Chapter 92: An Establishment of Admiration

There was no way he would. When others began searching for themselves at the age of fourteen, he spent his two years focusing on studying and skipping through grades. Obtaining excellent scores for both academic and physical examinations, he went to the most prestigious military school. From then on, he was in the pile of men. Even the number of sows he saw in a year was greater than the number of women!

He meant no slightest disrespect with the way he said it jokingly. He was entirely relaxed in front of Ye Jian.

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Ye Jian gently sighed to herself. Such a dangerous man… She really should have stayed away from him! If she weren’t attentive, she might have already been molested!

Looking down, she observed his clean forehead… His eyelashes were thicker than a woman’s, and…beneath his handsome nose, his alluring lips which were sometimes sharp were sticking out slightly.

When he spoke, he had this exquisite and elegant shallow smile. If possible, many would rather not end a conversation with him.

When holding onto a gun, his eyes were fierce like an unsheathed dark sword which inflicted fear into his enemies.

But he protected his comrades’ safety, and in return, they wholeheartedly put their trust in him.

After looking at him for a while, Ye Jian quickly glanced away quietly. A dangerous man like him… She definitely shouldn’t look at him for too long! Any longer and she would have considered him to be a fine individual! And she might come to appreciate him more and more!

“You lass, even if you can endure, this shouldn’t be something you should endure without telling anyone.” Xia Jinyuan pressed his finger around the bruise, and his lips straightened. One look and she could tell he was not very happy at the moment. “Such a large patch of bruise. The blood vessels underneath the skin are ruptured… but you don’t feel the pain? You’ve been enduring it all this time?”

Whether it was his expression or his language, it all expressed a sense of displeasure. “The center is so swollen…” Pressing his thumb lightly at the area, he immediately heard a gasp coming from Ye Jian. Raising his head, he stared deeply at her. He declared, “We’ll go to the hospital and take an x-ray! Just in case there might be a bone fracture!”

Bone fracture? It’s nothing that serious.

“No need. I know myself.” Ye Jian smiled and politely refused. “There’s no fracture, but it is indeed a little bit painful.”

Alright, Captain Xia’s eyes were so cold that they were enough to penetrate his opponent’s skin. To think he was rejected completely…He probably wouldn’t be able to sleep soundly tonight.

She, who had always known how to survive, immediately felt weak, but she remained stubborn and kept on refusing to go for various reasons.

And so, Ye Jian had to constantly insist that she was alright, or Xia Jinyuan would have carried her all the way to the hospital without a word!

Standing up, he looked sternly at the little girl who was putting up a strong front, and he felt somewhat sorry for her. After a while, he smiled and said, “Return to your room and wait for me. I’ll get the ointment and rub it for you.”

Without any parents to shelter her from her troubles, she had to handle everything all by herself. That must be why she was trying to be strong.

It could have been because of the stimulating fight she had in the rainy night, Ye Jian, who had finished rubbing her bruise with ointment, was still feeling the adrenaline. Lying on the bed, the moment she closed her eyes, her mind would constantly recall the fight she had with the woman.

That silver wire was indeed a good self-defense weapon, but she did not know…where she could get her hands on one.

While recalling the scene, she gradually fell asleep.

At half past seven in the morning, the two had breakfast together after a morning jog before heading to the bureau by jeep. The jeep that was dirtied last night was cleaned by God knows who and when, and there was a hint of mint fragrance.

That…that mint fragrance belonged to Xia Jinyuan.

“Later, when we arrive there, just say that you picked it up somewhere. As for anything else, you don’t have to answer. I’ll be waiting for you outside.” Xia Jinyuan did not forget and reminded Ye Jian again. He was not worried that she might be afraid because this lass’s guts were so fat.

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