Chapter 474 – Striking Lion Emperor

If he could save time in this aspect of cultivation, Bai Chen Feng was confident that he could reach the realm of True Spirit Master within two years and then there would be hope for him to overtake Ji Mo Ya’s level of cultivation.

The thing he currently really thirsted for was power!

However, he was not a simpleton as well, there was no way such good fortune would appear for whatever reason, his suspicions and caution about this windfall was the only reason why he had not started practicing the techniques already.

That was when he started to analyze the huge lion statue in detail…

And that was also when he slowly discovered that something was not right!

The eyes of this lion status were moving and it seemed like he was observed as well!

Immediately an impulse to run away welled up within him.

“Foolish human whose heart is filled with pain, why not join me; the Striking Lion Emperor? This Lion Emperor can assist you in sweeping away every hatred and obstacle you have, I can turn you into a leader amongst humans and you can stand at the very peak of life…”

The voice was filled with allure and charm, causing Bai Chen Feng’s thirst for power to overtake the fear and unease within his heart.

Despite that, Bai Chen Feng still asked the most crucial question, “How can you help me? What do you want to obtain from me in return?”

The huge lion statue chuckled deeply, “I am a demon emperor with my own territory, as a rather talented human has appeared, and one that possessed a lion spirit treasure as well, I decided to choose you as one of this demon emperor’s disciple; this is your good fortune! To learn the techniques of this lion emperor, it will mean that you will possess a portion of this emperor’s powers, it could assist you to reach your goals! Do you have things you desire? Do you have anyone you want to kill? Do you want to be the most powerful human on the continent? As long as you are willing, these would all be yours to have in the future…”

Obtaining the power of the Lion Emperor and become the most powerful human on the continent…

Every sentence spoken seemed to be the best lure that was striking deep within the depths of Bai Chen Feng’s heart.

Bai Chen Feng was unable to resist.

There were too many resentments and insistences within his heart.

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The many things he had experienced in his previous life were also mainly due to his lack of power, it resulted in him being injured and allowed Huan Meng Yue and her adulterer to abandon him; and in the end, he was sent into a horde of demon beasts and teared into pieces.

In this world, he was fortunate enough to obtain a second chance and thought he could obtain the heart of Little Yan, be a cultivating couple who would slowly grow strong together while ignoring the power struggle within the mortal world.

However, the truth was cruel and dealt him a severe blow.

He was unable to protect Little Yan and allowed her to be hurt greatly, this led to him being looked down upon by someone else…

Everything turned out like this because he was simply not powerful enough!

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“Do you have any soul nourishing items such as Soul Essence Stone or Treasure Vine?”

The huge statue went silent for a moment, “The Treasure Vine was extremely rare, this Lion Emperor does not have any. As for Soul Essence Stone, I have it in my territory within the Demon Lands. When you reached the realm of Mystic Spirit Master, you can come to this Lion Emperor’s territory to get some, consider this as an additional reward that this Lion Emperor is giving you.”

“Okay! I am willing to learn your techniques.”

Bai Chen Feng already guessed and knew that this Lion Emperor was withholding some information and had not revealed everything. For example, from this moment on, he would turn into the so-called Demon Man.

Yet he subconsciously ignored this fact as well.

So what if he was to become a Demon Man who has no place within humanity?

As long as he could become powerful, everything else was not a problem!

In the future, he would just step on everyone who he went against him and be the one to have the final say in everything!


The map that was brought out by the Lin Clan looked old and wrinkled, it seemed to be real.

Ji Mo Ya left behind a spirit stone card worth one million spirit stones as the price tag of this map and  the Lin Clan initially dare not accept his payment; yet after a while, they were unable to resist the allure of spirit stones and accepted the payment in the end.

The Flowing Cloud Carriage left the capital city of Xuan Chu Empire, Nan Gong Bei Cheng chased after it but was caught by Nan Gong Liang and dragged away…

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