Chapter 472 – Rare Race

“I thank Old Master Lin for being thoughtful, as the saying goes, a melon harvested forcefully is not sweet. I will treat Fei Fei as my own blood sister from now on and as her cousin I hope she will find a good family to marry into so that I can have a peace of mind as well…”

Before he could continue another further, Nan Gong Liang sealed his speech acupuncture point to prevent him from speaking any further.

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Nan Gong Liang’s eyes were like sharp blades as he deeply wished to punish this unfilial son of his on the spot…

No matter how thick-skinned Lin Fei Fei was, she could no longer stay around, and with naught but a whimper she ran away in tears.

Nan Gong Liang had wanted salvage the situation that his unfilial son had caused, but he saw Old Master Lin who had been ignoring them entirely had already stood up to address Ji Mo Ya politely, “Young Master Ya, our Lin Clan truly did not have any information about this Treasure Vine that you are seeking, why not find another place to seek its whereabouts? This old man is unable to accompany you and will take my leave first.”

After he spoke, Old Master Lin chased after Lin Fei Fei.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng could only stare dryly and create incoherently sounds as his acupuncture has been sealed.

Nan Gong Liang grabbed him and started to head out the building while addressing Ji Mo Ya at the same time, “Young Master Ya, you have seen something unsightly today; I need to go back and properly discipline this unfilial son.”

Most of the people within the building had left, leaving only Lin Chong, Ji Mo Ya and Huan Qing Yan.

Ji Mo Ya was completely not concerned about this Lin Family’s matter, he had already specially waited for the engagement arrangement to be confirmed yet it still resulted in this outcome.

Huan Qing Yan was also feeling tired from munching and had focused her attention on the ball, “Bally, do you want to eat chestnuts? It’s very delicious.”

The large ball continued to roll about, even though Huan Qing Yan had directly placed the food beside it; with people looking its way, it was cautious and simply did not take any action.

Ji Mo Ya acted uninterested and drank tea while Huan Qing Yan ignored everything that had happened earlier on as she played with the ball. Lin Chong on the other hand, was seated at the side and looked hesitant; the entire atmosphere within the room was very strange.

From the point Ji Mo Ya decided to visit the Lin Clan, he had made many preparations.

It would be ideal if the Lin Clan cooperated properly, if not with no other choice, he would just have to send Mo Si and some men to visit the Lin Estate at night.

No matter what, this place possessed the most probable clues to find more Treasure Vines and he must not let the lead to end without finding anything.

Pertaining to other matters, Ji Mo Ya would not have had to go to such extremes, but as it was a matter related to Huan Qing Yan, he would use everything within his means to achieve it.

Lin Chong seems to be pondering as he spoke, “Young Master Ya, to tell you the truth, the origin of that Treasure Vine is quite absurd and not something that should be told to outsiders.”

Ji Mo Ya looked at him with a gentle smile, “Oh?”

Lin Chong gritted his teeth, “If it had been anybody else who came to ask, then our Lin Clan would never have revealed this information. However, since Young Master Ya personally came to visit, giving our Lin Clan face, then I shall tell you what I know today. I hope that you will not spread what I am about to tell you.”


Lin Chong was still worried, “How about this lady?”

“There’s no need to worry about her, she will not be able to understand.” Ji Mo Ya immediately guaranteed.

Lin Chong stood up and went to close the door before he suppressed his voice and said, “It’s like this, our Lin Clan once had an ancestor who liked to travel the continent. In one of his travels, he visited the mysterious Gnome Kingdom and obtain that Treasure Vine from there…”

Ji Mo Ya’s mouth curled and revealed his interest in the topic, “Gnome Kingdom?”

In ancient texts, other than the two races with the largest population, the Humans and the Demons, there were also several rare races living within Spirit Treasure Continent. Some of these races were the Gnomes, Avians, Lava Giants, Ice Snowman…

These races lived in very secluded and hidden areas that prevented most people from finding them.

However, they do exist.

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“Exactly, the Treasure Vine is a specialty produce of the Gnome Kingdom. The old ancestor had an agreement with the Gnome Kingdom and promised to never reveal their location to other humans, and he had also specially instructed us, his descendants, to never reveal our knowledge of the Gnome Kingdom. I hope Young Master Ya would also help our Lin Clan protect this secret.”

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