Chapter 120: Will You Be Sad?

Cheng Yu did not bother to chase after them, but was thinking about why Kunlun would suddenly ambush him. Could it be that they found out that he was the one who killed Fang Wenxuan and Guan Shiyuan?

This shouldn’t be possible. Fang Wenxuan’s death was only known to him. Furthermore, Cheng Yu did not leave any evidence behind. It was impossible for them to know that he was the culprit.

If Kunlun really knew that it was done by Cheng Yu, they would not need to sneak attack him and should have openly found trouble for Cheng Yu.

Since it was not because of this, then why would they do that? Could it be they are here to look for clues? Cheng Yu could not figure out a reasonable reason as he shook his head. He gave up thinking about it and went into the pill room.


Yunhai City, inside a certain villa.

The two men took off their masks. They were Elder Yun and Elder Feng from the secular world’s Kunlun Sect.

Their complexions were pale and near their mouths, there were bloodstains. One of them was clenching their chest before taking out a pill bottle from a pocket. Elder Yun took out a mortal drug and swallowed it.

Elder Feng’s face held traces of panic as he asked, ”Elder Yun, did you realize that the kid already reached the late stage of Foundation Establishment Realm?”

When Elder Yun heard what Elder Feng said, his face turned grave, ”That’s right. Judging from the situation just now, he possesses the strength of a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage expert.”

“How is that possible? Previously when we met him, he was only at the initial stage of Foundation Establishment Realm. Merely two months have passed and he already broke through to the late stage of Foundation Establishment Realm? This is too strange. Could it be that when he was in front of us, he had hidden his true strength?”

“This issue is a bit too strange. Could it be that he really used some secret arts to hide his strength from us? If it’s like that, then this issue will become very severe. Let’s make a trip back and report this to the Sect Master. I can conclude that we are not his opponent if it was just the two of us based on today’s sneak attack,” Elder Yun sat down and started to circulate his Qi to recuperate his wounds.


Yesterday night’s incident did not really have any effect on Cheng Yu. Although he had exposed his strength in front of Kunlun, it was not a bad thing. It could also be a form of warning to them that he was not someone that was easy to bully and it showed that he was not afraid of them.

The only thing that Cheng Yu worried about was them using some despicable means to hurt people around him. If that happened, it would not be easy to handle it. However, no matter what, without being able to verify that Cheng Yu was the culprit that killed Fang Wenxuan and Guan Shiyuan, they should not overstep their boundaries.

When Cheng Yu walked into the classroom, he saw Fatty was worrying about something as he sat there and seemed to be lost in his thoughts. In the past, whenever Cheng Yu appeared in front of the classroom, Fatty would always be the first person to run over and greet him. It was very rare to see Fatty showing such an expression.

Cheng Yu walked up and knocked on Fatty Qian’s table, ”What’s wrong? Did you get dumped?”

“Boss, you are here! I don’t even have a girlfriend so how can I get dumped?” Fatty forced himself to smile in front of Cheng Yu, which made it seem very unnatural.

“Tell me. What’s wrong?” In any case, Fatty Qian was Cheng Yu’s follower. Furthermore, he was the only friend Cheng Yu had in this school. Of course, Cheng Yu never once treated Lin Yuhan as his friend. She was one of his wives. Therefore, when he saw Fatty being like this, he felt that he should at least help Fatty with his troubles.

“Nothing much. In a few days, it will time for the national exam. Thinking about after the national exam, and knowing that I will not be able to follow boss anymore, I felt a bit said.”

“What do you mean? Didn’t I tell you that we will be enrolling in Yunhai University together?” Cheng Yu asked as he was confused.

“However, with my current scores, it’s impossible for me to get into Yunhai University. My dad already reminded me yesterday that if I am not able to get into university, I will need to follow him to be a butcher,” Fatty replied sadly. Although Cheng Yu had given him the Soul Pill that had improved his memory tremendously, Fatty still did not possess such shocking abilities that Cheng Yu had.

Even though Fatty had improved by leaps and bounds in the recent mock test, to score well in the national exam not only required him to memorize what was in the book, but he also needed to have a good understanding of the subjects. Yunhai University was a reputable university. Even though it could not be compared to the Capital University, within the country, it was still in the top 10 universities. Enrolling in Yunhai University was not a simple task.

Fatty felt that he did not have the ability to enroll into Yunhai University. When he recalled how awesome Cheng Yu’s abilities were, and that he would no longer be able to attend classes with him, Fatty felt that his future would be ruined. Fatty became sad again thinking about this.

“So it’s just this kind of issue? I thought that something big had happened. For this, you can just ignore it. I can guarantee you that will be able to enroll into Yunhai University with me!” After Cheng Yu had an understanding of the situation, he laughed.

“Boss. Although I know that you are very formidable, the national exam is also very strict. Even if you know the answers, you wouldn’t be able to help me,” Previously when Fatty was at Xinguang Nightclub, he witnessed how Cheng Yu had split the conference table. But that was only useful if it were to come to fights and not in the national exams.

“What if I told you that what I am saying now could not be heard by anyone else?” Cheng Yu smiled at Fatty. However, he used his spiritual sense to transmit his voice to Fatty.

“Ah!” Fatty widened his eyes and stared at his boss. A moment ago, he had undoubtedly seen Cheng Yu not opening his mouth. Yet, Fatty was still able to hear Cheng Yu’s voice, ”Boss, you are not joking right?”

“Do you think that I am joking?” Cheng Yu continued to smile and did not open his mouth, yet a voice continued to be transmitted to Fatty.

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After Fatty heard Cheng Yu’s confirmation, he was surprised and also delighted, ”Boss…”

“Don’t disclose it to the public! Keep it as a secret,” When Cheng Yu saw Fatty wished to talk about his spiritual sense, Cheng Yu stopped him before returning to his seat.

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“What were you and Fatty talking about? Just now, he seemed to be extremely sad, yet now he looks extremely excited,” Whenever Cheng Yu appeared in class, Lin Yuhan would definitely note it. When she saw that Cheng Yu spoke a few sentences to Fatty and Fatty became extremely excited, she became curious.

“Nothing much. That kid said that he saw a female pig yesterday night and felt that it was love at first sight. However, the female pig was slaughtered by his dad, which caused him to be extremely sad. I told him that I will buy another one for him, so he became happy,” Cheng Yu looked at Fatty who was still very excited as he explained himself.

“Nonsense! Since you are unwilling to tell me, forget it then,” When she heard Cheng Yu lying again, Lin Yuhan berated him as she turned her face to the other side.

Cheng Yu didn’t mind it. Currently, all these books were no longer useful to Cheng Yu. Since he was so free, he returned to how he was previously. Cheng Yu used his hand to support his head while he leaned his body sideways and looked at Lin Yuhan who was reading her book silently.

Lin Yuhan’s beauty did not only come from her appearance, but also the tranquil vibe she gave off. Whenever she was solving a difficult question, she would pucker her eyebrows. When she was able to easily solve those difficult questions, she would show a content smile. The frowning and smiling had always been able to affect Cheng Yu’s feelings for her.

Cheng Yu always liked Lin Yuhan’s pure and genuine beauty. He truly wished to be able to trap her in his palm, allowing her to stay gentle and tranquil forever while not getting contaminated by the secular world. Cheng Yu really wish to be able to turn her into a true fairy.

“Why are you staring at me again?” Lin Yuhan coquettishly said with traces of feigned anger. A few months ago, Cheng Yu had always liked to look at her silently. However, during that time, Lin Yuhan felt angry when he did that. But now, she felt very happy instead.

During this period of time, Cheng Yu had always been busy with his matters. Very rarely was he in school. Furthermore, it had been a long time since Cheng Yu had small talk with her. Especially after Cheng Yu and Teacher Yao’s student-teacher relationship dispute, which caused her to feel extremely sad while thinking that Cheng Yu no longer cared about her.

Now that she saw Cheng Yu was still like the past, Lin Yuhan felt that she had returned to the past. Her heart was unable to refrain from feeling happy.

“Haha! You look at your book and I look at my Xiao Hanhan. Both of us will not interrupt each other,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“But you are already affecting me reading!”

“Xiao Hanhan, if there was to be a day that I will not be able to return, will you be sad for me?” Cheng Yu did not answer her, but changed the topic.

“Huh? What do you mean? Where are you going?” Lin Yuhan was confused.

“Nothing. I am just thinking that if there was a day that I am no longer around, would you be sad and would you think about me?” In a few days, it would be the national exam. Cheng Yu did not wish to bother her with too many problems that could affect her performance in the national exam.

Actually, with regards to travelling to the cultivation world, Cheng Yu was also very unsure. Because there were too many unknown dangers in this world that Cheng Yu was not able to anticipate.

Although the secular world Kunlun Sect’s power was not strong and their sect master was only in the Foundation Establishment Realm late stage, Cheng Yu knew that in the cultivation world, Kunlun Sect would not have any lack of Golden Core Realm experts.

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