Chapter 137: Get Out, Don’t Make Me Repeat Myself


Zhuang Nai Nai clenches her fist, before loosening it in the end.

All of her complex emotions are channelled into a bitter smile.

It has only been a couple of days ago when he told her that they should start afresh, and now, he goes around doing this.

To both Si Zheng Ting and Ding Mengya, she is just a tool to give them ‘heir’.

And this ‘tool’ does not have the right to have feelings, that’s why they don’t even bother to make her existence known to the world.

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She bites her lips.  She feels like the current her is even worse than the Zhuang Nai Nai from five years ago.

No matter how pathetic she was back then, at least she still had the ability to walk away with her head held high.

But now, she doesn’t even have the ability to put a stop to this.

She turns around and bitterly makes her way back downstairs.


Inside the office,

Si Zheng Ting is standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window, his eyes complex as he stares into the distance.

The sight of the box inside the dust bin is like a bucket of cold water poured onto him.  His desire and fantasy are all snubbed.

When he saw Zhuang Nai Nai and his mother getting along, he thought that she has finally accepted him.  That she has finally accepted this family.

But now….

She really does not have any reaction to the feelings he have for her?

When he thinks about that, his heart is riddled with anger once more.   He takes a deep drag on the cigarette on his hand.

The entire office is full of smoke, causing Zuo Yiyi who has just walked in to cough incessantly.

Zuo Yiyi  covers her nose.  She can see many cigarette butts littering on the ashtray, just how many has Ting gege smoked today?

She walks to a small window and opens it to allow fresh air to come in.  Then, she turns to Si Zheng Ting, “Ting gege, you have never smoked before.  This must be Su Yan Bin’s teaching.  I will scold him to hell and back the next time I see him…..”

Si Zheng Ting glances at her, causing the remaining part of her sentence to remain stuck on her throat.

She smiles at him before looking around the office.  Her eyes falls on the two sets of lunch on the table.  Her face brightens up, “You treat me the best, Ting gege!  I cried so much the last time you stood me up.  Did you know I am coming today, is that why you prepared lunch for me?”

Why else are there two sets of bowls and chopsticks?

Her Ting gege appears cold, but deep inside, he actually cares about her.

Zuo Yiyi feels very blissful.

When Si Zheng Ting hears that, he glances at the table.

He becomes even more irritated.  He walks to the ashtray and stubs the cigarette in his hand before turning to Zuo Yiyi icily, “Why are you here?”

Zuo Yiyi is a little surprised by his behaviour, “I am here for the fitting ah!”

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Si Zheng Ting does not think too much of it.  There are a lot of famous designers in Di Hao Group and Zuo Yiyi frequently comes over to try new dresses.  He thought it was only that.

Si Zheng Ting walks over behind his desk and begins perusing over the documents that he has neglected whole morning.

Zuo Yiyi looks at him foolishly.  What does that mean?

The dishes are getting cold, aren’t Ting gege going to eat?

“You should eat, Ting gege…..”

When Si Zheng Ting hears that, he looks at her coldly, “I am busy, you should go.”

“But, Ting gege…..”

“Leave.  Don’t make me repeat myself.” Si Zheng Ting’s voice is colder than ice.  Even the brave-hearted Miss Zuo does not dare to dally around and quickly walks out.



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