Volume 3, Chapter 2: Their Dreams

A few days had passed since the chairman of the Burke Company had returned home. I was sitting in my workshop designing the dress he had ordered when someone lightly knocked on my door.

“…yes, it’s open….”

I’m sure it’s just Claudia or Sasha with a new order for me. So, without even looking up from my work, I told them to come in.

As a result —

“Yuzuki onii-cha~n”


A voice that was disgustingly sweet reached my ear, causing me to jump out of my seat. Claudia’s sister – a young, blue-haired girl – was peeking into my room from the doorway.

“Ehehe~, I was wondering if now might be a good time.”

She stepped into the room wearing a thin, pale dress.

“I-I’ll scream if you try to push me down!”

I covered myself up and said something I’d expect to hear a delicate young girl say. Lythtis responded by puffing out her cheeks and saying, “I’m not going to attack you.”

But this isn’t a joke to me. Lythtis is a serious yandere. More important than that, she’s still very young. I still remember being forced to the ground by her in this room.

Normally, I’d easily be able to resist someone like her. But thanks to my bad status ‘Feminist,’ I can’t harm women.

This status is troublesome. It even considers acts of resisting a woman’s touch to be harming them…. Although I’m able to take control when we have sex…the Feminist skill is truly mysterious.

Anyway —

“It’s fine if you’re not planning on attacking me…but what are you doing here?”

“Actually, I have two things I’d like you to hear.”

If Lythtis wants something from you, she knows exactly how to use her cute features to get it.

…muuu~. I want to be nice to her, but she’s an incredibly dangerous person to me. When I was considering what to do, Lythtis looked down at the ground and said, “…you won’t?”

There’s no way I can say no to her when she’s making such a sad face.

“I don’t have much of a choice. Please, tell me what you want.”

“Yay! Thank you…. First…umm…I want you to stroke my head.”

“…stroke your head?”

That should be simple enough — until she grabs my hand and I scream like a little girl. But I was prepared for that outcome. I reached my hand out towards her head —


“Ah, wait a moment.”

Lythtis held up her finger and whispered, “Status open.” immediately after that, her status window appeared right on top of her head.

“Sorry for the wait~”

“…no, you can keep me waiting.”

“I just want you to stroke my head.”

No matter what you’re saying, it’s obvious you’re trying to get me to stroke your status window, not your head.

Last time, I had to do that to Lythtis’ status window to stop her from attacking me when she was in full yandere mode…. Has she become addicted?

…it seems likely.

“…you won’t?”


I don’t mind stroking her head…its her status window that’s the problem. If I just touch it slightly, it should be fine.

Rather, it would be dangerous if I refused the request of a yandere. I’ll do the minimum required of me to grant her request in order to avoid her harming me. This is the trick to getting along with yanderes.

Basically, it would be better for my health if I stroked her head. I hope….

“…and you really won’t attack me?”

That’s what I’m most worried about.

I’ll have to scream for help which will cause Claudia to come rushing in to save me. When she sees us together again, she’ll cut it off. I’ll have to explode myself again in order to avoid it.

In particular, I don’t want to commit suicide. Even if I can revive, it still hurts. If she promises she won’t attack me, I’ll stroke her head.

“Don’t worry~. Besides, I don’t want to make Claudia onee-chan angry again….”

Lythtis’ entire body trembled at the thought. For just the mere thought of her to frighten a yandere…. As expected of Claudia.

I decided to trust Lythtis but readied myself to scream if she tried anything. Like this, I stroked Lythtis’ status window on her head.

While I stroked her head, a few sweet moans leaked out of her mouth. So far, Lythtis had made no attempt to grab my hand. On the contrary, Lythtis closed her eyes and looked happy as I stroked her head. She looked like an ordinary girl.

While thinking about this, I kept my hand moving until Lythtis was satisfied.

“Hafu~…. That was amazing~”

“I’m glad you’re satisfied. Now, what was your second request?”

“Umm, actually…I want you to teach me design!”


By ‘design’ she must mean designing clothing.

“Do you want to become a designer, Lythtis?”

“Yeah. I want to make clothes with onee-chan.”

“Oh…I see.”

A designer makes designs while a patterner makes patterns from those designs. Claudia is trying to become a patterner, so Lythtis wants to be a designer so she can stay by Claudia’s side.

“It was always my dream to work with onee-chan to help Mother and Father. But then…everything happened.”

Wells’ Clothing Shop faced several difficulties thanks to the interference of the Earl of Chaos. Claudia ended up being sold into slavery and Lythtis was used as a political tool.

I’m guessing she means this.

“So, I thought I’d never be able to reach that dream…but then Yuzuki onii-chan rescued me! I thought this was a chance for me to chase after my dream once more. That’s why, Yuzuki onii-chan….”

“I see….”

Lythtis is just like me. I had to give up on my dream once before when my mother became a yandere.

I was able to chase after my dreams again thanks to Medea-nee. If possible, I’d like to help Lythtis in the same way.

If Lythtis becomes a designer, both her and Claudia will be working closely with me. Just imagining it makes me worried.

However, with Claudia as the patterner and Lythtis as the designer, the clothes they could make would be amazing.

Imagining a future with them in these roles makes me excited.

So —

“All right. I’ll teach you how to design.”


“I wouldn’t lie to you.”

“Thank you! Thank you, Yuzuki onii-chan! I love you!”


Lythtis’ looked even more pretty than usual as she smiled happily. I expect her to be a real beauty in the future but that also terrifies me.

Even Claudia, who isn’t a yandere is terrifying…. So I really can’t imagine how bad Lythtis will be when she actually is a yandere.

“Yuzuki onii-chan, Yuzuki onii-chan!”

Lythtis ran around my desk and stood next to my chair. I was prepared to scream at any moment as I asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Umm, I want you to teach me how to design now!”

“Eh, right now? That’s fine but…what would you like to design first?”

Obviously, she still has a lot of the basics to learn, but if I force her to do that, she may lose her motivation. So I thought it best for her to decide on a goal first.

“Umm…I’d like to make clothing for Mother and Father!”

“Oh, I see.”

That’s a good choice. Clothing for their parents designed by the younger sister, made by the older sister. A great gift for any parent. I’m a little envious that I can’t do the same.

“Hey, hey, what should I do?”

“…let’s see. What kind of clothing were you thinking?”

“Hmm~, clothes that they can wear on their days off would be nice.”


Casual wear or street clothes. These can have a multitude of different designs…. This will be a good opportunity to see if she has an eye for design.

“By the way, do you want to get this done right away?”

“No, not really. I’d rather make the design as nice as possible than get it done quickly.”

That’s a good start.

At first, I thought Lythtis was more so doing this on a whim, but if she wants to focus on the quality rather than getting it done quickly, I think I’ll be able to start with the basics without her losing interest.

“If that’s the case…let’s try this. I think it would be best for you to refine your skills by drawing several designs while looking at real clothes.”

“…eh, so I’ll have to draw a lot?”

“The more the better.”

This isn’t always the case, but most people only improve with great effort.

There are obvious exceptions.

I’m actually one of them. I don’t necessarily have amazing talent, but I was born in this world with knowledge from my previous life.

It’s incredibly difficult creating an entirely new design when you only have knowledge of this world. But there are countless designs I can use from my previous life that are unique in this world.

Of course, the main goal is to make designs that will work well in this new world.

Anyway, if you’re going to be a designer, drawing a ton of designs is a great starting point. Lythtis seemed troubled after I said this. I thought she seemed pretty motivated, but is this too much work for her?

“Umm…is it okay if I draw them on the ground?”

I quickly realized what she meant. Paper isn’t available in this time period. They only use expensive parchment or wooden tablets.

I’d like to make paper if possible…but I doubt I’d be able to. Ah…that may work.

“Umm…I think I can find some tools for you to practice with. I’d need to speak with the craftsman that made Claudia’s model. Do you think Wells-san would be able to find him?”

“Well…I don’t want Mother or Father to find out what I’m doing.”

“Oh…of course.”

I don’t think it would be a problem if I asked him, but I guess we should play it safe.

“Then, would Sasha work?”

“Yeah, yeah, Sasha onee-chan!”

“Sasha onee-chan? I didn’t realize you were so close.”

“Sasha onee-chan has always been nice to me.”

“I see.”

Sasha loves her like a younger sister. If I overlook the fact that she’s a yandere, she is a really cute girl. If she wasn’t yandere, I could love her as well…as a sister, obviously.

“Then, we’ll have to wait for you to start practicing designs. Did you want to start with something else?”


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She gave me a cheerful nod. That’s nice…she seems really motivated. I remember when I was close to her age and I started working hard towards my dream.

All right. I want to do whatever I can to help Lythtis.

“So, what should I start with?”

“First, I’ll have you look over various existing designs. I’ll also have you start learning the basics of patterning.”

“I understand why I’d need to look at designs…but why would I need to learn how to pattern? Wouldn’t I be taking Claudia onee-chan’s work?”

Lythtis looked anxious.

“It helps if you know both aspects of creating a dress. Claudia’s also learning how to design.”

“Oh~…That makes sense. I’ll also learn how to be a patterner!”

“Yep. I think a good place to start would be for you to see Claudia’s and Sasha’s work.”

“Okay, I understand~”

Some people dislike being shown around instead of actually working, but Lythtis followed my instructions obediently. I was worried about her yandere trait activating, but her feelings for her sister and parents seem to be strong.

My dream of succeeding as a tailor hasn’t changed, but I don’t think it would be bad to spend some time helping others achieve their dreams of working with clothing.

It can be my secondary dream.

— I asked Lythtis to go bring Sasha here.

Not long after, Sasha came running into the room.

“–I was told you’d give me a vivid description of your relations with Ojou-sama! I came as quickly as I could!”

“I never said anything like that.”

Sasha entered the room without knocking.

Actually, I sent Lythtis to get her, so why would Sasha think that I’d tell her about doing stuff like that with Claudia…. It’s better if I don’t think about it.

“…then, why did you ask me to come here?”

She was clearly disappointed.

“Stop making that face. Lythtis-chan wants to make clothes with Claudia.”

“Well…that’s good to hear.”

After showing a slight look of surprise, Sasha looked happy. It involved someone she called her sister. She’d be more than happy to help that person reach her dream. It’s just as I thought. Even though she’s a yandere, at her core she’s a kind girl.

“So, what do you want me to do? I’m guessing you want me to show her my work but you didn’t need to call me here for that.”

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“Oh, right. I wanted you to make a wax tablet for Lythtis.”

“Wax tablet…what is that?”

“You’ve never heard of it?”

“I’ve heard of wax…. Is it a tool you’ll use to humiliate Claudia ojou-sama?”


What was she thinking I’d use the wax for? No, it’s better if I don’t think about it.

“Sasha, what do you think the trick is to improve your own design ability?”

“Isn’t it best to look at other designs and draw a lot of designs as well…? Oh, I see. That’s what the wax tablet is for.”


A wooden tablet coated in wax that she can draw designs on using a stick. Originally, it was used to write small memos, but it should work with this as well.

“I’m guessing you need the craftsman that made Claudia ojou-sama’s model to make these as well. How many do you think are needed?”

“That’s right…. Would you want one as well, Sasha?”

“Of course. If possible, I’d love one.”

“I’ll take one as well. So, one for each person, plus an extra one.”

“That’s fine….”

She was wondering why I needed an extra.

“Sasha, you had never heard of a wax tablet before, right? Does that mean nobody on this island has?”

“I don’t think so. Oh, is it a present for Rose-sama?”

“…not exactly.”

Giving Rose a present might be a good idea, but I plan on mass-producing and then selling it.

The Brad family promised financial support to Wells’ Clothing Shop but even they don’t have an unlimited source of money.

If I wish to expand Wells’ Clothing Shop, I need to find another source of income.

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