Chapter 137: It’s better to not comfort someone who got rejected.

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The first thing I did was frowning after hearing that last sentence shouted by Tenjouin. He clearly said that he is here on Metron’s orders, which means that Metron sent them to me. I turned to Lina to confirm if that were true, but she only shook her head while seeming confused as well. It looks like she doesn’t know a thing about it too.

“Did Metron really say that?”

Unable to believe it, I asked back Tenjouin for confirmation and he replied back with an affirmation.

“I heard about your countless misdeeds from Metron-sama.”
“You used your skills to erase people’s memories, you stole an AI and reprogrammed it to serve you. You tamed a monster and made it into a pet of yours and you even laid your hand on an angel as well!”
“W-What are you saying!? No body laid a hand on me!!”

After realizing that Tenjouin’s last remark was referring to her, Lina screamed from embarrassment. However, Tenjouin continued without paying her a mind.

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“Not only that, but you even heavily oppressed our lord, Metron-sama!”

I waited for Tenjouin to finish his list of accusations against me with my eyes closed. This is bad; I can’t find any spot to deny what he said. The way he accused me was inaccurate though, but all the accusations were not off the mark. I did, in a certain regard, steal an AI and I did lay my hand on an angel who is not my subordinate. Apparently, everything he said is actually true.

Well then now, what am I going to do?

“Kamiya Yato! I demand you to admit your misdeeds this instant!”

Tenjouin urged me to admit the charges he casted on me. I kept quiet for a few moments while contemplating what to do, then opened my mouth to proceed to speak.

“Well… You’re generally not wrong.”
“What are you admitting?!”

Let’s just bravely admit it. Saya was taken aback to see me readily admitting after thinking about it for a while. I mean, I would be lying if I tell them that they are wrong and even if I did, they probably won’t believe me anyway. That’s why I judged that admitting everything from the start will make the situation less confusing and troublesome. Saya and the others don’t seem to understand my intention yet.

“Shouldn’t you deny those false accusations? What are you thinking about?!”
“Did you hit your head against a wall or something?!”

Saya violently jolted my shoulders from behind as Karen and Lina were throwing insults at me. How rude of them, I was just trying to be honest. Even Tenjouin seemed to be a little surprised to see me admitting this easily.

“D-Do you just admit your misdeeds?”
“I’m telling you that I did that. So, what now?”

Tenjouin was taken by surprise, which resulted in him being standing dumbfounded before his hand started trembling.

“Don’t you feel bad for what you have done? Don’t you feel anything for the people you have toyed with?”
“Uh, I don’t feel anything, to be honest. I mean, I had no other choice.”

There was no way I’d have left the memories of my battle against Germa without erasing them from the city. Of course, Tenjouin perceived my words differently since he clenched his fist and glared at me with his raging eyes. He looked as if he were about to attack me at any moment.

“And so… You guys came to defeat me, right? Like, now?”

Reaching the limits of his patience by watching me act nonchalantly, Tenjouin stepped forth, however, the girl who was next to him grabbed him by his shoulder.

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Tenjouin turned to look at that girl in the eyes and took back his composure. Her call seemed to have some implication on him as he replied to her saying that he understands.

“We need to do something about those girls first.”
“The two girls behind you; the white haired one seems to be like you, but from what I’ve seen, the two other girls are ordinary weak people who got forcibly dragged by you. Don’t you feel ashamed of yourself?!”

Eh? What? Seriously? This guy!

Alright, here is the thing. I’m the one who has been forcibly dragged around the entire day. Does he seriously think that I’m forcing girls to walk with me on the streets? This guy! He’s been insulting me for a while now without trying to take a better look at the situation.

“Huh? What are you saying?”
“The girls behind your back have been glaring at you with eyes brimming with hatred!”

After hearing what he said, I promptly turned around. And, he was right again. They were all super mad at me for admitting his false accusations.

“Hey, girls! I’m sure that you heard about all his misdeeds from our conversation. I will free you from his cruel oppression, come to this side!”

As he changed his expression to a kind smiling face, Tenjouin approached the girls behind me. Though, the replies he received were outside of his scope of prediction.

“Don’t talk to me as if we are friends, small fry hero.” ← Lina
“You’re way too self-conscious.” ← Karen
“Um, can you stay away from me, please.” ← Saya

He got totally rejected.

Tenjouin stiffened in his place while making a shocked face. He wasn’t expecting them to reject him this harshly. The other members of the class behind him started fussing about Tenjouin getting rejected for the first time. Well, this is what happens when you get too full of yourself.

I guess it can’t be helped. Lina is pretty cold towards men, Karen is used to them to a bitter point and Saya is bad at dealing with them in the first place. It’s impossible for him to make use of his face and charm them. Lina’s reply was particularly rough because she was already mad at him.

To top it off, Saya replied while hiding behind Lina and clearly indicating that’s she was scared of him as Lina and Karen looked at his face with eyes as if they were looking at garbage. I wouldn’t blame him if he gets a trauma from speaking with girls after this.

He kind of started looking pitiable for me now. When he heard the word ‘rejected’ mentioned by his classmates, his face got dyed in the red color of shame and embarrassment as he hung his head in frustration. I honestly wasn’t expecting from him to freeze in his place for this long. I started feeling sorry for him and tried casting a few words of comfort on him.

“Well, um, don’t let it get to you.”
“KKK!! I don’t need your comforting words!!”

Maybe I shouldn’t have done that. The moment I talked to him, he yelled at me with his face completely dyed in red. I shouldn’t have talked to him.

“A-Anyway! We are going to defeat you! For the sake of this planet!”

With a snap, he declared to me while still feeling the shame from getting rejected. I answered him while revealing a mischievous grin. This guy seems to be pretty interesting. The moment I thought of that, Tenjouin turned his back towards me and started walking away.

“Let’s go, everyone.”

The entire class followed his command and left the place.

Eh? They’re leaving?

Even those who were surrounding us have already left. Are they really leaving?

“Aren’t you going to defeat me?” ← Yato
“We weren’t intending to fight you today. We were just here to confirm about the rumors about you in case they were wrong. It turns out the rumors were true after all.” ← Tenjouin
“Ah, sorry! It was a lie! I take back everything I said! I was just joking” ← Yato
“You don’t need to lie this late in the game, we’ve seen everything with our own eyes. You’re an evil person, and we will defeat you.” ← Tenjouin

I instantly tried to make an excuse and take back my words, but that was no longer possible at this point. Tenjouin who was talking with his back directed at me before turned around again. This guy; he doesn’t know when he should call a conversation.

“I will never forgive you! I will never forgive someone who toys with innocent people! Wait for me until we meet again!!”

Watching him yelling nonsense at me again, I gave up on making an excuse and uttered.

“I hope we never meet again though.”

I snapped my fingers and erased the red barrier surrounding us in an instant. The sky went back to its natural blue color. Tenjouin who couldn’t believe his eyes stood in daze while looking up at the sky.

“I think you were already planning to do this. Though, I suggest you choose a good place for the fight. I don’t want to waste my time dealing with your remains after the fight.” ← Yato

I teleported near his back and tapped on his shoulder with my hand from behind.


The moment he heard my last sentence close to his ears and felt the tap on his shoulders, he promptly tried to push me away, but at that time, I had already teleported back to my place. I lightly waved my hand while looking at his baffled face. He revealed a vexed expression for a second before he turned around again and left with the others. Watching them leave until the end, Lina was finally able to let out a sigh.

“Things have got quite serious.”

Maybe he was going to overlook me if I lied from the start. I just caused myself a huge problem by my mistake.

“But still, what is that Metron thinking about now?”

He must really want to see me getting crushed to send the heroes of another world to fight me. Well, I did bully him a little bit after what he did to me, but is it worth sending 39 people to defeat me?

“I will go ask him directly for the time being. He might be hiding some ulterior motive for sending them here.”

Judging from what Metron told them about me, I don’t think he has any other aim aside from crushing me. But fine, I will rely on Lina to bring me more information. Seriously, this is so annoying. Bathing under the hot sunlight, I let out a heavy sigh. I’m fated to never enjoy this summer vacation of mine somehow.



The class after they parted with Yato.

“Look at those guys and girls.”
“Are they cosplaying? At that age?”
“… Tenjouin-kun.”
“Yeah… Everyone, calm!”

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