Chapter 135: Ting Gege Will Not Marry You!


Hearing that, Zhuang Nai Nai stops in her steps.

There are several smaller departments within the Fashion Department.  Some of them are for Di Hao Group’s clothing label, while some are there to offer their service to Si Zheng Ting.

They are in charge of what Si Zheng Ting and his female companion will wear during banquets, like the upcoming 100th year anniversary celebration.

The Miss Zuo that they are talking about, must be Zuo Yiyi.

But…. she is Si Zheng Ting’s wife, why is Zuo Yiyi his companion instead of her?

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She bites her lips as an indescribable feeling rises in her heart.

Does this means that he really does not want the world to know about their marriage?

The conversation inside the tea room continues.

“Tsk, you actually believed those rumors?  If Mr. Si is getting married, the entire world would know.  Besides, the girl’s face couldn’t even be seen.  I heard that Miss Gu was raised by poor people, Mr. Si would never allow himself to be humiliated like that.”

Zhang Ting Ting frowns, “But if it is like that, Mr. Si’s fiancée must be really sad right now.”

“You said it yourself, ‘fiancee’, not ‘wife’.  The marriage might not even happen.”

The two of them continue chatting as they walk out of the tea room, carrying their coffee.  None of them pay any attention to Zhuang Nai Nai.

Their words, however, remains embedded in Zhuang Nai Nai’s brain.

He is embarrassed of her……

Something seems to be tugging her heart.  Remembering his iciness this morning, these past few days of warmth seem to be a dream.

A bitter smile is carved on her lips.  What is she in Si Zheng Ting’s heart?

He played her, five years ago.

And now, what is he trying to do?


The entire department is very busy.  They use the entire morning to complete their works and will be dedicating their entire afternoon towards meetings.

Time passes very quickly.  In the blink of an eye, it is already 12 pm.

She does not receive any message from Ji Chen today.  She frowns while biting her lips.  She thinks about what Si Zheng Ting did to wrong her this morning.  Now that she thinks about it, she has forgotten what she is to him, just because he treated her well these past few days.

Although what Ding Mengya said last night was infuriating, it still had some sense.

Her mother is still in Gu De Shou’s hands.  If she piss off Si Zheng Ting at times like this, what will Gu De Shou do?

She takes a deep breath and gets up from her seat, taking the stairs to the top floor.

Just as she reaches the top floor, the elevator dings open.

Zhuang Nai Nait turns to look at who it is.

A tall, elegant woman steps out of the elevator.  She has a pretty face that looks really pleased at the moment.  That woman is Zuo Yiyi.

The moment Zuo Yiyi sees Zhuang Nai Nai, she frowns.  A trace of hatred flashes in her eyes as she approaches Zhuang Nai Nai with a condescending look, “What are you doing here, Zhuang Nai Nai?  Are you still going on about seducing Ting gege?  Let me tell you this, don’t even bother doing something so pointless.  Ting gege will not marry you!”



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