Chapter 91: Do Not Tease Her

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Captain Xia, who had never exposed his own feelings, quickly hid the awkwardness beneath his eyes without a single flaw. Without a single change in expression on his elegant face, he said, “Go back to your room and try it on. If you need a change, there’s still time to do so.”

His sight once again lowered slightly, but he did not dare to set them directly on those beautiful bare feet that were as white as pearl, and so they landed on her slender calves. Already, his thin lips were clenched.

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Her complexion was extremely white with a milky luster. It was so delicate that a print could be seen if it were pressed lightly.

However, there he saw a flaw on the white jade—a patch of blue-black that was visible on her right calf. Seeing it so, Xia Jinyuan2Xia JinyuanProtagonist; Codename Q King; Member of an Elite Platoon’s eyes narrowed, and he suddenly bent his back. “Don’t move.”

When Ye Jian1Ye JianProtagonist and the Child of a Late Heroine retreated a step, he said coldly, “Let me check if you’ve injured your bones!” The bruise was not only dark in color, but it was also large in size… Really, how did this little girl endure this?

Such a sudden action startled Ye Jian for a moment.

That made her subconsciously take a step back… However, his huge hand grabbed her by the ankle… and he even ordered her not to move.

Although Ye Jian was only fourteen years old in this life, she was a twenty-eight year old woman in her previous life!

With no experience about love, it would be strange if Ye Jian, whose first kiss still remained for two lifetimes, was not startled by his sudden action!
Her hand had never been held by a man, but now, Captain Xia’s large hand was holding her by the ankle. Ye Jian, who had experienced life and death and who now lacked apathy, had her face blushing red.

After the hot shower, her skin was delicate and white like a boiled egg that was peeled. Now adding the red on her face, she was like a freshly bloomed flower, beautiful to a point where onlookers would hold their breath at the sight.

Fortunately, Captain Xia’s attention was on her injuries, and he was paying no attention to anything else.

The hand that was holding her ankle had long and slender fingers, and his palm was scorching hot. The area of her skin that was grabbed by him felt an increase in temperature, and it was so hot that Ye Jian tried to escape on impulse.

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“That… no…” With some difficulties, Ye Jian finally settled her heart, but she was caught off-guard by his next action which startled her again. He… he went as far as to kneel on the floor and carefully examine her injured calf.

Those slender fingers of his pressed on her wound softly, starting from the outside and then to the middle. Ye Jian felt so embarrassed that her whole body had already stiffened.

Holding onto her ankle, Xia Jinyuan was clear of her every bodily reaction, and he joked as he continued examining, “Lass, what’s there to get nervous about. I’m just doing a quick check for you.”

Not mentioning it would have been better. When he said it, Ye Jian realized that her face was burning even more.

There was no way it…please ignore it! It was the first time she was held by a man at her ankle. Never had she ever had this embarrassed feeling before, and at this point, she really wanted to escape.

“If you take another step back, I don’t mind carrying you up to the bed to do the check.” Xia Jinyuan looked up at her and smiled as the sentence which could make others misunderstand slowly escaped from his lips.

Ye Jian was speechless. To say such a sentence in front of a teenager like her… Captain Xia, that is called flirting! Do you know that!

But there was no way he would. When others began searching for themselves at the age of fourteen, he spent his two years focusing on studying and leaping through grades. Obtaining excellent scores for both academic and physical examinations, he went to the most prestigious military school. From then on, he was in the pile of men. Even the number of sows he saw in a year was greater than the number of women!

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