Chapter 122: Another Love Rival?

“What? This fruit has been growing for over 900 years? How can you tell?” Yang Ruoxue was astonished.

“Haha! Of course you will not be able to tell from your naked eyes. But once you start cultivating, and gain more knowledge and experience, you will be able to tell,” When Cheng Yu saw the always indifferent Yang Ruoxue asking surprisingly, he felt very pleased with himself.

“Then if I ate this fruit, could I be as powerful as you?” Yang Ruoxue held the fruit and asked expectantly.

“Stop indulging yourself in fantasies. If you eat this fruit and gain the strength I possess, why would I bother cultivating?” Cheng Yu replied sarcastically. In terms of cultivation speed, Cheng Yu was already very fast. After all, he was a pill master. At any cultivation realm, he would be able to refine suitable pills to assist him in increasing his cultivation speed. Yet, Yang Ruoxue was thinking of eating a fruit to reach his level?!

“Che! This fruit isn’t that fabulous, right? It can’t even reach your strength! Didn’t you call it an immortal fruit? After consuming it, I should at least be able to search the heaven and earth for anything. This should have been the effect of an immortal fruit!” Yang Ruoxue’s excitement dropped tremendously as she felt that this immortal fruit didn’t really live up to its name.

Actually, for Yang Ruoxue to have this kind of mindset was all thanks to the influence of the wuxia dramas shown on tv. It was true that the immortal fruit was very mystical, but an immortal fruit was equivalent to the accumulation of the large amount of Qi hidden inside it. If she were to be able to absorb it, it would bring her many unknown benefits. This did not mean that after eating this fruit that she would be turned into a superwoman.

Even though heaven and earth were very big and full of extraordinary things, even if it was in the immortal world, Cheng Yu had never seen such a thing like that exist before. Therefore, when he heard Yang Ruoxue’s statement, Cheng Yu had an urge to smack her little behind. “What is this?! If I were to bring this fruit to the cultivation world, everyone would try to please me to get it and yet this little lass actually loathed it saying that it wasn’t that fabulous?!”

Cheng Yu had been mingling in the immortal world for more than a hundred thousand years, and had seen countless rare treasure collectors who would be pleasantly surprised whenever they saw a Spiritual Origin Fruit, and Yang Ruoxue was actually treating this immortal fruit as a normal fruit?!

“Even if I explained it to you now, you wouldn’t understand. Forget it. Let’s return to the topic. Don’t think that just because this fruit is small, you can consume it in a single go. Every time, at most, you are to consume ¼ of it. I will pass on a cultivation method to you now,” Cheng Yu knew that no matter how much he explained to her, she would not be able to understand. So, he went straight to the point and got her to sit cross-legged on the bed before passing her the cultivation method.

Even though Cheng Yu was an immortal and had seen a lot of cultivation methods that were suitable for women, he did not possess them. Otherwise, he would choose the best cultivation method according to their characteristics. In total, Cheng Yu only had two sets of cultivation methods that were meant for women. One of them was the one he taught Lan Ya, “The Art of Thousand Illusion Charm.” The other was “The Art of Heart Confusion.” These cultivation methods were obtained from the Thousand Fantasy Sect.

These two sets of cultivation methods aimed to generate illusions to trap their opponents, making it extremely suitable for females to cultivate in it. Furthermore, the Thousand Fantasy Sect also had a specialized cultivation technique for agility, “Thousand Cloud Footwork.”

However, it was evident that Yang Ruoxue’s temperament was not suitable for cultivating “The Art of Thousand Illusion Charm.” “Art of Heart Confusion” used sound to cause the opponent’s state of mind to fall into confusion. This was extremely suitable for women when it came to attacking or escaping. It could be used to defend and attack.

Cheng Yu transmitted the cultivation method to Yang Ruoxue and used his Qi to slice the Spiritual Origin Fruit into four pieces. After asking Yang Ruoxue to devour one of the pieces, he started to operate his Qi to help Yang Ruoxue promote her cultivation.

As far as his women were concerned, Cheng Yu did not wish them to face any dangers. Naturally, he was guiding them from the start because he did not wish for them to face any accidents while cultivating.

With Cheng Yu’s help, Yang Ruoxue finally had a preliminary understanding towards cultivation. The next morning, Yang Ruoxue ended her cultivation. When she realized that her body was releasing a very stinky smell, she jumped up while crying out in fear.

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However, what caused her to be more astonished was that after she jumped up lightly, she had unexpectedly hit the ceiling. “Ah!” Yang Ruoxue dropped down.

Yang Ruoxue rubbed her head as she started to size herself up. She forgot about the pain that was still on her head and asked Cheng Yu confusedly, ”What’s going on? How did I jump so high?”

“Haha! You already went through the process of washing your bone marrow. Although your strength is not particularly high, you should have reached the Qi Training Realm. Thus, your jumping is not strange. Wait until you have fully absorbed this fruit, and you will realize there are many more interesting things that will happen!” Cheng Yu explained.

“Ah! If it’s like that, does this mean that I possess the kind of agility the wuxia dramas always show?” Yang Ruoxue asked curiously.

“Sure. Although you aren’t able to fly here and there, you do possess greater agility than a normal person. In the future, once you have reached a certain realm, it’s only natural for you to be able to fly.”

“AH!” Yang Ruoxue cried out and dashed towards the bathroom. While showering, Cheng Yu was able to hear her singing. Cheng Yu had never seen this side of Yang Ruoxue before.

However, Cheng Yu liked this side of Yang Ruoxue and not the one who always showed an indifferent expression, as if everyone owed her millions of dollars. At this moment, Cheng Yu’s complexion was pale. He did not care about anything else as he closed his eyes and started to recuperate.

Yesterday night, Cheng Yu helped Yang Ruoxue almost the same way he helped Lan Ya by expelling the impurities in her body. Spending a whole night to remove the impurities was very hurting to his body. Cheng Yu had no choice, except personally handling it himself. If he did not, then he would not feel relieved.

When Yang Ruoxue came out of the bathroom, she saw Cheng Yu was meditating. It was then she realized that his complexion was pale and he seemed very tired.

She couldn’t help feeling touched. She had no idea what Cheng Yu did to her, but she knew that Cheng Yu had invested a lot for her. Her excitement and enthusiasm immediately died down as she quickly instructed Nanny Zhang to cook some dishes that would be able to supplement the body.

When Cheng Yu left Yang Ruoxue’s home, it was almost noon and Yang Ruoxue had long left to work. Under Nanny Zhang’s passionate send off, Cheng Yu finally left the Yang Family’s villa. The attitude Nanny Zhang showed was obviously hinting that she had already considered Cheng Yu as the Yang Family’s son-in-law. Her passion caused Cheng Yu to feel extremely embarrassed.

In the afternoon, Cheng Yu did not go to school even though next week would be the national exam. However, Cheng Yu was not worried about this. He was still worried about his women. He needed to help all of them to be able to cultivate so that when he left, they would not face any danger. Therefore, Cheng Yu went straight to the Dongting Police Station where Han Xue worked.

Arriving at the police station, there were a few who had seen Cheng Yu before and had also seen how the Mayor had personally come down to lead him home. When they saw that Cheng Yu had suddenly paid a visit, their hearts shivered as they had no idea why this rich young master suddenly appeared here.

However, no matter what, this was a good time to fawn on Cheng Yu. A junior policeman quickly went up and asked, ”Young Master Yu, why are you here? Is there anything that I can help you with?”

Cheng Yu recognized him. This junior policeman was the one who stopped him when Cheng Yu had accidentally made Han Xue cry. However, Cheng Yu wasn’t someone who liked to bother about petty stuff. Thus, he smiled and said, ”I am here to look for Han Xue. Where is she?”

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“Oh! Sister Xue! She is in the archive office. I will bring you over,” The junior policeman paused and looked another direction before replying with a smile.

“What is your name?” When Cheng Yu saw the opposite party was so enthusiastic, he asked.

“I am called Wu Zhong. Young Master Yu can just call me Xiao Zhong,” When Wu Zhong heard Cheng Yu asking for his name, he felt delighted as he quickly replied to him.

“Xiao Zhong, just now when I said that I am looking for Han Xue, why did you look at that man over there?” Just now, the tiny action made by Wu Zhong was not able to escape from Cheng Yu’s discerning eyes.

“Young Master Yu! You must have not heard. That man is Tang Ze. He has just been sent here from the province to become our serial case department section chief. I heard that he has a very powerful backer. The moment he came, he has been paying a lot of attention to Sister Xue. Young Master Yu, you must be careful of him!” When Wu Zhong heard Cheng Yu suddenly asking about this, he replied cautiously.


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