Chapter 64

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Solving Madam Luo’s problem, Ning Meng Yao went back home to bath and sleep. On the morning of the second day, she took her back basket to hike up the mountain, because the grapes in that place had almost been plucked empty by her, yet she was also not familiar to this part of the upper mountain.

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Right when she was feeling troubled, Ning Meng Yao saw Qiao Tian Chang who was descending the mountain and her eyes lit up. He went up and down the mountain everyday, so he should know, right?

“Yi, wait a moment.”

Qiao Tian Chang had long seen Ning Meng Yao but he had no intention of greeting. Hearing her calling him, he halted his footsteps.

“Is there anything?”

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Ning Meng Yao nodded. Of course she had a matter and it was an important one too.

“Do you know which part of the mountain that has this kind of seed?” Ning Meng Yao’s bright eyes gazed at Qiao Tian Chang, her eyes filled with anticipation.

Lowering his head to see the seed on her hand, Qiao Tian Chang nodded: “I know, a lot.”

This made Ning Meng Yao happy. Her voice carried some coquettishness: “Can you bring me to pick them up?”

Qiao Tian Chang lowered his head, not understanding why Ning Meng Yao would want those. Did she like to eat such sour thing? But it was already half a basket full, shouldn’t it be enough?

“They are very sour.”

“I know. I am not eating it, I want to brew wine, grape wine. You help me collect them and when I’ve brewed the wine, I will give you half of it, how about it?” Ning Meng Yao’s pair of eyes shone brightly as she looked at Qiao Tian Chang.

Qiao Tian Chang was already interested when she mentioned brewing wine and now looking at her pair of bright eyes, he could not help but smile.

From the first time he met her, she was cold and aloof, but she also had this kind of cute side?

“Alright, I’ll help you. You bring those home and I will enter the mountain to pluck the fruits, they are at the deep part of the mountain.” Qiao Tian Chang looked at Ning Meng Yao as he gave his preys to her. Fortunately, today’s preys were not too many so he was not afraid that she could not take them all.

“Okay.” Ning Meng Yao laughed as she nodded, taking his preys and turned to leave. As to how she would take the grapes once Qiao Tian Chang finished plucking them, she did not consider it.

Coming back home, Ning Meng Yao brewed the grapes she had on her hand to wine then looked at the preys. She pondered for a while. Qiao Tian Chang helped her so shouldn’t she invite him to dine?

Thinking this, Ning Meng Yao boiled water to cook the chicken after plucking its feathers.

When Qiao Tian Chang carried a basket full of grapes back, Ning Meng Yao had finished cooking her meal.

Qiao Tian Chang smelt strong smell of delicious food when he stepped inside and rubbed his stomach. He suddenly felt hungry.

“You’re back? Let’s eat.” Ning Meng Yao greeted Qiao Tian Chang.

Qiao Tian Chang nodded and walked to the side of the well to wash his face. There were many delicious foods on the table that made Qiao Tian Chang had a feeling of wanting to drool.

“Thank you for helping me pick up the fruits.”

“Your welcome.” Qiao Tian Chang nodded as he ate. The taste was really good, better than the dishes he had ate before.

Ning Meng Yao did not speak, only slowly eating at the side.

After eating the meal, Qiao Tian Chang saw that Ning Meng Yao was opening the basket, seemingly wanting to start brewing wine so he asked: “Do you want me to help you?”

“The sugar in my jar is not enough, can you help me buy? I will give you the money.” She took out the silvers.

“Coincidentally, I want to sell my preys. Helping you buy is fine since there is my part of the wine. Let me share the fee of the wine.” Qiao Tian Chang said as he took his preys to walk out.

Ning Meng Yao was stunned then laughed as she continued brewing wine.

After waiting for him to buy the wine jar and sugar, Ning Meng Yao had half finished brewing.

For the next few days, Qiao Tian Chang would bring a big bad out and at noon, brought a bag full of grapes to Ning Meng Yao’s house, making her felt embarrassed. So she cooked delicious foods for Qiao Tian Chang everyday and made a few cans of meat paste using his preys and gave him some of her mushroom paste.

This made Qiao Tian Chang very happy. From the first time he ate, he wanted to ask for it but felt too embarrassed to ask.

Because of the matter of brewing wine, the relationship between the two slowly became closer.

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