Chapter 477 – Did Not Live Long

The Old Patriarch felt a pain in his chest, “Little Cheng, your father had no choice, the Nan Gong Clan has been progressively deteriorating. A daughter of the Mu Rong Clan was attracted to your father and was willing to marry in as a concubine, this has provided us with a line of aid from another Great Clan. How precious were the daughters of the Mu Rong Clan? They have only been marrying the members of the Ji Mo Clan in the recent years, yet one of them was interested in your father, so we must grab ahold of the opportunity. You mother was unable to accept things for a moment and…”

A trace of pain could be seen hidden within the sharp eagle eyes of Nan Gong Bei Cheng.

Yet he stilled displayed the expression that looked like the entire world was his toy, “Indeed, that’s great! A pity that she did not live long and died from childbirth, in the end, our Nan Gong Clan still failed to establish this connection with the Nan Gong Clan; truly a pity! My father should continue visiting around the Mu Rong Clan, maybe he might find a suitable widow or some other woman who might be willing to marry in…”

The Old Patriarch held his chest as he panted heavily, after heaving for a long period of time did he finally managed to recover slightly.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng was still displaying a gloating expression.

After taking a long breath, the Old Patriarch lifted his head, tears already forming in his eyes.

He did not speak to Nan Gong Bei Cheng anymore but instead faced the direction of their ancestral hall…

Then said with sorrow, “All these years, I have been constantly reflecting. The reason the Nan Gong Clan has fallen to such times was because I, Nan Gong Ming, has neither talent nor merits. To think that in the past, our ancestor was the first human to transcend and become a sage in Spirit Treasure Continent. Yet after ten thousand years, our clan has deteriorated to such a point…”

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“The hardships of cultivation! The talent of our descendants has always been unremarkable, while this old man has not even broken through to become a King Spirit Master and the only clan member who reached the stage of King Spirit Master went missing for nearly a hundred years after venturing into a secret area. Very soon, it would be the centennial competition between the Eight Great Clans, our Nan Gong Clan has been last place for two consecutive times already, if we still take the last place this time, we would likely lose our status as a Great Clan…”

“This old man has wronged the ancestors! This old man has also wronged your mother; that year, it was this old man who agreed to this marriage… I have also wronged you, I did not know that my decision had left such a deep scar in your young heart. Over these years, this old man had also realized that seeking external power is just temporary. Only if our descendants are strong and powerful, could our clan achieve the foundation of prosperity…”

The Old Patriarch sighed with much sorrow and regret; as he spoke to himself, his wrinkled old face was already covered with tears.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng was no longer able to maintain his nonchalant expression because no matter what, he was still a member of the Nan Gong Clan, this was destined from the moment of his birth and was unchangeable.

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In addition, the Old Patriarch had just discarded his authoritative image and confessed his regrets in front of him. The hatred within his heart had also been reduced by an amount.

“Enough, an elder like you should not do this, Bei Cheng is a member of the clan. If I am able to assist the clan, then Bei Cheng would be willing to share some of its burdens.”

The Old Patriarch immediately wiped away his tears, “Then that’s great, as you know, the centennial competition between the younger generations is reaching. Bei Cheng, you are the most excellent and talented individual amongst the younger generations of the Nan Gong Clan so you must participate in this competition and do your best, can you do it?”

Nan Gong Bei Cheng declined to comment, this old fella was indeed just acting to bait him!

“Is the competition participation based on cultivation? Or based on age?”

“It was based on age, any youth that is below the age of thirty could participate…” The Old Patriarch replied with slight embarrassment.

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