Chapter 170: Extreme Bullying

The tribe returned from a rewarding journey full of joy.

This hunt’s harvest was the greatest ever. Just the digging of cores took a full day to complete.

From the youngsters all the way to the elderly, their conservations revolved about Qin Tian.

Tribe’s savior, godly cultivator, heaven-sent angel to save the Luo Shi tribe.

The many different discussions made Qin Tian’s face red. His strength can’t be considered great, he isn’t even Luo Yue’s match.

However, to the dark ocean tribe that lived in the ocean year in, year out, Qin Tian being able to release lightning truly is godly.

Two days later, the day the demonic knights were coming to collect the cores.

At dawn in the open area, the middle of the tribe, Luo Yue got people to pile the cores up.

Energy revolved about each core. 15000 cores, such an amount is an abundance even to Tianji sect, a fight would definitely occur.

The dark ocean held a unique point.

It was full of monsters. With the place being filled with demonic energy, it was suitable for monsters. Even the countless massacres did not decrease the amount, increasing on the contrary.

“Cores, Luo Hou needs cores.”

“Ziyue also needed a huge amount of cores.”

“Could they all be the same? Swallowing cores to cultivate?”

Qin Tian mumbled before slapping the shoulder of Luo Feng beside him, “Luo Feng, do you know why Luo Hou wants you all to collect cores?”

For the past two days, Luo Feng had always followed behind Qin Tian.

It was also his most prestigious moment in the tribe as he was the closest (as in walking beside) to Qin Tian.

Hearing Qin Tian’s words, Luo Feng thought for a moment before shaking his head, “I don’t know.”

Qin Tian nodded his head slightly, thought for a moment, before asking again. “Has anyone swallowed cores before?”

“Swallow cores?” Luo Feng was startled and he stared at Qin Tian with his eyes wide open. He then looked at the cores in a daze, “Brother Qin, you must be joking. Swallowing such an item would break our throat, who dares to eat?”


Qin Tian was stupefied.

Never had he thought that this tribe, living at the edge of the dark ocean territory, did not know anything about swallowing cores to become stronger. This tribe was like a primitive tribe, not knowing anything.

No knowledge of alchemy, abilities and swallowing cores, medical skills behind times. All they had was their physical strength.

With just physical strength, wanting to defeat Luo Hou who swallows cores to become stronger is a pipe dream.

Qin Tian now understood why Luo Hou commenced such a huge massacre in a few short years, control the entire dark ocean territory, command people to kill ocean monsters and offer them to him.

Perhaps Ziyue only knew about it on the shore, else she would not be able to reach rank four universe realm.

If these more than 10000 cores were given to the hundred fighters to swallow……

Qin Tian trembled. Relying on their strong physique, their absorbing speed would definitely be fast. In just a few days, the strength of their bodies would rise greatly.

“They’re here.”

“The demonic knights are here.”

The crowd’s expression changed and they clenched their fists tightly.

18 demonic knights stared coldly at the front, filled with disdain towards the people at the side.

They exuded out an Evil Yin aura.

Using the law of aura, Qin Tian could sense that their aura was extremely evil, similar to the ninth heaven demon. “Could they be from the demon tribe?”

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When the mysterious flame fell onto the forest, the demon tribe mysteriously vanished in a night.

That was one of Tianyuan continent’s greatest mystery.

The aura the demonic knights exuded out wasn’t that of a human, but that of demons.

“Could it be that 3000 years ago, Luo Hou jumped into the mysterious flame and found the demon tribe’s secret?”

“Or, could Luo Hou be controlled by the demon tribe?”

“Such a huge amount of cores, even absolute realm cultivators would not be able to absorb finish in a short period of time, so why?” Qin Tian frowned and pondered, worried that there was a greater power behind Luo Hou.

“F**k the worries!”

“This is none of my business, the power behind Luo Hou isn’t my problem.”

Qin Tian decided not to overthink.

The 18 demonic knights sat upright with a steel spear each in their hands. The Blazing Rhinos let out Low growls.

They strutted to the open area. Seeing the cores piled up into a small hill, an expression of shock flashed across the face of the leader of the demonic knights. He snorted coldly, “Luo Yue, get out for me.”

Luo Yue cautiously walked towards him, bowed and greeted respectfully, “Emissaries, here are 15000 cores. Please accept.”

“15000 cores?” The leader laughed coldly and swept his spear. “When had I said 15000? I’ve clearly stated 20000! To actually take out 15000 cores to trick me, are you courting death?”

“20000 cores?!”

The crowd was taken aback. Previously, he clearly stated 15000, so why had it changed to 20000 in just three days?

Treating them as fools?

If not for the tribe having rules, that everything was to be left for the patriarch to make the decision, the place would definitely be in chaos.

A cold radiance flashed passed Luo Yue’s eyes as anger grew.

In the beginning, Luo Yue was worried. In the past, it had always been 5 demonic knights, but 18 came today. And, their strength was greater than before.

Such an arrangement surely isn’t coincidental.

“Want to eradicate us?” Luo Yue felt a burning rage in his heart. He controlled himself and looked up at the leader of the demonic knights, “20000 cores?”

“Yes, 20000 cores.”

“If that could not be gathered, then this tribe won’t need to exist anymore.”


The leader of the demonic knights laughed, and the other 17 behind followed, laughing out loud.

In his opinion, 20000 cores weren’t something Luo Yue would be able to gather. Even if there’s a single piece left, he would have this tribe destroyed immediately.

It’s also time to clean up the remains of the Luo Shi tribe.

“What if we managed to gather 20000 cores?” Luo Yue gashed his teeth and asked.

“If you were able to gather them, we definitely won’t do anything and your tribe would naturally be alright.”


Luo Yue turned his head and glared at the raging bull-like Luo Kuang, “Bring 5000 cores up.”


The leader of the demonic knights was stunned. Seeing two fighters bring out stacks of cores each, his face sank.


He had at first thought that Luo Yue would not be able to gather finish, never expecting Luo Yue to already have them prepared.

“Emissaries, here are the 20000 cores.” After the cores were brought in, Luo Yue said respectfully. He could feel the anger of the demonic knights, but he wasn’t afraid.

Seeing the two piles, the leader of the demonic knights waved his hands and they entered his spatial ring. “Not bad, 20000 cores. You’ve done well, Luo Yue. Considering how amazing your tribe is, this emissary decided that next month, you must hand over 50000 cores.”

“50000 cores”

“F**k the eighteen generation of your ancestors.”

Luo Kuang bellowed in anger and his aura surged.


The expression of that demonic knight changed. He stared at Luo Kuang, emitting killing intent, “Courting death!”

“Sir Emissary, we shall complete it.” Luo Yue immediately spoke. He glanced at Luo Kuang with the edge of his eye, signaling him to not be rash.

“Haha……Laozi is in a good mood today and shall spare you.”

“And of course you must do it. However, if you can’t.” That demonic knight sneered, “You should know the consequence……”

“We will put our all into completing Sir Emissary’s task.” Luo Yue bowed.

“Good, we will come again next month, haha……”

Keeping his spear, he pressed both his legs down and the Blazing Rhino moved. Immediately, the other 17 demonic knights followed.

“Brother, are you crazy?”

“That’s 50000 cores, 50000! Why did you agree?” Luo Kuang got to the open area and asked.

At this moment, many fighters also got to the open area. They stared at Luo Yue, not saying anything.

This time, if not for Qin Tian’s help, not to mention 20000 cores, 10000 would not be possible. Asking for 50000 cores was definitely deliberate, finding an excuse to have them eradicated.

“By not agreeing, this place will be flattened. Did you not feel his killing intent?” Luo Yue said coldly, “By agreeing, we’ve gained a month to prepare.”

“Brother, you’ve decided to go all out and fight?”

Luo Kuang was stunned and revealed a look of elation.

Luo Yue glanced at his surroundings but did not see Qin Tian. He then ordered, “Tonight, we shall gather.”

Qin Tian had vanished.

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As the demonic knights went away, he followed, bringing Luo Feng along.

Greed could be seen from the smiling face of his.

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