Chapter 169: Force


The rank nine monster fell.

Immediately, Qin Tian broke through from rank nine spirit refining realm.

Rank one ascension realm

His Dantian experienced a tremendous change. Power permeated into his body. Profound and boundless, different from the dragon elephant force.

It was power formed from heaven and earth.

Strands of it entered his bones, meridians, blood and even each and every hair of his.

Qin Tian felt a burning sensation, yet an indescribable comfortable feeling. It made him unable to control himself and scream, “Ascension force.,

“This is the ascension force.”


Qin Tian laughed excitedly and clenched his fists. Ascension force erupted, making hundreds of monsters around tremble, not daring to take another step. Fear could be seen in their eyes.

At this moment as he had just entered the ascension realm, he was unable to properly control his ascension force.

Each movement of his let out a powerful force. At the same time, his Qigong was depleting.

The ascension force is a type of realm specific force which only ascension realm cultivators could wield. Containing the power of heaven and earth, its might is great. However, one needed a lot of Qigong to support it.

Without Qigong, even the most powerful forces could not be used.

While Qin Tian laughed, he suddenly shot forward.

One punch and the inner organs of a rank five monster shattered.

He punched again and a rank six monster flew. He then appeared above it and gave a downward kick.


A small crater was formed around the corpse.

Qin Tian landed. Staring at his fists, he cried out excitedly.


He rushed into the midst of the monsters and started a massacre. Every strike of his was filled with ascension force. Every attack better his control.

Each of his actions manifested ascension force, showing the greatness of it.

Qin Tian finally understood the might of the ascension realm.

In comparison, spirit refining realm is just too weak.

“Great god Qin Tian, I can’t hold on much longer……”

Luo Kuang revealed an expression of pain as monsters rushed towards him continuously.

Qin Tian had only been using his ascension force and was amazed. In excitement, he now wanted to see what would happen if he uses it with his abilities.

Qin Tian leaped and readied himself to executed Sky Piercing Lightning art. With a smile, he shouted, “Brother Luo, leave first. The further the better……”

The others were stunned. Qin Tian was hundreds of feet away from Luo Kuang who was at the exit.

No matter how strong the lightning was, it can’t cover such a large area, right?

“His aura is different,” Luo Yue frowned. He had noticed the change in Qin Tian’s aura when he jumped into the midst of the monsters. If his strength was described as a rank five fighter awhile ago, then the him now would be a rank eight fighter, two ranks behind the strongest of the tribe.

What kind of power was it to make him so powerful in just a few minutes?

Luo Yue could not understand. To him, Qin Tian’s strength was not only strong but also attractive. If he had that power, along with the ocean tribe’s physique, it would be so much simpler to fight against Luo Hou.

“Qin Tian, just what did you come for-”Luo Yue thought.

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Qin Tian was becoming more and more mysterious……

Luo Kuang believed Qin Tian without a doubt and quietly watched the exit.

Now, with Luo Kuang no longer in the way, the monsters charged more quickly.


Qin Tian took a deep breath and opened his arms wide, feeling the surroundings.

All of a sudden, he opened his eyes and purple flame aura spread out, painting the surroundings purplish-black.

Ascension force exploded out and the Sky Piercing Lightning art was executed. It was filled with destructive power, which Qin Tian could clearly feel. Other than feeling refreshed, Qin Tian did not know how else to describe. “Let me see how powerful you are.”

Under the ascension force, ear-piercing sounds of thunder could be heard from the purple flame aura.

It covered a radius of hundreds of feet.

Within this radius, Qin Tian was the master.

“Heaven Submissive Lightning, burst forth!”


An overwhelming pressure emerged. Countless strands of white light could be seen among the purple flame aura, reminding Qin Tian of weapons shown in movies in his previous world – laser.

That radius of hundreds of feet was covered in bright light.

Even the dark ocean territory was startled by it. An investigation was secretly started.

A few minutes later.

Cracks could be seen on the seabed. Other than the countless number of cores, nothing else was left.

Heaven Submissive Lightning was unimaginably powerful.

For grade two Sky Piercing Lightning art to already be so powerful, what about grade, three, grade four……and the absolute grade?

Exhilaration filled him. That Heaven Submissive Lightning allowed him to break through to rank two ascension realm.

His ascension force was now stronger than before. Every break through will increase it, and it is accumulated to be used to enter the Rebirth realm. To cultivators, only at the ascension realm did one truly enter the route of cultivation.

After that, every step must be taken carefully as it affects one’s future break through.

However, Qin Tian did not need to worry as these are nothing to him. All he had to do was kill and level ups will come naturally.

His heart sighed in relief.

The joy hung on his face was something he would not be able to hide even if he wanted to.

At this moment, Luo Kuang was kneeling on the ground as if taking Qin Tian as his master. He can’t help but want to grab onto Qin Tian’s leg or even throw a tantrum to learn Sky Piercing Lightning art.

Qin Tian landed and walked towards the exit. Grabbing onto a core, he softly blew.

At the same time, Luo Yue brought his fighters along towards the exit.

The hundred fighters looked at Qin Tian with passionate eyes like Luo Kuang.

In their hearts, Qin Tian could only be described using ‘godly’.

“Great god Qin Tian, I plea for you to teach me.” Luo Kuang spoke like a kid.

“This is an ability that’s unable to be taught to others.” Qin Tian laughed bitterly. “Brother Luo, call me Qin Tian, great god Qin Tian is too weird. Moreover, there are many other people that are stronger than me outside of the ocean.”

“There are people stronger than you outside?”

The others were startled and stared at Qin Tian in curiosity.

“I am only in the rank two ascension realm, my strength isn’t even in the middle. There are countless more that are stronger.” Qin Tian said.

If the dark ocean tribe appeared, those on land would take action.

Tianyuan continent’s sects stand in great numbers, experts are numerous and some are extremely powerful, though they stay hidden from the world.

They have powerful strength, abilities, and treasures, but their bodily strength is weak.

The dark ocean tribe have strong physique, purely just their physical strength is stronger than some ascension realm cultivators.

In a duel, Qin Tian isn’t Luo Kuang’s match, what’s more, Luo Yue.

Using jobs in games to differentiate, they are warriors. High attack and great defense.

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“Alright already, everyone, gather the cores quickly.”

Luo Yue shouted and the tribe started to collect.

Then, Luo Yue gave Luo Kuang a few glances and Luo Kuang walked away with his head lowered unwillingly.

With the others away, Luo Yue asked seriously, “Thank you for helping us. Without you, I’m afraid my tribe would be in a huge predicament.”

“Patriarch is modest. You’ve saved my life before, all I did was return the favor.” Qin Tian replied while still feeling thankful towards the Luoshi tribe. If not for their hunt which attracted tens of thousands of monsters, where else could he find to level up?

Qin Tian was truly grateful.

Without this hunt, who knows when he would be able to break into the ascension realm.

Luo Yue laughed. He then looked at Qin Tian and asked after a moment of hesitation, “Are there really people stronger than you in the outside world?”

Qin Tian nodded. “City leader Ziyue has already reached rank four universe realm, ten thousand of me would not be her match. A single thought could extinguish my soul.”

“Princess Ziyue is really this powerful?” Luo Yue was stunned.

“Patriarch, I know you do not trust me. If I were you, I won’t trust too. However, I swear to the Heavens that I’m really sent here by city leader Ziyue, every word of mine is true.” Qin Tian continued in a small voice, “The reason why city leader Ziyue cannot return is due of Hongyue.”

Luo Yue trembled, looked at Qin Tian with a complex expression and thought, “Could it really be that princess is unable to return because of the Heart of the Ocean? Is the legend real?”

“If this really is true……”

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