Chapter 139: We Made a Mistake With Mr. Si’s Companion

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18th floor,

Mi Nuo is leaning comfortably against her chair, but when she is speaking to the phone, her voice sounds hoarse, as though she is about to cry, “What should I do, Assistant Ji?  Miss Zuo will go crazy on us!  Will she feel as though we have been toying with her?  You are different than me, Miss Zuo will not dare to throw tantrum on you.  If you have time, you should come over and speak to her on our behalf……  Alright, thank you very much, Assistant Ji!”

After hanging up, she grips the phone tightly as a thoughtful look flashes in her eyes.

In meeting room no. 1858, Mi Nuo’s secretary Li Li has just reached the doorway when she hears Zuo Yiyi’s arrogant voice, “What on earth are you doing?  You just snapped my hair!  It hurts!”

“I am so sorry, Miss Zuo,” Zhang Ting Ting apologizes.  It is indeed negligence on her part.

Zuo Yiyi frowns a little before simply harrumphing coldly.

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Zhang Ting Ting thought she is done for, but who would have thought that Zuo Yiyi would actually let the matter go.

She looks at Zuo Yiyi in utter disbelief.  She heard that this Miss Zuo is arrogant and unreasonable.  Whilst she agree with the first part, Miss Zuo is not unreasonable at all.

Zuo Yiyi frowns at her, “What are you looking at?  Hurry up!  Stop wasting my time!”

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Zhang Ting Ting looks down and continues with her measurement.

It is at that time that Li Li pushes the door open, “Sorry, Miss Zuo, Director Mi is busy handling a newcomer.  She will be here soon.”

Zuo Yiyi gives her an eyeroll, “Whatever does your Director Mi or a newcomer has anything to do with me?”

Li Li smiles, “This is not a regular newcomer, she was personally brought by Assistant Ji.”

Zuo Yiyi originally isn’t interested in these kinds of things, but then, she suddenly remembers Zhuang Nai Nai’s appearance on the top floor.

A bad premonition suddenly rose in her heart.  No way…..

Zuo Yiyi frowns again, “What is the name of that newcomer?”

Li Li smiles respectfully, “Zhuang Nai Nai.  I heard she was talented back in college, she was especially recruited in.”

Zuo Yiyi clenches her fists tightly.

It is true!  It is her!

Who would have thought that she would be that talented as to enter Di Hao!

When she remembers what happened during lunch, her face turns cold.  “Call that Zhuang Nai Nai over!” she snaps at Li Li.

Li Li is taken aback, “That…. doesn’t seem to be appropriate.”

“What is there to be appropriate for?” she sneers coldly.  “Don’t forget, I am the Vice Director of Design Department!”

Zhuang Nai Nai was in a meeting with the Site Design Department when she got called to meeting room no. 1853.

She walks into the meeting room.  When she sees Zuo Yiyi, her heart becomes heavy.

What else does this Zuo Yiyi wants?

Zuo Yiyi waves her arm off and Zhang Ting Ting and Li Li immediately leaves the meeting room, leaving only the two of them there.

Zhuang Nai Nai takes a deep breath, “What do you want, Zuo Yiyi?”

Zuo Yiyi sits on the sofa and crosses her legs, “Even if you use petty tricks to enter Di Hao, it will not do you any good.  So what if you are Ting gege’s fiancée?  Ting gege’s date for the 100th anniversary celebration will be me, not you!”

After saying that, Zuo Yiyi gets up and points at Zhuang Nai Nai, “You are nothing compared to me.  I’ve told you this before and I will tell you this again, you will never fit in with our world!”



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Oh jeez imagine her face when ZNN is announced as the ML’s date? On another note, get it together ML! She thinks you don’t love her!


its not all si zheng tings fault man ZNN is causing problems in the relation too relationships are a two way street you give and you take


Thank you for the updates.


It’s communication gap.. plus our ML is idiot who didn’t think that because off this Zuo YiYi things between them will be in trouble! But it’s good .. it will be interesting when this b**** will know she is not the companion but our ZNN is the companion of ML….

Amino acid
Amino acid

I regret reading the spoiler for this novel… Now I’m just hoping this misunderstanding will be over and done with…..

I wanna read some fluffy couple times Q.Q

Beatrix Cen

Thx u