Chapter 117: Debate

Cheng Yu walked passed the school announcement board and saw that there were a lot of people surrounding it. They were all whispering and commenting on something. Being curious, Cheng Yu walked up to see what was going on.

“Woah! This really makes everyone drown in envy! He was actually able to conquer our school’s most beautiful teacher.”

“That’s right! Look at how intimate they are! This makes us really jealous, but we also hate him!”

“Well, he has a rich dad. If your family were to have $1 billion, don’t even mention beautiful teachers, even beautiful actresses would be conquerable!”

Among the crowd, all kinds of comments were heard. Cheng Yu looked at the pictures on the announcement board and frowned. Wasn’t this the scene of him having a meal with Yao Na two days ago? Why would someone post it here?

Cheng Yu walked to the side and was about to give Yao Na a call. However, he realized that previously, when he entered seclusion, he had his phone off. Now that he switched it on, there was actually a huge pile of missed calls from Yao Na.

“Hello. What happened? Why would the photos of us being together get stuck on the school announcement board?” Cheng Yu quickly gave Yao Na a call.

Yao Na saw that the call was from Cheng Yu, so she looked at her surroundings before going out of her office.

“It was done by He Jian.”

“It’s him? What is he trying to achieve?”

“He…he wants me to be his girlfriend. I didn’t agree to it. So, he posted these photos,” Yao Na said awkwardly.

“Haha! So it’s like that! Okay! Leave this issue to me,” After Cheng Yu spoke, he went up and took down all the photos. Everyone dispersed in confusion.


Yunhai High School, Principal’s Office.

“Principal, Teacher Yao and her student have fallen in love with each other. Not only has this violated the school rules and regulations severely, it also caused a bad effect to our reputation. I request the principal remove Teacher Yao from all her duties. As for Cheng Yu, as a student, not only did he not prioritize his studies, he instead fell head over heels for his teacher, causing these kinds of photos to be disseminated to the public. This kind of student who does not know their priorities and is not able to distinguish seniors and juniors must be expelled from our school!” He Jian said to the principal.

“Teacher He, I heard that Student Cheng Yu has gotten first place in the whole school for the previous mock test, so how can you say that he did not prioritize his studies?” The principal, Zhou Mingcheng, was also in a dilemma. In a week’s time, it would be the start of the national exam. He did not expect this kind of problem to suddenly pop up. Furthermore, Cheng Yu was someone the Mayor had asked him to take care of. How could he possibly expel him?

“Principal, student Cheng Yu has always been skipping classes, and this was something known by everyone. Every day, he would wander around. How is it possible for him to be able to get the first place? I feel that it must be because he cheated. It’s just that at that time, because the national exam was near, this special case could also be used to motivate the other students. Therefore, I did not question it. However, now that he actually did such a thing and is in love with his teacher, if this were to be spread out, would there be anyone who dared to enroll their child in our school anymore?” He Jian argued strongly.

“Teacher He, how about we ask them over here for questioning first? After all, these few photos can’t really illustrate much.”


“Boss, aren’t you too conceited? Are the photos posted all real?” The moment Cheng Yu stepped into the classroom, Fatty ran over and said excitedly.

“If you believe it, it’s real. If you don’t believe it, it’s fake,” Cheng Yu ignored Fatty and went back to his seat.

Lin Yuhan looked at Cheng Yu. Her heart really wished to know the answer about the photos, but she did not know how to question him about it. When she saw those photos, especially those that showed how intimated they were, Lin Yuhan felt extremely sad.

For the past few days, Cheng Yu did not appear in school. Even if he appeared, he would be like how he was previously. From time to time, he would leave early. Lin Yuhan had been worrying about him and thought that something had happened to him. Never had she expected that he would actually be dating his teacher instead!

“Xiao Hanhan, you also wish to know, right?” Looking at Lin Yuhan who wanted to say something, but hesitated instead, Cheng Yu laughed.

“Then tell me, is this true? Are you really dating Teacher Yao?” Lin Yuhan still asked what she wanted to know, even though the answer could truly hurt her.

“Are you feeling very sad?”

“I…” Lin Yuhan felt very sad, but she did not know how to say it. Although she knew that Cheng Yu had always been very fickle and would definitely have a lot of other women outside, but when she thought of how Cheng Yu had treated her, and recalling how Cheng Yu treated Teacher Yao when they were together in those photos, she felt her heart shattering into pieces.

“I can only say that Teacher Yao is innocent. There is…”

“Cheng Yu, the principal asks you to go to his office,” Just as Cheng Yu wished to explain a little, a teacher outside called out to Cheng Yu.

“Don’t let your imagination run wild. I will tell you about it in the future. I will go look for the principal first,” Cheng Yu spoke to Lin Yuhan before following the teacher out to the principal’s office.


When Cheng Yu saw that Yao Na was inside the principal’s office and He Jian was smiling at him complacently, Cheng Yu smiled and acted as if He Jian did not exist. He Jian shot an angry glare at Cheng Yu and harrumphed. “Later I will see you suffer!”

“Teacher Yao, with regards to the photos posted at the announcement board, everyone feels that you and student Cheng Yu are in love. Is this true?” The principal asked Yao Na.

“This…” Facing the principal and all the other heads of departments, Yao Na was extremely nervous. She had no idea how to answer it.

“Principal, of course it’s fake. Could it be that the school has regulation that says students can’t have a meal with their teacher?” Cheng Yu asked.

“The school did not have any regulation that does not allow students to have a meal with their teacher. However, aren’t the two of you being too intimate? This doesn’t seem like a student-teacher relationship at all,” When He Jian heard Cheng Yu denying it, he immediately interrupted.

“Intimate? Could it be that when a student and teacher have a meal together, they will have to look serious and not smile at each other? Teacher Yao have always been cautious and conscientious towards her job, and the way she treated her students was extremely amiable, causing all the students to love and respect her. We respected and admired Teacher Yao. Should teachers and students not have this kind of affection towards each other? Furthermore, when Teacher Yao saw that my test results were very bad, and that I would most likely not do well for my national exam, she took out three hours of her own personal time every day to tutor me for free. This time, for me to be able to score so well was all thanks to Teacher Yao’s hard work. I, who previously always skipped classes to fool around not knowing my own priorities as a student, have not only discarded all my bad habits, but I was even brought back to the correct path under Teacher Yao’s guidance, which caused my results to have a big improvement. With regards to this kind of teacher, how can I not be thankful towards her? I, as a younger generation, fed my own teacher a dish, so what’s wrong with that? This is the kind of respect and appreciation I feel towards her. Is this wrong? Then can I ask all the teachers here, have any of you ever taken so much effort and energy to teach a student before? Have you ever thought of being a teacher, and what it stands for? What are your obligations and responsibility?” Cheng Yu expressed solemnly.

“Student Cheng Yu, are you trying to say that we are inferior to Teacher Yao and aren’t fit to be teachers?” At this moment, a big bellied middle-aged man stood up and said with a little anger.

“Who are you?” Cheng Yu looked at the opposite party showing no fear and asked casually.

“I am the school’s Vice Principal, He Decheng.”

“Oh. So it’s someone whose surname is also He. It seems that you are a family with our ‘Hao Jian’ teacher? What I said just now, it didn’t have any additional meaning. It’s just that I hope you don’t take it as a criticism for yourself. If you really feel that you aren’t fit to be a teacher, that’s your problem. Not mine.”

“Hmph! Don’t try to change the topic. Don’t think that just because you expressed it so seriously that you will be able to get away with it. These photos obviously indicate that the two of you are committing adultery,” When he saw that Cheng Yu was actually so arrogant, He Decheng took out a stack of photos and threw it onto the table.

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“Haha! Vice Principal He, you actually have so many photos. Could it be that all the photos on the board were posted by you? For you to spread these kinds of rumors, wouldn’t you be slandering our school’s reputation? At first, this would not have been a big matter. Now that you have posted the photos everywhere, though this matter is fake, to not have any essential evidence and posting them everywhere, this will cause a severe drop in our school’s reputation. Principal, what is your opinion on this?” Cheng Yu picked up the photos on the table and looked at them while he laughed.

“Vice Principal He, could it possibly be that this matter was really done by you?” The Principal frowned as he asked.

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