Chapter 118: Probing

“Principal, please don’t listen to him talking rubbish. All of these were given to me by an anonymous person. Originally, I wanted to hand it over to let you take a look, but I have never thought that the other party would actually post another set at the announcement board,” He Decheng knew that he was too agitated just now and had almost exposed himself as he tried to keep himself calm and explained.

“Since this matter is not real, then let’s forget about it. There is still a week before the national exam. I do not hope for this to ever happen again,” the Principal thought for a way to handle this.

“However, Principal, now that this matter has already been disseminated throughout the school, if we were to not be able to come up with a rational reason to give the students, I think it would be quite inappropriate. Furthermore, even if this matter was not real, for a teacher and student to be together like this, it will certainly cause misunderstandings. Even if we were to say that this is fake news, the students may not believe us. Wouldn’t it cause others to think that we are covering the matter up?” After great difficulty, He Jian was finally able to think of a good plan to entrap Yao Na. He did not wish to let her off so easily.

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“Then what do you want to do?” With He Jian continuing to oppose him, even the principal had already gotten agitated by him.

“I feel that this matter has already affected our school’s reputation. Teacher Yao’s way of taking care of her student has caused us to admire her, but her way of conduct was evidently a little too excessive. In the future, if someone were to send us photos of Teacher Yao and her students being a bit too intimate, then how would others view Teacher Yao and our school? Therefore, although Teacher Yao is dedicated to her job, I feel that she isn’t fit to continue being a teacher in our school. As for Student Cheng Yu, in order to allow students to continue to respect their teachers and strictly maintain their conduct, I feel that we should expel him, but since the national exam is near, we can use some discretion and announce this whole incident to the whole school in order to warn others not to follow such bad examples.”

He Jian was just trying to mess with Yao Na and Cheng Yu, so it was impossible for him to be able to spot that the Principal’s face had already turned very gloomy. He voiced out the outcome he had thought of and also said it in a reasonable and justified manner making it sound extremely fair. Especially when it came to handling Cheng Yu, it even caused the others to feel that He Jian was a teacher who treasured the students.

“Haha! Since it’s like this, I must thank Teacher Hao Jian for taking care of me, and giving me a chance to make a fresh start,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“I only spoke according to the facts. You don’t have to thank me,” He Jian said complacently.

“Principal, the school is a place to teach and educate people and the reputation of the school is upheld by the teachers. However, for Teacher “Hao Jian” to fool around and even after knowing nothing happened between Teacher Yao and I, he still wishes to expel both of us to protect the school’s reputation. Don’t you feel that this is too unreasonable?”

“This matter has indeed affected our school’s reputation and what Teacher He said was also quite reasonable. But to handle it like this is really too overboard for both Teacher Yao and Student Cheng Yu. How about this, although we couldn’t prove if the matter was true, we still need to pay attention to this and prevent it from happening. Teacher Yao will just have to write a report and must pay attention to how she conducts herself in front of her students. As for Student Cheng Yu, we will just record it down as a minor mistake,” The principal ended the whole incident without expelling anyone.

“Principal, the punishment for this matter is too light! It will not deter others from committing such problems in the future,” He Jian hurriedly said when he heard how the Principal wished to end this incident.

“Stop! Let’s end it here. All of you can leave,” The Principal glared at He Jian, who still wished to continue voicing his opposition.

He Jian knew that this incident had officially concluded. Without a choice, he got ready to leave the office.

“Teacher Hao Jian, I heard that you spent $30,000 to get all these photos,” Cheng Yu laughed.

“Don’t talk nonsense. I obviously…obviously saw it from the school announcement board!” He Jian almost exposed himself just now due to being too angry. Fortunately, he reacted quickly and changed what he said. After that, he left hastily.

“It’s done. Let’s leave,” Cheng Yu said to Yao Na after he saw He Jian leaving the office hastily.

“Hmph! All this happened because of you! I already said not to go outside to eat. Now, you see! The whole schools know about it and the way they commented on it was so unpleasant,” With only them left behind, Yao Na spoke to Cheng Yu resentfully.

“Haha! Isn’t this just a small matter? Actually, I prefer it this way. I really do wish something had really happened between us,” Cheng Yu never once paid attention to this kind of matter.

“I am too lazy to bicker with you. In the next few days, you must come to school to study obediently, and you are not allowed to skip classes,” Yao Na left after she said her piece.


“Boss, nothing happened to you right?” Fatty came over and welcomed Cheng Yu.

“What can possibly happen to me? Focus on reading your book,” Cheng Yu said ill-manneredly. This kid was too much of a busybody, gossiping like a girl.

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Returning to his seat, Cheng Yu saw Lin Yuhan looked a bit absent-minded. ”What’s wrong? Are you still thinking of this incident? It still isn’t the right time for me to explain to you yet about some matters. In the future, you will slowly come to realize them. However, there is one thing that I can tell you now, and that is that I will be by your side forever.”


“No buts. Continue reading your book,” Cheng Yu interrupted Lin Yuhan, causing her to read her book seriously. In Cheng Yu’s heart, he was at a loss of what to do. Being too handsome was really too troublesome! Now, he had so many women around him, and he liked every single one of them. He couldn’t bear to give up on any of them.


Yunhai City, in a certain villa

“I am here today to pass down some instructions to you. Over here is a bottle of a drug called Kuming Juice. You are to separate this into two portions. One portion will be used on the water source used to water the Lan Family’s plantation, and the other will be on the Meng Family. There is no need to do this too often. A drop a day will suffice, but you need to continue it for seven days,” An old man with long beard sitting on a chair took out a jade bottle and told the two people who were kneeling in front of him.

“Yes, elder. We will do it right away,” One of them retrieved the jade bottle, and they walked out.

“Elder Yun, is this drug really so useful?” Elder Feng asked.

“I have never heard of it before. But since the Sect Master said that it’s useful, it should be. Anyways, we are just following his instructions.”

“Then what should we do next? Could it be that we have to wait here for a few months?”

“Of course not. Although we have no idea whether Young Master and Elder Guan are still alive, we still have to get to the truth. There is also Cheng Yu. We must definitely investigate him in detail. No matter what the reason was, he and us will definitely become enemies. His existence will be a hidden danger to our Kunlun one day.”

“Since it’s like that, how about we go and get rid of him secretly? Why would there need to be so much trouble?” Elder Feng asked.

“Thing is we have no idea if he has any Limitless Palace experts protecting him secretly. If we were to accidentally expose our identity, wouldn’t we bringing about our own destruction?”

“Wouldn’t we know about it after we test him out? Even if Limitless Palace’s strength is strong and solid, they would not sent out a Golden Core expert to protect that kid right? At most, it will only be a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage expert. With our Foundation Establishment Realm middle stage strength, we should be able to escape from a Foundation Establishment Realm late stage expert even if we could not defeat him.”

In the secular world, the spiritual Qi is very thin. Elder Feng did not wish to stay here for too long, but the Sect Master had ordered them to handle the matters here in Yunhai City. If they were able to get rid of Cheng Yu, this hidden danger, the remaining matters could just be handed to the disciples.

“What you just said is quite reasonable. To wait here so idly every day is not a good idea. If he does not have any experts protecting him, with just his Foundation Establishment Realm initial stage cultivation, the moment he meets us, he would certainly die. Tonight, let’s go and test him out!”

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