Chapter 434: Secret and Yinyin

Long Yi narrowed his eyes and looked at this seductress-like woman in front of him in disbelief.

“What? Young Master Ximen, don’t you recognize this little woman?” The woman entered the private box and spun around. It was as though she was a butterfly showing herself off to Long Yi. Her grand bosom and pert buttocks moved up and down as if they were waves in the sea. It was enchanting and absorbed the souls of people.

She was truly a seductress. Long Yi’s throat became dry and he said with a smile, “Proprietress, when did you stretch your hands so far. You’re not managing your Beauty’s shop properly. Why have you come over here to be a prostitute?”

Mu Hanyan rolled her eyes and gracefully moved to Long Yi’s side. Sitting down, she picked up a cup. She poured wine into the cup and passed the cup of wine over to Long Yi and said with a bewitching smile,“Young Master Ximen is really bad. This little woman sells happiness here. Don’t compare Emerald Mist Pavilion to other inelegant brothels.”

“Okay, okay, your place is elegant. To be able to have such an accomplishment, this Young Master admires proprietress for possessing such a remarkable ability.” Long Yi moved closer to Mu Hanyan and their arms touched. Despite being separated by a layer of clothing, they feeling of pleasure Long Yi felt wasn’t affected at all.

Mu Hanyan smiled without speaking. However, she didn’t avoid Long Yi’s advances at all. In response to Long Yi, she stretched out her hand and pinched Long Yi’s thighs.

Long Yi hissed and emptied the entire glass of fruit wine with one gulp. Gently placing the wine cup down on the tea table made with magic glass, a soft ‘ding’ resounded in the room. Along with the sound of the cup hitting the table, the atmosphere in the room became solemn.

The spirit of Mu Hanyan trembled and she sighed softly, “After separating for such a long time, is this how you treat your lover?”

“Are you my lover?” Long Yi asked and looked at the beautiful, yet lonely face of Mu Hanyan. When his gaze landed on her face, his heart quivered. It was undeniable that he was incomparably attracted to Mu Hanyan. He often thought of the night where they made love the entire time. However, this woman was too mysterious. Not to mention the fact that she possessed a clever and nimble heart. With the truth mingled with the false and the false mixing with the truth, it was very hard for Long Yi to see through her.

“You’ve already taken my body, what do you think?” Mu Hanyan blinked her beautiful eyes hugged Long Yi’s arm. She took the chance to press her towering mounds against his arms without any scruples.

“Even though I took your body, it doesn’t mean that I have your heart. You and I are the people from opposite camps. There is a saying that goes, those with different principles must not join hands to complete a common quest.” Long Yi faintly said. In this world, who wouldn’t want to possess such a fine beauty? However, Long Yi didn’t want to die one day without even knowing how he died. He didn’t want to be eaten without leaving so much as his bones.

Mu Hanyan raised her head as she looked at Long Yi with a complicated expression on her face. She suddenly leaned over and pecked his lips. She started giggling and she teased Long Yi, “Those with different principles must not join hands to complete a common quest. That is true. However, in this world, all creations will change. If you try harder, you might be able to pull me to your camp.”

This seductress Mu Hanyan blew a fragrant puff of air into Long Yi’s ear. This woman was clearly teasing him.

“Will you?” Long Yi raised the chin of Mu Hanyan as thought about what the Dark God said to him. The Dark God said that this woman would be of great use to him.

“How would you know if you don’t try it?” The beautiful face of Mu Hanyan became rosy. Her beautiful sparkling eyes were enough to capture the souls of most people.

How could Long Yi endure her endless teasing? His mouth immediately sealed her soft and fragrant lips, and his tongue started its attack. Intruding her mouth, Long Yi felt endless pleasure explode from the tip of his tongue.

This hot and passionate kiss lasted for an unknown period of time. That splendid feeling of entangling lips and tongues made these two people unable to stop even if they wanted to. Long Yi’s hands eventually advanced towards Mu Hanyan’s towering breasts. With some kneading and pinching actions, he started hearing moans escaping from the lips of this beautiful woman.

Mu Hanyan was different from ordinary women. She was someone who didn’t care as much about decency. Her little hand held onto Long Yi’s little brother, and she started moving her hands up and down. She immediately sent Long Yi’s soul flying into the ninth heaven.

“This seductress……” Long Yi pushed Mu Hanyan down onto the sofa as his hands ripped off her clothing.

** went out of hand. Both of them coiled around each other and they tossed about the sofa. Before long, they became frank and open with each other.

** colliding sounds and sounds of pleasured moans resounded within this private box. It lasted for a long time before it came to a stop.

When they finally stopped their intense session, Mu Hanyan was covered in sweat as she lied on Long Yi’s bosom. Now she was docile like a cat, even though her beautiful eyes had a complicated look in them. She seemed to be thinking about something.

“What are you thinking about?” Long Yi stroked Mu Hanyan’s back as he asked in a soft voice.

Mu Hanyan nodded her head and stuck out her tongue. She licked Long Yi’s ** as she stared at him with an enchanting look in her eyes.

Long Yi didn’t ask again. He could see that her heart was in turmoil. She was probably worried about something.

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“Ximen Yu.” Mu Hanyan called out in Long Yi’s embrace.

“Mmm, what’s up?” Long Yi asked.

“I will tell you a secret, do you want to know?” Mu Hanyan bit Long Yi’s ** and said in a playful voice.

Long Yi groaned and smacked Mu Hanyan’s buttocks. With a helpless expression on his face, he said, “If you are going to tell me something, hurry up! Don’t tease me, otherwise, you are screwed.”

Mu Hanyan giggled and moved her lips away. She used her hands to prop her body upwards. At this moment, her full and plump ** appeared even more soul-stirring.

“Actually, I have an immortal body. Do you believe me?” Mu Hanyan blinked her seductive eyes winked at Long Yi.

“Of course I do. You are a seductress, why would you die so easily?” Long Yi smiled and said. There was no way he would take her words seriously. Even the gods themselves weren’t immortal. Didn’t that Lightning God return to being dust in the universe?

“I’m serious. Even Gods may find it difficult to annihilate me. Even if they try, they might not succeed.” Mu Hanyan gave Long Yi a complacent smile as she said.

‘Don’t exaggerate. Wouldn’t I die if I fight against you later on?” Long Yi said with a smile as he flicked the pearl on Mu Hanyan’s soft and fair breast with his finger.

Mu Hanyan rolled her eyes gave Long Yi a mysterious answer, “I will tell you a secret again. Actually, this immortal body of mine has a flaw.”

“Oh? What could that be?” Long Yi asked with great interest.

Mu Hanyan whispered something into Long Yi’s ear with a shy appearance.

Long Yi had his mouth wide open as he lightly knocked her head. He scolded her in jest, “You little **, your Achilles’ heel is truly extraordinary.”

“Other than the both of us, no one knows about this. You cannot tell anyone else, okay?” Mu Hanyan said with a smile as Long Yi teased her **.

“Okay, I promise you. However, let’s not talk about that for now. Let us enjoy something new.” Long Yi smiled and hugged Mu Hanyan. His hand slowly slid into the crack of her buttocks and teased her moist, secret place. Her body started trembling in Long Yi’s embrace.

“Whatever the trick is, this little woman will accompany you.” Mu Hanyan moaned and said with a smile.

Just as Long Yi was about to start on his new trick, a loud noise came from outside the private box. It appeared as if a conflict had occurred.

Mu Hanyan frowned pushed Long Yi gently. She slowly stood up and wore her clothes. As she was putting on her clothes, she said,“It seems we have to play again next time. I’m going out to see who ate the heart of a lion. How dare they cause trouble at my place?”

Long Yi also got up and wore his clothes. He seemed to be lost in thought as he looked at Mu Hanyan’s back. This woman was too mysterious… Long Yi was truly looking forward to learning about all her secrets.

After Mu Hanyan left Long Yi’s private box, she felt a strong water magic fluctuation. A sinister cold qi, as well as a white cold qi, enveloped the surroundings.

Mu Hanyan snorted and instantly disappeared without a trace. She instantly appeared in the middle of the group of people who were causing trouble.

“Yinyin?” Looking at the elegant and handsome noble in front of her, she could see that this was clearly Yinyin wearing menswear. She was pretty sure of this. It seemed as though Yinyin was the leading figure of this incident.

“What’s going on?” Mu Hanyan had a faint smile on her face. However, everyone standing around her could feel the enormous pressure she was emitting.

A youth wearing magnificent clothing, with pain written all over his face, covered his private parts. The moment he saw Mu Hanyan, he raged, “Proprietress, you have to do something! When this father was enjoying myself happily, this dumb idiot actually rushed in, wanting to kill me.”

Suddenly, a young girl emerged from the crowd. She should be one of the girls listed in the flower roster of the Emerald Mist Pavilion. She awkwardly explained everything to Mu Hanyan.

As it turned out, Yinyin, a woman disguised as a man, came here to ask for a service. She happened to choose this young girl who was explaining everything to Mu Hanyan. Since she had mixed in this community for such a long time, she had very sharp eyes. With a single glance, she realized that Yinyin was a girl. However, there were many nobles that were extravagant and debauched. There were also many people that enjoyed a lesbian play, as such, the young girl pretended not to know. While they were making out, they heard sounds of girls groaning in pain coming from the room beside them. They also heard sounds of a violent beating as well as the cursing from some man next door. They probably forgot to activate the Sound Insulation Barrier. The moment she heard those things, Yinyin’s expression changed. With a furious expression, she rushed out of her room and kicked open the door to the next room. The moment she saw what was happening in the next room, she flared up. Two stark naked beautiful girls were hung up by the wall, and they were tied up with a thick rope. There was a man who wore magnificent clothes and he was using a bamboo whip to lash at the two girls. He left frightening red and purple scars all over their body.

Yinyin went mad on the spot. She froze the two followers of this man into ice sculptures and ferociously kicked the family jewels of this man. By the time she was finished, the guards in the Emerald Mist Pavilion rushed over. They immediately separated the two conflicting parties.

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After hearing the entire story, Mu Hanyan started at Yinyin. Sizing Yinyin up, Mu Hanyan’s expression eased a little. Naturally, she could tell that Yinyin was a girl and she thought that Yinyin was a noble Miss that coveted new experiences. She didn’t know that the **, this noble son wearing magnificent clothing was enjoying, was one of the services provided by the Emerald Mist Pavilion. She was extremely innocent.

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