TEASER!!! Lvl 2 Champion Emperor

The collective army of humans looked upon the sturdy battlements that barred their way. The younger soldiers have never been passed these battlements before, but the older ones have a long time when the dragon1dragonspeciess and their fellow kin fought over the lands riches. What they will never forget though is the rebellion conducted by the rabble and the slaves that started taking control of their land. The human armies have withdrawn from the south and looked to the lands of the dragons once again. The promise of dragon gold was enticing to anyone. Their last untouched lair was raided nearly thirty years ago, and even the wealth that the footsoldiers took earned them titles. The slaves they earned was worth a half a generation of farmers and craftsmen, but then one fallen hero ruined everything.


The common folk that made up most of the army were confident since over half a million humans backed them. They had an unimaginable level of soldiers, even compared to the battles in the south. They then readied their formations, and not soon after, one of the side gates opened up and a single individual sauntered out. It was a small and unfamiliar looking dragonoid wearing a king’s robe. As the army stared at their foe walking towards them, they froze as they felt that the dragonid seemed to scream dignity and grace. Something about this individual made an army of half a million soldiers hold their breath in nervousness.


As he came even closer, the archers couldn’t pull their bows, and the mages couldn’t even think about the simplest of spells. When he walked into range of the spearmen, they backed away instead of attacking. They all felt an overwhelming fear like they were fighting a full fledged dragon, not this small thing. As the higher ranked soldiers and the dragonoid walked closer together, they also felt an overwhelming pressure. They then parted without any resistance and the heroes that protected the rear lines didn’t notice what was going on until the dragonoid was right on top of them. Unlike the other soldiers, they could actually tell why the dragonoid was to be feared.

As the heroes looked at their foe with disdain, the dragonoid spoke.

“Leave!” (Emperor)

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It was if a command from god was given. Heroes were foolish creatures though that would even fight a god. The dragonoid stared at them in annoyance. He hated the fact that humans couldn’t leave well enough alone. He also hated to work. He became an emperor just so he didn’t have to work ever again. As the heroes finished their preparations, the dragonoid looked at them with a bored expression on his face.

“ Emperor’s Domain!” (Emperor)

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This was the beginning of the Empire’s Second War.

During the first battle that started everything once again, a single dragonoid destroyed an army of humans totaling over half a million soldiers.

- my thoughts:
This is a bonus teaser for the sequel of Level 1 Hero Slave. Sadly, I haven't written much of it yet, but I have plans to do so. Everything, including the title, are subject to change.
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