Chapter 471 – No Wonder This Bro Was Not Attracted To You!

Surely she had heard of Young Master Ya’s great reputation.

Had they been back on the streets, she would not have dared to confront them; but now that she was in her own house and with a grandfather who pampered her, she did not held back when she shouted.

Old Master Lin once again levelled a measuring gaze at Huan Qing Yan, but this time, it was not friendly.

However he was curious; the girl was indeed pretty, but she seemed to possess a low intelligence, how was it possible for her to steal the fiancé of their beautiful Fei Fei?

Lin Chong quickly glared at Lin Fei Fei, “What are you blabbering on about? They are esteemed guests of our Lin Clan, leave now if you continue to spout nonsense.”

Lin Fei Fei turned around and jumped into Old Master Lin’s arms again and started afresh with her weeping.

She had found Nan Gong Bei Cheng hidden underneath the table of a dumpling shop. However, Nan Gong Bei Cheng was unwilling to return with her and even scolded her, he had also told her to forget him. Fortunately, Uncle Nan Gong Liang managed to catch up with them, otherwise she would have lost all her reputation today.

Having seen how close Nan Gong Bei Cheng stayed to Huan Qing Yan, Ji Mo Ya’s expression was much duller than before.

He slowly said, “There is no need to introduce your son Nan Gong Bei Cheng, this young master is the vice headmaster of Surging Wave Academia and has met your son on a few occasions.”

He sounded polite, but his hands did not remained as motionless and he lightly waved a hand behind Huan Qing Yan; with a casual effortless action it looked as though he was shooing flies away from her, and yet this act caused Nan Gong Bei Cheng to be pushed all the way towards the entrance.

No semblance of face was given.

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Looking embarrassed, Nan Gong Liang stood and said, “To be able to meet Young Master Ya, was my young son’s blessings, may I ask what had Young Master Ya coming to the Lin Estate?”

Lin Chong had already called the servants to arrange a seat for Nan Gong Liang and also for teato be served as well.

When Ji Mo Ya did not reply, Lin Chong saw it in his expression and repeated what was discussed earlier on.

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“Young Master Ya was here to find out about the place where the Treasure Vine was discovered… that…”

Nan Gong Liang’s expression changed for a moment before it quickly returned to normal, “May I know the purpose is Young Master Ya searching the Treasure Vine for? This item is truly hard to acquire…”

Ji Mo Ya already knew that they had noticed Huan Qing Yan’s abnormal condition, and so he did not hide it anymore, “Little Yan’s soul encountered some problems and is in urgent need for a Treasure Vine. If there is any knowledge of the whereabouts of a Treasure Vine or any rumors about one, this young master is willing to offer a high price for the information.”

Lin Fei Fei uncontrollably cut in, “She is a demonized person, even cured she will only remained a fool. Our family do not know of the whereabouts of any Treasure Vine, even if we do, we will not tell you, you can leave…”

When she spoke out, Lin Chong and Nan Gong Liang both coughed loudly together.

“Fei Fei, do not be impolite towards Young Master Ya!”

Lin Fei Fei quickly hid behind Old Master Lin in fright; she feared both her Father and Uncle as they were both very strict people.

Ji Mo Ya displayed a vague smile and did not speak, choosing to drink tea instead.

His poise was graceful and proper, it displayed the good education of a great clan’s young master.

Nan Gong Bei Cheng spoke up, “Lin Fei Fei, what are you saying? It was hard for Little Yan recover enough of her soul to eat and speak; do you have any bit of sympathy? With such a bad heart, no wonder this bro was not attracted to you!”

His words added oil to fire, on top of burning Lin Fei Fei speechless, it also lit up the fire within Old Master Lin.

Old Master Lin was adamant in standing by his granddaughter, “Bei Cheng, you have overstepped with your words! The pearl of our Lin Clan is not someone who you can despise and insult! This old man thinks to call off the marriage agreement for the two of you, or else you might be saying that our Lin Family is forcing you.”

Happy beyond words, Nan Gong Bei Cheng shouted out in joy and he was felt increasingly disgusted at Lin Fei Fei the more he looked at her. Normally, no matter what she did, he would not have said anything bad about her in front of the seniors of the Lin Clan; but now, he chose to commit a gaffe instead.

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