Chapter 138: The situation seems to be serious than how it looks.

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In a deserted house chosen as the base of operation of the class who came to Earth-chan, Tenjouin was pondering about the conversation he had with Yato earlier.

“I wonder what kind of abilities Kamiya had acquired.”

He had been told by a classmate who can use【Appraisal】that they couldn’t see Kamiya’s stats, and thus they still have no clue on his abilities and skills. While sitting on the stairs inside the house, Tenjouin fell in his thoughts.

Kamiya used the same type of teleportation magic as Miki, which implies that he is skilled at using teleportation magic. However, judging from the composed attitude he was revealing despite facing all 39 of them, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he were hiding one more skill.

Tenjouin kept thinking about Kamiya’s abilities based on the short time he had with him while meeting him. At this kind of times, no one dared to interrupt his series of thoughts. This deserted house was wide enough for him to find a place where he can be alone. His other classmates were all preparing for the battle by taking a rest.


Miki who noticed his strange attitude today came to check on how he was doing. For her, Tenjouin looked as if he were driving himself to a corner.

“Anamz should be fine. It’s just a day or two; nothing will happen in this short period of time.”
“I know, but…”

Miki’s words did indeed make him feel slightly better, but the feelings of impatience were much stronger to be abated by only those words. The reason for this feeling of impatience taking over all the class members was due to the words of the God who summoned them.

“We can’t waste any more time…”

Tenjouin closed his eyes and started thinking back of what happened to him after he got caught in the summoning circle and disappeared with the rest of the class.


The first thing he saw after he was forcibly teleported from Anamz was a dirty and gloomy wall of concrete.

“Where… Am I?”

He looked around as he had no clue about the place he found himself in. His classmates were confused just as him and were whisperingly speaking to each other. Tenjouin was the only among them who started to calmly grasp the situation. He knew that the magic circle that sent them to this place was the same as the one that summoned them to Anamz, that means that this place is somewhere far away from Anamz.

Tenjouin decided to check on the outside to get a better grasp of the place they were sent to. The moment he decided, one of his male classmates raised his voice seems to have found out something.

“H-Hey!? What is this!!”

The place he was pointing at while making an astonished face was a big hole inside one of the walls. Everyone, who looked through that hole, was lost for words. They could see some familiar concrete buildings and a train running on its track in the distance. It was the scenery they didn’t get a chance to see in all this year and a half. Tenjouin and the rest of the class immediately realized what was this place.

“Tenjouin-kun, is this…”
“It’s Earth…”

There was no doubt about it. After finding out that his assumption turned out to be on spot, Tenjouin felt both surprised and bewildered. Why are they suddenly sent back to Earth? Some of his classmates were delighted to be back to their homes, but Tenjouin wasn’t feeling anything like that. He knew that they weren’t sent here for no purpose. As he began making guesses, a voice suddenly resounded in his head.

“Hello, brave heroes.”

The moment everyone heard that voice, the place fell into a complete silence.

“It had been a while. It’s me Metron, Have you guys been doing well?”

It was a nonchalant voice of a child which they could never forget about. Everyone in that place widened their eyes from the shock.

“Is it really you, Metron-sama?”
“Yeah, that’s right! I’ve been watching you guys doing your best. You did good fighting until now.”

When Tenjouin asked him in the stead of the entire class, he responded with a casual voice tone and casted on them a few words of gratitude that didn’t seem to be coming from his heart. Tenjouin felt something off and tilted his head. The last time he heard this childish voice was one year and a half ago, so he couldn’t remember it well to compare it with the one he was hearing now. The other members of the class were wondering the same thing, but soon focused back on the current voice.

“You guys and girls have led a fun life in a different world, all thanks to me you know. You should be grateful~”

Metron spoke with an irritating attitude. He would have received a few insults from them if they were still the same people as before they got summoned. But now, they are the heroes who will one day save the world. Many of them have made lovers in that world and acquired irreplaceable things. Thinking about it in that regard, they were all grateful to Metron for sending them to Anamz. As everyone kept quiet inside the gloomy room, Tenjouin was the first one to ask Metron about his intentions.

“So, why did you send us back to Earth? We have still not defeated the Demon Lord.”
“Ah, right.”

Listening to his question, Metron prepared to get into the topic.

“I actually have a request to you.”
“A request?”
“Yeah, that’s right. There is someone I want you to defeat for me here, on Earth.”
“There is someone we need to defeat on Earth?”

Tenjouin was taken by surprise after hearing the content of the request. He wasn’t expecting to get asked for a favor like this. He and his classmates were the first class heroes in Anamz. How could there be someone on Earth who is strong enough for them to get called to defeat it?
Not only Tenjouin, but everyone in the room was wondering the same thing as they looked at each other’s face.

“I understand what you are thinking about. But you are the only ones I know who have the slightest chance be able to defeat him.”
“Who is the target?”
“His name is —-”

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Tenjouin waited for Metron to finish his line with a curious face. Metron halted his words for a short moment before he continued.

“Kamiya Yato, your former classmate!”

He tried to announce the name in the most dramatic way as possible and waited to see the astounded reaction they will reveal, though what he got in return was the opposite reaction of the one he was expecting.

“… Eh, who?”

One of the class members uttered that word, interrupting the long silence. Even Metron was taken aback by the weak reaction of the class and started exclaiming all by himself.

“EH, EEE? W-Wait! You don’t remember him? He was your classmate you know! He was with you when you were about to get summoned!”

Metron asked them to remember, but all he heard them saying was questions like, “You know him?” and answers like, “Not at all.” Tenjouin was not an exception either.

Kamiya Yato? Was there someone with that name in our class?

No matter how much he tried recalling him, he couldn’t find anything leading to that name in his memory.

“Ehh!! Did you seriously forget about him?”

Watching how nobody could recall Yato’s name, Metron was felt more bored than shocked. Incidentally, a female member of the class exclaimed.

“Ah! I remembered someone always sleeping in the last seat of the classroom.”

With that statement as a keyword, the other members gradually started recalling his existence while yelling that they remember now.

There was indeed someone always sleeping in the back. That was what came to Tenjouin’s mind as well when he heard the statement of the girl. No one could remember his face as he used to be always laying it on the desk. All that they could recall about him was the fact that he was a weird student who never lifted his head in the classroom even when being addressed. It didn’t come to their mind that he wasn’t summoned with them to Anamz until today.

“Uum, so did you remember him now?”

Matron asked them after letting them refresh their memories for a short while.

“Yes, I have remembered.”
“Really? That’s great then!”
“And what did this Kamiya Yato do?”

The entire class would never accept to defeat someone innocent. That is why Tenjouin asked Metron for the reason of targeting Yato.

“Aah, about that —-”

Metron talked about all Yato’s conducts and behaviors to the class. He mentioned everything he did since the day he was left on Earth with his new skill and how he laid his hand on various affairs using his ability.

“—- And that’s what he did.”
“I see. That is quite the awful thing to do.”

Without doubting the exaggerating way in which Metron explained Yato’s conducts, Tenjouin folded his arms and started contemplating. His impression on Yato had immediately turned into someone evil once he listened to Metron’s description.

“So what now? You’re going to defeat him for me?”

Metron asked Tenjouin for his confirmation. The answer was already decided for Tenjouin. He just had to ask his classmates for their thoughts. He turned around and realized that everyone was looking at him with a smiling face indicating that they were with him. It looks like everyone in the room reached the same decision. Revealing a faint grin on his face, Tenjouin declared his approval for Metron’s request.

“I understand. Please entrust this request to us.”
“Really? Thanks!”

At that moment, the place got filled with the delighted shouts of the class.

“Finally, a short visit to Earth!”
“I wanted to visit my family for once!”

Everyone shouted in joy. Miki smiled to Tenjouin with a glad expression luring Tenjouin to smile back at her. He also wanted to visit his family. Although he had no clue on how they will react after not meeting him for a year and a half, he thought that it was his duty to greet them before he goes back to Anamz. That was Tenjouin’s only plan on Earth before Metron added a last remark.

“Well, I was going to make you accept anyway.”

The shouts of joy got instantly replaced by a gloomy mood once they heard that single nonchalant remark.

“What does that mean?”
“I forgot to tell you this but, I have cast a magic on your families and acquaintance so that they wouldn’t recognize you when you meet them. So basically, you will be another unrelated person to them.”

Tenjouin and the rest of the class were considerably agitated from hearing Metron’s cold declaration. Some of them couldn’t even keep up with the topic. Tenjouin did his best to maintain his coolness and asked him for the reason.

“A-And why did you do that?”
“It would be troublesome if you decide to stay here on Earth and abandon your mission. By the way, you can’t go back to Anamz unless you defeat Kamiya Yato, of course.”

The friendly ambiance in the voice had completely vanished. Metron’s voice became cruel and cold, driving Tenjouin to get further bewildered.

“D-Don’t fool around with us!”
“Stop being so arrogant!”
“At least let us meet our parents!!”

The class members who endured his irritating attitude until now finally started complaining. Metron waited for them until they ran out of words to insult him then continued to speak in a different voice tone.

“I don’t care if you don’t achieve your mission and stay here on Earth; I can let you do that. But are you fine with leaving the other side in that dire situation? You can’t waste your time.”


His next words pierced Tenjouin’s heart. Especially the last line which didn’t reach everyone’s ears since they became almost deaf from the intense hatred and indignation. Everyone in the room went quiet while revealing an expression combining with wrath and confusion. It was clear that Metron was threatening them.

Time had become their biggest weakness now. They had to come up with a plan to achieve their mission before it becomes too late in the other world. Many of them had left their lovers there and felt as if they were snached from them as hostages by Metron. The place remained still with everyone standing there in daze until Metron swiftly changed the topic.

“Anyway, I will leave it to you, everyone!”
“W-Wait a minute!!”

Cutting the conversation forcibly from his side, Metron left the class members calling for him without receiving back any response. Some of them were screaming in sorrow and anger, but all their screams ended up fruitlessly resounding inside the deserted room. It was at that time when Tenjouin and his classmates got a complete grasp of the situation they were involuntarily put in.


“We need to go back as soon as possible…”

If they were to stay here for too long, Luri would be in danger. Tenjouin’s impatience grew stronger every time he recalled Metron’s speaking voice.

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“What if Metron-sama controlled the demon tribe and made them assault the kingdom…”
“I don’t think he will do something like that.”
“Why not?”
“If he were able to do it, he would also be able to defeat Kamiya Yato without needing the help of some heroes that he can’t even trust.”
“He’s a God, how could he not be able to defeat a single person…?”
“There should be some rule preventing him as a God from interfering in the world. That is why he chose to send us instead.”

He wouldn’t have gone out of his way to threaten us if that weren’t the case. That was Tenjouin’s reasoning, though, it still felt as if something were missing for him. Before he discovered Yato’s location, he walked out during the night in the town, and tried to do some research on Yato. The town didn’t change that much since the day they disappeared.

He still couldn’t grasp the need for sending them here again only to defeat a single human, but he shook his head and tried to not think about it. That didn’t matter to him anymore. He was intending to change the plan if Kamiya turned out to be different than what Metron said about him, but after he met him, he realized that there wasn’t any need to consider that possibility in the first place. What mattered the most to him now was to find a reasonable plan to defeat him and go back to Anamz.

We need to go back before the demon tribe hears the news of our disappearance!!!

Tenjouin spent most of his time contemplating a good plan until one of his classmates who was taking a rest asked him.

“Hey, Tenjouin…”
“What’s the matter?”

He replied with his usual attitude and noticed that everyone with him was making a gloomy expression and was hesitating.

“Um, I want to ask you for a favor.”
“A favor?”
“I want some time tomorrow.”
“I want to, meet my, family…”

At first he became speechless, but soon the yearning for wanting to meet his family took place on his mind too. He totally forgot about that idea with his head full of plans and strategies to defeat Kamiya.

“I know that the other world is in troubles, but please!! Give me some time tomorrow!! I just want to see how they are doing!!”

Following the male member who bowed his head to Tenjouin, the other members did the same and pleaded to their leader to grant them time to meet their precious family members. A family; even Tenjouin had one, so he knew well the great value it had in their hearts. However, every second; every minute spent here, on Earth could make an overwhelming difference on their return. Tenjouin’s determination started swaying when he compared the two options. The people of the kingdom could be waiting for us now.


“… Luri would probably get mad at us if we didn’t do anything here.”

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Miki called his name when she heard him muttering with a low voice and smiling. The moment she heard Lurian’s name coming from him, a voice reverberated inside Tenjouin’s head.

You shouldn’t miss the chance of visiting your families now that you’re back to your world.

It was Lurian’s voice. Apparently, he was imagining what Lurian would say if she were here.

“I get it. Everyone, you are free to act as you want tomorrow.”

Following that announce, everyone jumped with delight as they all had a broad smile on their faces.

“Thanks, Tenjouin!”
“Thank you, Tenjouin-kun!”

After casting on him a few words of thanks they really meant, the class members started preparing for the next day. They started making clothes using their production skills and making a small amount of money because they had no other means to get. They felt guilty for doing that, but it couldn’t be helped as have just made it back to Earth. Everyone was excited to meet their families tomorrow. Tenjouin watched over them happily preparing for the next day with Miki. They stopped feeling nervous before they realized it.

“Thank you, Tenjouin-kun.”
“That’s fine. We should at least meet our families while we still have the chance.”

Tenjouin nodded to Miki who thanked him.

“Miki!! Come help me to make clothes.”

Getting called by another female classmate, Miki replied and left to help out her friends. Tenjouin who was left alone walked to the hole in the wall and gazed at the outside. It was almost night, but they should be able to finish making their clothes before the dawn.

Luri, everyone, please be safe…

Tenjouin prayed for the safety of the kingdom as he kept gazing at the distance.


Soon after Tenjouin and his classmates vanished from Anamz, the entire kingdom fell into the panic state.

“Did you find the heroes?”
“Unfortunately, not yet.”
“I understand… Please continue investigating.”

A soldier bowed in respect to Lurian and left the room. The heroes disappeared from Anamz after a giant pillar of light appeared in the place they were rushing over to subjugate the assaulting monsters. Lurian had no clue about that pillar of light. The news of them vanishing all of sudden leaked from the castle and spread in the kingdom, resulting in a few people doubting their safety.

Just why did something like this had to happen…?

Lurian asked herself the same question again as she held her aching head. She already made a guess on the situation, but nobody was there to confirm if that guess were hitting the mark or not. First, that pillar of light was surely caused by Tenjouin. As for the reason they disappeared, either they were teleported by someone or they got caught in an enemy trap.

Just where did you go, everyone…

Walking to the terrace and looking down at the uproarious capital, Lurian was worried for their safety while placing her hands on her chest.

Nothing will come out of pondering like this…

All that Lurian was able to do in their absence is ordering the soldiers of the castle to investigate their disappearance and pray for their safety.

I need to do my best while they are not here.

Cheering up herself, Lurian began thinking of something she can do. Until now, the magic tribe didn’t show any sign of attacking. It’s her chance to find the heroes before the situation aggravates. Lurian braced herself and continued to search for the heroes.


The kingdom was not the only place that fell into a tumult after receiving the news about the disappearance of the heroes.

“Did they really disappear?”
“Yes! I have seized this information from the unit I scouted to investigate the origin of the strange pillar of light. I have also got the exact same information from my familiar!!”

Inside an overly decorated room, a man with a grim face asked his young subordinate who had two horn growing from his forehead. He immediately began thinking of a way to exploit this opportunity once he received the information from the subordinate.

“We will advance immediately! That kingdom is nothing but a defenseless land without its heroes! We should be able to take it down readily!”

The man with a grim face who also coincides to be one of the four great generals, Maxis, ordered his subordinate with a thrilled voice. The scar he had on his face was caused to him by Tenjouin only a few weeks ago. Because of that, he was holding a furious grudge towards him.

“Tenjouin!! Let’s trample that pitiful kingdom before he comes back!! I will make sure to murder him after he witnesses the horrendous downfall we shall bring down to his country!”

Igniting the flames of revenge in his eyes, Maxis began the preparation of the advancement while letting his ambitions controlling him. The day of his battle was close.



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