Chapter 475 – Touch Again And I Will Throw You Off.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng shouted, “This bro’s Little Beauty! Don’t go! This bro will surely go and find you…”

Nan Gong Liang’s tolerance had reached his limits; he stored Nan Gong Bei Cheng inside a sack and casted a seal on it before he handed it to the servants and instructed them to bring him home and to put Nan Gong Bei Cheng under house arrest.

Half a month later Ji Mo Ya finally reached the location marked on the map with Huan Qing Yan, this was the general location of the entrance leading to the Gnome Kingdom.

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The journey was considered quick because the Gnome Kingdom was located within the heart of Purple Cloud Mountain Range, which was not very far from the territory of Xuan Chu Empire.

The Xuan Chu Empire was located at the edge of Purple Cloud Mountain Range.

The Purple Cloud Mountain Range was the largest mountain range on Spirit Treasure Continent, it went through the entire human territory and covers an enormous area made up of numerous rugged mountains. A few areas within this region possesses natural energy formations and barriers; cultivators who attempts to fly above the range will fall and fill their mouths with mud.

Therefore to travel within the mountain range most people have to rely on their own legs, and this method of travel makes it very inconvenient for people as well.

“Uncle, Little Yan’s legs are tired, Little Yan cannot walk anymore.” Huan Qing Yan was trying to act shamelessly.

As it was inconvenient to travel within the mountains in large numbers, Ji Mo Ya only brought the most elites of his subordinates along with him.

Of the Feather Guards, he had only selected ten people. Mo Wu went ahead of the group to confirm the roads while Mo Liu guarded their backs and path of retreat and Mo Si remained beside him.

When Huan Qing Yan started her antics, this group of subordinates begun to look away to gaze into the sky.

Earlier on, Yu Yi had courageously volunteered himself and offered to carry Huan Qing Yan on his back, but he was immediately deeply damaged by the sharp heart piercing glare that his young master gave him.

No one dared to make a comment after that incident.

Whenever this situation happened, they would collectively look away and sent their gazes into the sky.

Ji Mo Ya succumbed to his fate and half squatted, “Climb on.”

Huan Qing Yan happily climb onto Ji Mo Ya’s back; when she did, she started to smell his back and even started moving her hands all over his body, “Uncle, did you hide something delicious?”

A strange and unique fragrance entered her nose.

Ji Mo Ya’s body froze due to her touch as a surge of electricity passes through his body, with so many subordinates presented, he believed that he no longer has any image left to uphold. Fortunately, Ji Mo Ya was no common man; even with no image left, he was still able to portray a calm and indifferent expression.

He used the back of his hand to hit her butt with strength before he warned, “Touch again and I will throw you off.”

Only then did Huan Qing Yan controlled herself. However, she laid on his back within a euphoric expression as she silently continued to smell him, just that this time she no longer touched him all over.

When Ji Mo Ya felt the sensation of her breath on his neck, he felt like he was being tormented.

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He has to quickly cure her.

So that he could punish her as he pleased for her current unbridled behavior!

Although he wishes to punish* her on the spot, but her current low intelligence has made him completely unable to lay his hand on her.

(Cuppa: The punishment that Ji Mo Ya wants to do is the one that adults do to each other 😉)


That leashed black ball was being carried by Yu Yi.

Along the way, the ball was constantly in a passive state, it would sometimes not move when being pulled or deliberately circle around trees at other times…

In the end, Huan Qing Yan got tired of it and handed it to Yu Yi who rolled up the chains and carry it in his arms.

“Young Master, there are no more markings left behind by Mo Wu, let’s take a break for now.”

Mo Wu was the one carrying the map and scouted ahead of them.

The roads that he scouted and verified would be marked to allow the group behind to follow.

If there were no markings, it meant that he has yet to find the correct path and required them to wait.

Ji Mo Ya acknowledged the suggestion and prepared to put down Huan Qing Yan so that he could feed her, the glutton needed to be fed.

But Huan Qing Yan refused, she jumped over his back and fell into his arms before tightly hugging him from his front and she complained, “There are big ants on the floor, I am scared and don’t want to come down, I don’t want…”

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