Chapter 473 – Three Loopholes

Huan Qing Yan raised her head, “Uncle, Bally is not playing with me.”

Usually the rolling ball would move about, but now no matter how much Huan Qing Yan was pulling at it, it did not budge.

Huan Qing Yan immediately complained to Ji Mo Ya.

Ji Mo Ya consoled her, “Maybe Bally is tired and wants to sleep.”

Huan Qing Yan yawned when she heard his explanation, her low intelligence meant that she tire easily as well. She went to Ji Mo Ya to try to sleep on his thighs and Ji Mo Ya adjusted his posture as well so that she could sleep in a much comfortable posture.

Lin Chong was flabbergasted at the scene; how much adoration did the girl receive from Young Master Ya!

Young Master Ya was a person with high status whose every move and action received great attention by many, and yet he was so accommodating towards this young lass.

The refined and courteous Ji Mo Ya said, “Patriarch Lin, where is the location of the Gnome Kingdom then? I will be very grateful if you can tell me.”

“The Old Ancestor had a map drawn before and I shall go retrieve it from our secret treasury, please wait here for a moment Young Master Ya…” Lin Chong turned around and went into the back of the building.

“Thank you for your trouble!”

Ji Mo Ya looked at the diminishing back of Lin Chong and smirked coldly.

There were three loopholes in Lin Chong’s explanation.

Firstly, the Treasure Vine might be dried and brown, but Ji Mo Ya was the one who personally grinded it into powder and could determine that it was not very long since it was harvested.

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Second, Old Master Lin might not have been involved in the management of the clan for many years, but he should be very familiar with the item that his Old Ancestor had left for them; why did Old Master Lin display an expression that he had never heard of the Treasure Vine before? Therefore, the explanation that it was left behind by this ‘Old Ancestor’ was not convincing.

Third, before Nan Gong Liang left, he had used spirit energy to converse with Lin Chong in secret. As Ji Mo Ya’s cultivation was a realm higher then theirs, he was unable to capture their entire conversation, but he could make out a few key words, and one of these words was Treasure Vine! If this was an item belonging to the Lin Clan, then why did Lin Chong and Nan Gong Liang need to discuss about it? Even going as far as to seek his opinion?

What was the meaning behind everything so far?

These facts requires some deep pondering.

From the looks of things, this trip of searching for the Treasure Vine was not destined to be as simple as it seemed.

In addition, that ball… Ji Mo Ya also had a rough idea of the entity that was hiding in it, was this some sort of elaborated scheme?


It was unknown how much time had passed, Bai Chen Feng woke up from his unconscious state.

He was a deep pit that was filled with darkness, Bai Chen Feng took out a Night Light Pearl to brighten his surroundings. All he saw was stone walls, so he started exploring to search for a way out.

After walking for some time, he discovered a murky glow in front of him.

He did not dared to be rash and only after calming his breathing, he cautiously walked towards the glow.

It was a weird chamber-like cave.

At the center of the cave chamber was a stone carving of a huge lion with the body of man, it was wore armor and look majestic; in addition, it also possessed an evil energy!  

The entire statue gave off a powerful feeling.

Below the statue was a thick leather scroll, Bai Cheng Feng checked his surroundings and did not discover anything suspicious, so he carefully went up to the statue and opened the scroll to look.

Recorded within the scroll was several techniques that was suitable for Lion Spirit Treasures!

Bai Chen Feng’s spirit treasure was the manticore and was compatible to learn this technique meant for spirit treasures. To acquire something similar in Surging Wave Academia, he would need to pay a thousand credits to exchange for one, and that was only for a low-level technique.

Yet the techniques recorded within the leather scroll were all high-level techniques, each technique possesses their own unique and profound traits.

Bai Chen Feng was immediately excited at this discovery.

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He currently possesses a stock of Ink Jade Lingzi to eat, allowing his cultivation speed to be faster than most people. However, to obtain techniques and skills, he requires credits to exchange and it would require him to waste a lot of time just to accumulate enough credits.

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