Chapter 119: Ambushed!

After school, Cheng Yu drove to Xinguang Nightclub. At first, he wanted to look for Lan Ya, but he realized that she should still be in her office. So, he decided to look for the Qin Canghai trio first.

When he arrived at Qing Canghai’s office, they were all cultivating. Cheng Yu did not disturb them and waited for them quietly. At the same time, he was thinking of his plans.

This time, the one who benefited the most was the Lan Family. Originally, Cheng Yu’s plan was to increase the strength of the Blood Wolf Gang.

In front of the Kunlun Sect, the Qi Training Realm may not be very powerful, but the main objective was to cause them to hesitate before acting. After all, within such a short time, to be able to turn a martial artist into a cultivator in the Qi Training Realm is not something that can be done by someone ordinary.

The opposite party would definitely think twice before taking any rash actions. However, now that he obtained the Spiritual Origin Fruit, though it had not ripened, the spiritual Qi accumulated was already over hundreds of years of Qi. Judging from the current strength of Lan Ya, Qin Canghai and the others, it is sufficient to increase their strength from the Qi Training Realm to Foundation Establishment Realm.

After all, they weren’t as strong and robust as Cheng Yu. Because the time was short, it is impossible for Cheng Yu to give them so much time to establish their foundation. He could only use some special means to help them increase their strength. For them to promote their strength would be a lot easier compared to Cheng Yu, and naturally, they wouldn’t be as strong as Cheng Yu. However, for Foundation Establishment Realm versus Foundation Establishment Realm, it was enough to give Kunlun Sect a scare.

As long as there was enough time for them to cultivate, even if they were not able to defeat a cultivator with the same cultivation as them, they would be able to dominate in Yunhai.

“Young Master Yu, why didn’t you wake us up when you arrived?” The Qin Canghai trio finished cultivating and saw that Cheng Yu was sitting in front of them. They quickly stood up before speaking.

“It’s fine. The most important thing about cultivation is to not be interrupted by others. In the future, whenever you are cultivating, remember to warn others not to disturb you. If you were to be interrupted at a crucial point, you could easily cause a Qi deviation to occur.”

“We’ll keep that in mind. Thank you, Young Master Yu, for your guidance.”

“Judging from how all of you were cultivating, you guys should have comprehended some parts of the cultivation method,” Cheng Yu was extremely satisfied with their progress. Qin Canghai and Bao Lang’s vigor had become a lot stronger than before.

“It is all thanks to Young Master Yu fostering us. If it was not because of Young Master Yu leading us, then we, brothers, would not be able to possess the strength we have now,” After they heard Cheng Yu praising them, Qin Canghai was excited and at the same time feeling very grateful to him. There was also hint of respect in his voice. Nowadays, Cheng Yu was not only their boss, but in their hearts, Cheng Yu had also become their master.

For the past few days, Wu Chang looked at his Big Brother and Second Brother entering a metamorphosis. Sometimes, he would feel that he was being pressured by their auras. While being surprised, he was also drowning in envy. He kept on thinking of when Cheng Yu would come, and now that Cheng Yu had finally come, he could no longer hold in his excitement.

“Today, I am here to bring you guys good news. I am going to improve your strengths once again and help you to breakthrough to Foundation Establishment Realm,” Cheng Yu looked at the trio and smiled.

When the trio heard him, they were startled. Cheng Yu already explained to them in detail about the different cultivation realms. Naturally, they had an idea of what entering Foundation Establishment Realm would do for them. Previously, when Cheng Yu explained to them, he had also told them that to breakthrough to Foundation Establishment Realm from Qi Training Realm would take a few years and some may even take up to over a hundred years.

However, it had only been a few days since they had actually been transformed from a mortal to Qi Training Realm experts. Today, they were to breakthrough to Foundation Establishment Realm! Young Master Yu was really a deity.

“Young Master Yu, didn’t you mention that we would need a long time before we would be able to breakthrough to Foundation Establishment Realm?” Qin Canghai asked curiously.

“If it was in the past, it would be a long time. Now, there are three Spiritual Origin Fruits here. It’s sufficient to help you break straight into Foundation Establishment Realm initial stage,” Cheng Yu took out three Spiritual Origin Fruits and gave it to the trio.

“Young Master Yu, is this an immortal fruit?” The trio received the fruit and were able to feel the dense amount of spiritual Qi hidden inside.

“Of course. Inside this fruit, there is a large amount of Qi hidden. Currently, none of you will be able to absorb all of it in a single shot. So, you will need to split it into four portions to consume it and use the cultivation method I taught you to assimilate the fruit. For the remaining portions, you will just need to use ice to maintain them.”

“Ok. Thank you for thinking so highly of us. We will definitely do our best and pledge our lives to assist Young Master Yu,” To be able to receive such a precious immortal fruit, the trio was touched. They quickly thanked Cheng Yu and pledged to serve him for life.

“Good. As long as all of you are able to help me handle matters well, I will help all of you to tread on the path to immortality.”

“Thank you, Young Master Yu!” When they heard that Cheng Yu wanted to help them become immortals, they were even more touched. In the past, they had no idea that there was such a thing as immortality. They had always thought of immortality as folklore. However, ever since Cheng Yu had introduced them to cultivation, they found out that immortality did exist alongside the arts of flying through the air without external help. Therefore, how could the trio not be touched by such actions?

“As for Wu Chang, although I did not give you a Washing Marrow Pill, this immortal fruit possesses the same effect. Honestly, it is so much energy that it’s even better than my Washing Marrow Pill. As long as you follow my cultivation method and absorb the essence of this immortal fruit, you will be able to achieve what your brothers are achieving. There’s no need to overthink it,” When Cheng Yu remembered Wu Chang’s body was still in the mortal stage, he explained clearly to Wu Chang.

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“Young Master Yu can be at ease. I will definitely cultivate seriously!”

After Cheng Yu left Xinguang Nightclub, he went over to Lan Ya’s house once again and took out a Spiritual Origin Fruit for her. He asked her to slowly assimilate the effects of the fruit. With the previous experience, Cheng Yu did not bother to teach her how to refine it. After all, the those who walk along the heavenly path have to make headway themselves. Cheng Yu had already guided them once on how to get on this path. If he were to continue helping them, it would not be beneficial for their future cultivation. In contrast, it would actually harm them.

After he returned home, Cheng Yu intended to continue refining pills. As a pill master, refining pills was also a type of cultivation to him. The more he refined would help him increase his refinement speed and improve his cultivation. He might even be able to comprehend the heavenly laws.

However, just as Cheng Yu was about to enter the pill room to refine pills, he found that the restriction he placed outside of the pill room had actually been touched by someone!

Being a pill master was Cheng Yu’s biggest secret and he couldn’t let anyone know about it, especially if they were from the cultivation world. Pill masters were a very special existence and in the cultivation world, they would be given a very high social status, causing them to be respected by everyone. However, if they did not have enough strength to protect themselves, having the pill master identity would only bring forth a calamity.

The restriction Cheng Yu had set up might not even be broken if the opposite party was a Golden Core Realm expert. So, Cheng Yu had no idea if the person who came in contact with his restriction was a Golden Core Realm expert or a Foundation Establishment Realm expert. If it was a Golden Core Realm expert, it would be extremely troublesome for him.

Cheng Yu used his spiritual sense to check the villa’s surroundings cautiously. Suddenly, he felt that there were two figures that were flying out of his villa. Cheng Yu quickly rushed towards them. However, when Cheng Yu dashed out, two threads of Qi attacks came over. Cheng Yu turned his body to evade them.

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When he saw that there were two black shirted people standing 20 meters away, Cheng Yu started to figure out who they were. Judging from the circumstances he was in now, the only opponents who were cultivators were Kunlun Sect. When he saw that the two people were at the Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage, he couldn’t help thinking of the two old men who came to find him a few months ago.

After Cheng Yu figured it out, he did not bother to speak and released his spiritual Qi. He clenched his fist and punched. A big white fist charged towards the two men.

When they saw this, they chopped down with their swords. Two threads of sword Qi collided with the fist. In an instant, Cheng Yu’s fist was destroyed. Cheng Yu immediately dodged from the sword Qi that was rushing at him after destroying the fist.

Although the two people were still in the Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage, their strength wasn’t weak. Their battle experiences were evidently a lot more compared to the dead Guan Shiyuan.

With a sword in hand, Cheng Yu did not dare to go close to his opponent. As Foundation Establishment Realm experts, their bodies would be protected by a layer of Qi. With just a chop, they would be able to shoot out sword Qi. Without any weapon in hand, Cheng Yu did not dare to get closer.

Although he had a flying sword in his storage ring, that was Kunlun’s property. The moment he took it out, wouldn’t it be sufficient to show that he was the one who killed Fang Wenxuan? Wouldn’t that cause Kunlun to take action against him immediately? Perhaps, they might even send a group of Foundation Establishment Realm experts to find trouble with him. By that time, even if he was in the late stage of Foundation Establishment Realm, he would not be able to block them.

The moment Cheng Yu landed on the ground, two sword Qi rushed at him once again. Cheng Yu gestured causing the Qi in his body to form a defensive shield around his body. “Ding! Ding!” The two sword Qi collided with the shield.

Cheng Yu was forced to retreat two steps, but he did not panic. He revolved his Qi in his dantian and manifested it. A lion manifested itself on top of Cheng Yu’s head and howled. In an instant, it charged and shattered the two sword Qi that were charging at Cheng Yu.

Looking at the lion that was running towards them, they were alarmed. The old men quickly joined hands and used their swords to produce a defensive Qi wall in front of them.

However, when the lion collided with it, a fierce explosion sounded out and the lion vanished. The two men were sent flying off. The two of them collapsed on the ground and vomited a mouthful of blood.

When Cheng Yu saw this, he was prepared to charge up and finish them off. However, the duo signaled at each other. Two white lights shot out. The moment Cheng Yu saw that it was a pair of flying swords, he immediately juked to evade it. The moment he turned back, the duo was no longer visible.

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