Chapter 93: A Surprise

Sitting upright and still, Ye Jian was in the bureau for some interrogation. Xia Jinyuan smiled briefly as he looked at Ye Jian’s carefree expression… She didn’t seem to be experiencing any psychological burden ah.

That should be so since she had done nothing wrong. There was nothing for her to worry about.

Before entering the interrogation room, Ye Jian gave him a brief smile before following a female officer and a male officer in.

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Xia Jinyuan stood outside for a good three whole minutes or so before heading to the bureau chief’s office.

The bureau chief, Mr. Liu, enthusiastically welcomed him. “Captain Xia, please have a seat.” That was the first thing he said when he saw Xia Jinyuan. His tone was quite informal as if they had known each other for many years.

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He personally brewed a cup of tea and handed it to Xia Jinyuan before taking a seat himself. “Minister Xia personally called last night, and I happened to mention that I had met you the day before. He laughed and said you should give him a call when you have the time.”

The Municipal Public Security Bureau was under the control of the Provincial Public Security Bureau, and the Provincial Public Security Bureau was managed by the Ministry of Public Security. Minister Xia, whom Mr. Liu was talking about, was Xia Jinyuan’s second uncle, a top member of the Ministry of Public Security.

“Thank you, Mr. Liu.” Xia Jinyuan received the tea and remained calm while facing the bureau chief, for being dignified was in his blood.

After taking a sip, he smiled at Bureau Chief Liu before letting out a chuckle. “There’s one thing wherein I would need Mr Liu to come forward and handle.”

There was no “Please,” or “May I trouble you.” With just a sentence, he clearly stated that the bureau chief would need to personally handle it.

Hearing him so, Bureau Chief Liu’s smile dampened for a moment. “Captain Xia is being too polite. Please instruct. Hahaha, you’ve been here for almost half a year already, and this is the first time I heard that you would need me to step forward.”

It was well-known that gaining a favor in the capital was difficult, especially from this soldier in front of his very eyes.

Ever since Captain Xia was with them, ke, who knew how many people had been waiting for the chance when he would ask for a favor from someone. But after a year of no results, such a big opportunity actually fell into his hands.

Once Xia Jinyuan had finished talking, Bureau Chief Liu was already laughing out loud. “So it’s about this. Then, there’s absolutely no problem. I’ll go and get it ready, but do remember to prepare once you return.”

“Alright then, I shall trouble Mr. Liu.” Xia Jinyuan, who disliked any formalities, got up after seeing that he was done with his objectives. “I still have to go and check on that girl. She’s still a middle school girl, so she’s a little timid. I’ll go there and give her a bit of an encouragement.”

When he got up, Bureau Chief Liu would naturally have to see him off.

However, Xia Jinyuan waved his hand and rejected the gesture. Keeping the elegance on his handsome face, he smiled. “I know my way around here. Then Mr Liu, I’ll see you later.”

He was never one who liked formalities, and Bureau Chief Liu had looked into him before. Otherwise, even for such a matter, he would not have come to him.

Not more than half an hour later, Ye Jian left the interrogation room with the two officers without revealing anything. After receiving the portfolio handed to him by Bureau Chief Liu, Xia Jinyuan spoke a little with him before walking towards Ye Jian.

Bureau Chief Liu had handled a matter which would take no more than five minutes.

The reason why Xia Jinyuan did not need him to see him off was so that he could finish it as soon as possible… so that he could catch up and give the little lass a surprise.

“Thank you for your hard work, and I give you my apology. I didn’t think that something I conveniently picked up would bring about so much trouble.” Ye Jian was sincere in her apology, and her integrity could be sensed from her language and even her attitude.

This point was very similar to Xia Jinyuan.

After saying goodbye to the police officers, Ye Jian could already see the cold and proud Xia Jinyuan at the end of the corridor now walking towards her. And so, she hastened her steps as she walked over to him.

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