Chapter 90: What Were You Thinking

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For what reason? Because she had seen the light to it and finally understood her goal, she felt calm. Looking up, Ye Jian grinned and continued, “To kill so as to protect the peace, so what if these hands were to be stained red?”

Principal Chen and Grandpa Gen had constantly educated her that in order to protect someone or the peace and dignity of a country… even if her hands were to be stained red and she becomes the target of the enemy, so what?

Xia Jinyuan remained silent and patted her gently on the shoulder as his eyes looked solemnly at her.

Gazing at her, he spoke one word clearly at a time, “Student Ye Jian, remember what you’ve said tonight! When you are certified to hold a gun legally, I will look forward to doing battle alongside you!”

Because he said before that she was not certified to hold a gun, at the dangerous battle just now, although she could have clearly opened fire at the suspect, that did not happen.

From that, he could tell she was a girl with self-control and a heart not clouded by darkness!

He was afraid that the killing intent in her heart might be too heavy, but after hearing her, he was no longer worried.

“I’ve called for the police car and ambulance to stop at the intersection. You get in the car first. I’ll handle this from here on.”

Xia Jinyuan was a little worried about the drenched clothes on Ye Jian that was covered with mud, and his dark eyes glistened a little. “We’ll go to the Bureau later. We’ll go to a hostel and grab a change of clothing before going.”

Ye Jian raised her arms and looked down at herself before smiling. “The first training I had with Principal Chen was to stand in the rain for almost an hour.”

In other words, she was telling him that this was nothing.

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She neither any femininity like the girls in the capital, nor did she have pride like the girls in the city. However, what she did have was the mentality to endure hardships—a beautiful heart and two attractive eyes.

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Talking to such a girl was also a form of pleasure.

Back in the car, Ye Jian continued watching Xia Jinyuan as he communicated with the soldiers in the rain. His back was as majestic as a deity’s, and it inadvertently impacted Ye Jian’s heart.

Although she did not wish to interact with such a dangerous and attractive man, she had to admit that he was an excellent soldier!

After arriving at the hostel, because it belonged to the military, Xia Jinyuan went straight in to take a female fitness blouse and shorts that were used in the military. He handed them to Ye Jian together with a room card. “Room 306. I’ll be in 307. If you need anything, just contact me anytime.”

The two were just a wall apart. Stepping into the shower room with the shower head now above her, she closed her eyes, and there was now a stream of yellow mud flowing into the shower drain.

Ye Jian washed for at least half an hour before getting out.

“Du, du.” A few knocks could be heard from the door, and a polite voice sounded from behind it. “It’s me, Xia Jinyuan.”

With her hair still wet after the shower, she immediately opened the door. “Haven’t gone to rest? Is there something?”

“I’ve come to give you this.” He raised his hand and Ye Jian could see a pair of white sneakers. “You won’t be able to wear your shoes tomorrow, so I just went out to buy another pair for you. See if they fit.”

It was not just the shoes; even the socks were prepared.

Not knowing whether they would fit her feet, Xia Jinyuan naturally went to look down… but after a quick glance, he swallowed his saliva and quickly looked up again before swiftly pushing the shoes and socks into Ye Jian’s hands.

The lass’s feet were…quite beautiful! Her skin was milky white, like the color of a pearl… Stop, what was he thinking!

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