesterday. The girl in front of me was wearing glasses and looked to be the quiet type. There is no doubt about it, she was a member of the class.

Remembering her face was slightly difficult since she was standing on the rear. I watched over her for a short moment and realized that she was having a hard time trying to pick her hat that was stuck on the branch of a tree. I don’t think she could reach it from that distance. A guy would probably be able to climb up the tree and get it, but I’m not sure if this girl would do the same.

“What should I do…”

Unable to get her hat, she took a few glances at her surroundings then raised her hands towards the tree. An instant later, wind started gathering in the palm of her hand.

Ah, this is not good…

After realizing that she was intending to use her magic, I promptly interfered and erased it.


Following my mutter, the wind around the palm of her hand completely vanished.

“Eh? W-What? W-Where did it go?”
“Don’t use your magic carelessly like that.”
“Eh, ah?!”

The moment she noticed me, she flinched and reflexively made some distance between us while taking a defensive posture. That was a quick reaction; as expected from a hero. I ignored her fast reaction and picked the hat from the tree by jumping. I then handed it over to her.

“Eh, t-thank you…”

She shifted her gaze between me and the hat a few times while looking confused. She hesitated on what to say and received the hat from me.

“You’d better not use your magic in front of people like that. You never know who is watching you, after all.”

I can already see a few people walking near us. Things might get troublesome if someone were to see her.

“Next time make sure that nobody is near you before you use it. Also, use a magic that is less obvious.”

I don’t want to end up erasing memories of people who witness her using her magic, after all. If you were going to use magic then do it in your world. The girl replied in a timid voice as she casts her eyes downward. She is making it hard for me to talk to her. Well, that’s a normal thing since I’m supposed to be her enemy. As I thought of a way to make the girl, who didn’t even want to look at me in eyes, talk, Rouga approached while staring at her face.

“Wan! (Are you okay~)”

After noticing Rouga who was looking at her with cute puppy eyes, she gradually loosened up and eventually started smiling.

Nice job, Rouga.

“You’re one of Tenjouin’s classmates, aren’t you?”
“Ah, yes.”
“What are you doing in this place?”
“We are acting freely, today, so…”

The girl explained while still refusing to make an eye contact with me. Maybe she is bad at talking with people. I can barely hear her low voice. Anyway, so they really decided to walk around the town while wearing normal clothes. I’m starting to feel like an idiot for being nervous all this time.

“By the way, are you fine with telling me that? I’m still your enemy you know.”
“Same applies to you. Why, did you, carelessly, approach me like, that?”
“I wasn’t intending to do anything and even if you were to make a surprise attack on me from this distance, it wouldn’t really make any difference.”

The girl slightly frowned after getting offended for being underestimated by me.

“Don’t underestimate… me.”

The moment I saw her irritated face, I felt like challenging her for a bit and lifted my index finger while saying.

“Wanna try making a hit on me? There is no one around to see you using your magic now.”
“!!? You!!”

The girl snapped from hearing my provocative challenge and swiftly shot her wind magic towards me. It was a sphere wind being condensed inside it.


The sphere disappeared without leaving a trace. The girl made a dumbfounded face as she stood in a daze. She didn’t have a clue on why her attack was erased.

“See? It didn’t work.”

I said with the same composed attitude and this time, the girl realized that she can’t win against me and uttered with a low voice as if she gave up.

“What, are you planning, to do to me?”

What does she mean? Is she thinking that I will eat her or something? I could see her eyes getting teary as she keeps on misunderstanding the situation.

“P-Please, I don’t care what happens to me, just don’t do anything, cruel, to my friends.”

I realized that she was about to burst into tears at any moment and I hurriedly started justifying the situation to her.

“W-Wait a second. I’m not going to do anything to you.”
“I approached you today because I noticed that you were about to use your magic in front of ordinary people. I won’t be doing anything to you guys unless the attack comes from your side.”

I quickly explained everything to her and ended the conversation by saying ‘until, then’ and passed with Rouga by her side. Ascertaining that I wasn’t planning to hurt her in any way, she seemed surprised and gathered up her courage to ask me.

“Um! Do you know a family called Kokonoe living in this area?”

I halted my steps and searched in my memories for a name like that. I don’t think I’ve heard of them anywhere.

“Nope, I have no idea.”
“I, see…”

When I replied back to her saying that I didn’t know, she revealed a disappointed expression and casted her sight downward again. She is making me feel bad for some reason.

“What do you want from that family?”
“It’s my family actually.”

Ah, so she’s looking for her home. Did she get lost on her way to it?

“You don’t know the way for your own home?”
“No, they have apparently moved to another address according to the new people living in our old address.”

What an unlucky girl. No wonder she got lost. It mustn’t be a good feeling to not know your family address when wanting to visit them after one year and a half.

“I thought they were living here, but…”

I heard her muttering with a gloomy face.

… Very well.

I was about to run away from her just now, but I guess it can’t be helped. I let out a sigh and suggested to the girl.

“Do you remember your parents’ name?”
“Ah, yes, I know.”

That’s good. I should be able to find them as long as I have their names. I ignored the dubious expression the girl was directing at me and took out my phone.

“Can you find out the address of a person by only having their name? I don’t mind what method you will use as long as we don’t get detected.”
“Please leave it me, Desu! Master.”

The last name of Kokonoe is pretty rare in itself, so it shouldn’t be difficult for my genius AI to find out their address in an instant.

“Rouga, we will be deviating from the track of our stroll, is that fine?”
“That’s fine~! That girl is sad, after all~”

After asking Rouga for her consent, I turned towards the girl who was still hesitating to speak to me. She must have already made a guess from listening to my conversation with Meru.

“U-Um, can you, find them?”
“Yeah, I just need to know your parents’ names.”

The girl revealed a cheerful expression when she heard my reply and immediately told me her parents’ first names. Her wariness from me got overtaken by the joy. She should learn to stay wary when talking to an enemy. Although, I’m not the one to say that. I transmitted the names to Meru and she found out their address in an instant. Nothing less from Meru, her skills at hacking have improved considerably from her training in Metron’s room.

“It’s a little far from this place, let me teleport you there.”
“Eh, ah, n-no, that’s…”
“It’s fine, uum, your last name is Kokonoe, right?”
“Y-Yes, Kokonoe Shizuka.”
“Alright, Kokonoe, we’re going to teleport to your new home.”

Urged by my offer, Kokonoe grabbed me from my back. This situation looks quite ironic to me. Just why am I showing the way to a hero who is supposed to be targeting my life? Such a strange situation. She isn’t a bad person though.

With the hope that she will fix her misunderstanding of me, I teleported Kokonoe back to her parents’ home.

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Speaking to a girl.

“Chief is hitting on a girl again~!”
“Stop saying it in a weird way.”
“You’re such a womanizer, chief~!”
“Listen here… Do I look for like someone who speaks to any girl he finds on his way?”
“I’m not talking about that now, I just said the truth~~!”

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