Chapter 476 – This Little Thing That Challenges His Self-Control!

Ji Mo Ya was able to feel her well endowed and soft body pressed against his chest, and that caused another surge of weird electrical current.

This little thing challenges his self-control!

At that instant, Yu Yi and Mo Si also discovered the anomaly, “Young Master, we are being surrounded by ants.”

“Young Master, the ball is spinning rapidly… Not good, it’s a trap!”


As his words left his mouth, the area where they were standing on collapsed and brought them down.

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No wonder there were no markings left behind by Mo Wu, he might havefell into the trap as well.

The trap covered a wide area and was also very deep causing everyone to disappear altogether in an instant.

While Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan was falling down, he clasped Huan Qing Yan under his arm and said, “Little Yan, don’t be afraid.”

The Cosmos Brush appeared on his other hand, the handle of the brush was sharp and glinted like a hard dagger.

Ji Mo Ya used it to pierce against the wall to stop them from falling…

Huan Qing Yan lack of awareness of their situation emboldened her, not only was she not afraid, she even assumed that Ji Mo Ya was playing an exciting game with her and sounds of laughter came from her…

Suddenly Ji Mo Ya felt a sharp increase in weight coming from Huan Qing Yan and due to the unexpected situation, they were pulled down by several meters.

He looked down and saw that Huan Qing Yan had somehow got her hands on the chain of the ball which was currently turning at a great speed; that heavy sense of weight could only had originated from it.

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“Uncle, Bally wanted to run away but was caught by me.” Huan Qing Yan spoke as though she was showing off a treasure.

Ji Mo Ya looked at the ball that was turning at high speed; he suddenly changed his mind of jumping upwards to escape and decided to fall together with the ball; he wanted to find out what was happening.

He could vaguely feel a powerful spell formation within this place, if he were to destroy it, he would need to put in a large amount of effort; however, this ball seems to know of a shortcut out of here.

Therefore, he tightened his hold on Huan Qing Yan before letting them fall towards the bottom with the ball…


Nan Gong Clan.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng was locked up within the mountain behind the clan’s estate, he was under house arrest.

Only two days had passed since he was locked up and someone came to visit him.

It was a shriveled and thin elder who was at the edge of his lifespan, the elder’s cultivation was only a Mystic Spirit Master.

This was the current clan patriarch, Nan Gong Ming.

“Bei Cheng, do you know where you were wrong?” there was a sense of helplessness within his authoritative voice.

“I know! I know perfectly well!”

Nan Gong Bei Cheng nodded his head repeatedly, he planned to trick the elderly patriarch into letting him go.

“Old Patriarch quickly let me go! I have a exam I need to take within Surging Wave Academia, I need to quickly return to practice for it…”

Nan Gong Ming shook his head and sighed, “Bei Cheng, you are the most talented person within the younger generations of our clan, why are you always so dandy and acted so inappropriately? Ai…!”

Nan Gong Bei Cheng displayed a face of innocence, “This is my innate character, I have no control over it! Old Patriarch, I like beauties, I like new things and cannot settle down. Please do not put too much hope on me and to treat me as a good seedling to nurture! Who knows, if one of these days I have my sights on a beauty, I would elope with the beauty and fail to live up to your kind expectations.”

His words deeply angered Nan Gong Ming!

The Old Patriarch chided, “Little Cheng! It’s time to change that character of yours. Are you still angry that your mother committed suicide when you were young? Your father only took in a concubine, it was your mother who took things too hard, how could you blame your father for it?”

Nan Gong Bei Cheng displayed a nonchalant expression, “I do not blame my father, it’s getting a beautiful concubine, all men like beauties, I am only proudly spreading this great practice of my father. I love beauties, the more the merrier, in the future, Little Cheng would bring eight to ten great beauties back for Old Patriarch to see as well as to let my father take a look. As for Lin Fei Fei, forget about her, she is too ugly and doesn’t suit me…”

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