Chapter 138: Sir, Your Female Companion Will Be…..

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After Zuo Yiyi left, Si Zheng Ting massages his temple.

When Ji Chen comes in with a document, he looks at the food on the table and frowns.  When he remembers that sir had purposely told them to not let the madam in today, he sighs deeply.  What is going on?

He hands the document to Si Zheng Ting and stands near him obediently.

The phone in his pocket suddenly vibrates.  He accepts the incoming call, only to hear Mi Nuo’s helpless voice, “Assistant Ji, Miss Zuo isn’t cooperating with us.  Can you say something to her?  It has been really hard on my staffs.”

Ji Chen is taken aback when he hears that, “Cooperating on what?”

The other party seem even more shocked than he is, “For the dress fitting for the 100th year anniversary celebration!”

The anniversary celebration?

Ji Chen quickly says, “You mean, she is going to be Mr. Si’s date for the celebration?”


Ji Chen slaps his own forehead, “Who told you that Miss Zuo is going to be Mr. Si’s date?”

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Mi Nuo squeaks a little when she hears that.  She carefully asks him, “It is not going to be her?  It has always been her in the past, so I thought…..”

“You are muddle-headed!” Ji Chen scolds her, “You have always asked me beforehand, in the past, why did you make your own decision this time?”

Mi Nuo sounds like she is going to cry.  Her voice sounds coy, “What should I do, Assistant Ji?  Miss Zuo is here!  Besides, you know Mr. Si the best.  If it isn’t Miss Zuo, who will his companion be?”

When he hears that, Ji Chen feels a little appeased.  In the end, he spares the other party.

He steals a look towards Si Zheng Ting.  His boss’ expression has no improved.  At first, he was sure that his boss wouldn’t look for Zuo Yiyi, but now, he isn’t so sure anymore.

“Wait a minute,” Ji Chen says.

He walks towards Si Zheng Ting and clears his throat before carefully asking, “Sir, your date for the 100th year anniversary celebration will be……”

Si Zheng Ting frowns.

This reaction of his ought to be because of the madam.

Ji Chen quickly says, “The people from the Fashion Department does not know madam’s measurement, should we send her to a fitting?”

Send Zhuang Nai Nai to a dress fitting?

Si Zheng Ting freezes momentarily as hesitation flashes in his eyes.

The pain in his heart rises again and he fumbles through his cigarette box only to find it empty.

He angrily throws the box into the dust bin before saying, “No need.”

Ji Chen is stunned, “Then, your date will be Miss Zuo?”

When he hears that, Si Zheng Ting glances at Ji Chen icily.  Ji Chen feels as though winter has arrived early.

Si Zheng Ting asks him, “Does she have any relationship with me?”

Ji Chen: ………… He gets shot by the gun regardless of what he says…..

Ji Chen lowers his head and apologizes to him, “It was my bad, sir.”

Si Zheng Ting looks at him for a long time, before pulling out a notepad and writing something on it.  He hands it over to Ji Chen.

Ji Chen looks at it, only to find the height and body measurements of a certain someone.

Ji Chen: ……………..!

Mi Nuo is so done for this time!  She is going to die.

And so, Ji Chen, with a voice full of sympathy, tells her the news.

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