Chapter 86- Demons Spotted

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KMega6KMegacharacter and Astrid7Astridcharacter just finished washing up in the morning when a messenger barged into the changing room. Nothing had happened between them in the time since he told her that he loved her and she didn’t respond to his feelings. They were still close and they did things together, but they never talked about advancing from that point. The messenger paused to look at the naked Astrid before KMega stepped in between them with an unamused look on his face. The messenger was obviously a player since an npc wouldn’t have blushed.

“I just came from the village of Crosstrees. I have the highest movement speed since there are no horses there. Anyways, a pack of demon-like wolves have appeared.” (Messenger)


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After giving the messenger a reward, he sent him off with a warning about showing Astrid naked on the net. Even if KMega’s settings were on adult, Astrid only looked liked an adult for everyone but the npcs and KMega. This was a modification that she made herself since a person’s privacy settings determine what they actually see. KMega didn’t know about this however, so he just assumed that the messenger saw ‘everything’. This is why KMega warned him about the ‘legal’ repercussions of showing someone else’s character naked, since he was clothed the same way. After calming himself down after the messenger left, KMega quickly came up with a plan to hunt down the demonic wolves. He will need to get their exact numbers later on, but if it’s anything like a normal wolf pack, there will be about 8-10 normal wolves with an alpha as the leader. Unless the alpha was a low enough level where KMega could hunt them alone, it was nearly impossible to ambush them since they could smell someone a mile away. He then gathered his officers and made a plan for hunting direwolves with unique bonuses. Such bonuses are like the howling attack that the bear used.


Within two hours, over a hundred soldiers had gathered and began to march from the fortress for their first ever campaign.

The village of Crosstree was quiet when they arrived in the evening. Even with a hero and a paladin leading a hundred soldiers, the villagers didn’t feel that safe. They decided to sleep for the night and begin hunting in the morning. The soldiers acted merrily since they finally had the opportunity to spend their wages. What little they received. KMega laid awake in the finest room of the inn that he shared with Astrid. While he was thinking about different matters, Astrid handed him the sword that she originally finished for the tournament. She considered stripping the sword and starting over, but a great many kinds of material is needed. Plus, she spent all her free time making the wedding rings since she wanted them to be perfect. Her initial plan was just making the wedding rings, but the amount of material needed was greater than she expected, so she decided on two rings each; one engagement and one wedding.


KMega looked at the sword in amazement. The durability was an issue because it was just ???/??? , but all of his gear had some kind of issue. He discovered through his previous battles that nothing lasts when he seriously fought. If his drake fang pendant wasn’t an accessory that didn’t normally receive damage during combat, it probably would have been broken by now too.

“There’s also this.” (Astrid)

KMega looked into the palm of her hand and saw small red and green circles.

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