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Chapter 478 – Challenging His Willpower!

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Nan Gong Bei Cheng cursed, “Then compete for f*ck! I am only a Nine-Star Spirit Master while Ji Mo Ya is a Mystic Spirit Master, what’s there to compete?”

He first thing that came to his mind was the scene where he engages in a fight against Young Master Ya, fighting with a powerful love rival to get back the Little Beauty!

“You do not need to worry about this, putting in your best effort will be enough.”

Nan Gong Ming did not seem to be worried, instead he looked rather confident.

The recent plan that the clan had set into motion was reaching its completion; when that happens, everyone within the Nan Gong Clan would undergo a great change that will turn everyone’s head. A talented young member like Nan Gong Bei Cheng might even reach the level of Mystic Spirit Master immediately…

But now, it was still not time; it was still too early for him to tell Nan Gong Bei Cheng.

In addition, this brat has a strong rebellious nature, on the surface his actions might seemed wanton and unrestrained but in fact, Nan Gong Bei Cheng possesses a kind heart. It would be better for him to not know certain things that might be slightly too despicable.


It had looked undoubtedly like an ordinary trap; but after they fell, they appeared in the midst of a strange sky.

Still hanging in the midair, they fell to the ground.

Huan Qing Yan discovered that the round ball has disappeared from her hand and she did not know where it fallen to as well.

“Ahhhhhhh, it’s scary!”

While in midair, Huan Qing Yan had Ji Mo Ya hugged tightly at the waist and had also screamed with her eyes closed.


Both of them reached the ground with Ji Mo Ya falling first and turning into Huan Qing Yan’s meat cushion while Huan Qing Yan’s entire person laid on his body…

“Uncle, did we die from the fall?” Huan Qing Yan still had her eyes closed and dared not open it.

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Ji Mo Ya assessed his surrounding; they had likely passed through some sort of spell formation and ended up in an independent dimension.

This place was also very different from Purple Cloud Mountain Range.

The Purple Cloud Mountain Range was covered in thick forests and possessed a cooling weather.

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While in this place, the forest was withered and covered in grey due to dust. There was also a burning smell within the air.

As he sent out his divine sense to investigate, he noticed that there was not a single source of water within a radius of spanning a few kilometers.

Can this be… the Gnome Kingdom?

Ji Mo Ya had specially researched about the Gnomes on their way here.

Gnomes normally lives underground but they also require a source of water.

In this poor environment that was even hard for vegetation to survive, how could the Gnomes be living here?

In addition, he did not detect any human presence as well, it was likely that paired with Huan Qing Yan, they had both fell into this place while Mo Si and the rest were still trapped within the spell formation.

As he was thinking, he heard the sweet mushy voice from Huan Qing Yan, “Uncle, why are you still so fragrant even after death… Little Yan is hungry…”

Huan Qing Yan carefully opened her beautiful phoenix eyes, there was a small sense of craftiness within her gaze. She relaxed her hug on Ji Mo Ya and started to touch all over his body again, trying to look for something to eat.

Ji Mo Ya truly was unable to tolerate any longer as he patted away her little hands, “Stop fooling around.”

The little glutton was challenging his willpower!

Her two soft lumps pressed against his body created a deep valley, and with the view was clearly presented to his eyes; his blood pressure to explode.

This must be the heaven’s way of torturing him; if her intellect was normal, he would not had needed to hold back and would have ‘punished’ her on the spot.

Huan Qing Yan felt pain coming from her hands and teared, “Uncle is bad, you did not give me food to eat, I am going home to find mummy…”

Ji Mo Ya…

This lass on top of his body might have a low intellect but her figure was without a doubt hot. Especially after being fed well by him during this period, her figure was slender at the right places while full at the right places, her voluptuous peaks were like delicious fruits that emits traces of sweet fragrances.

No matter how powerful his willpower was, it was unable to stop his lower body from reacting.

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