Volume 3, Chapter 3: Together with Rose

It was currently the late afternoon. I was locked away in my workshop trying to come up with new designs when someone knocked on my door. After telling them to enter, a familiar golden-haired girl entered.

“Yuzuki onii-san, I’ve come to see you~”

She ran up to me with her blonde twin tails whipping back behind her and hugged me. A beautiful girl with one blue and one gold eye.

She is the daughter of the Brad Family that rules over this island.

“Ehehe~, I’m Yuzuki onii-san’s sex slave.”

The Brad family’s —

“Yuzuki onii-san’s perverted little sex slave~”

…the girl that entered my room was my sex slave, Rose.

She was rubbing her face against my chest. It was almost like she was trying to mark me with her scent.

She’s beautiful…but her words are strange.

I never intended on making Rose my sex slave, but as she said, that is what happened.

I’ll treat her the same whether she wants to call herself my sex slave or my lover. Fortunately, Rose’s mother and head of the Brad family, Mary, hasn’t said anything to me…. I think that’s for the best.

“*Sniff*Sniff* You smell like Claudia, Yuzuki onii-san.”

Rose looked up at me and suddenly said this. Rose is an extreme Yandere, so you may think that if I were to confirm her suspicions, I’d definitely meet a bad end. However, that’s not the case with her.

Rose is most definitely a yandere, but she is one that can think about another person’s feelings. So, I refrained from panicking and told her that Claudia and I had been working together early in the morning.

“I see. You’ve been together all morning.”


“Of course, of course. But, you really should be focusing more on actual work. Unless, of course, by ‘work’ you meant working on doing perverted stuff together.”

“…what do you mean?”

I tried to avoid telling Rose what actually happened, but her surprise attack caught me off guard. Rose continued hugging me so I couldn’t pull away…and then she looked up at me with a mischievous smile.

“I mean~, I can smell Claudia’s sweet scent coming off of you. You must have been playing with her all morning, Yuzuki onii-san.”

“Wha -!?”

She’s spot on! Rose’s sense of smell is inhuman. I remember she chased me throughout a ship by just following my smell.

I broke out in a cold sweat. Rose wiped some of the sweat with her finger before pressing her lips against my ear —

“I want you to do everything to me that you did to her….”

Words that no ordinary man could resist left Rose’s mouth. Her words caused my knees to tremble. Rose’s dress had an open top that gave me a great view of her chest and I almost gave in.

I want to give in and attack her right now — unfortunately, I still have work to get done.

And this is also for Rose so I really can’t put it off.

I wiped away my tears and held back my feelings.

“I’m sorry but I don’t have time for that now.”

“Don’t say that. Please…?”

Her multicoloured eyes looked up at me. As I was staring at her wet eyes, I suddenly felt like I was making a mistake.

“Hey, Rose, did you just use your demon eye?”

“Eh? I didn’t. I promised you I wouldn’t.”

“Oh…yeah, that’s right.”

Rose’s golden eye is a demon eye that forces whoever looks into it to feel compelled to honour whatever promise they make. I suddenly felt like I had to listen to her so I thought she might have used that ability.

I decided to check my status window just in case but there was nothing there.

“I won’t use my eye again. That is unless you to try to leave me again, Yuzuki onii-san.”

“I won’t. I’ll never run away.”

I saw a killer intent in Rose’s eyes that I hadn’t seen in a while.

Recently, I’ve forgotten because I’m usually able to satisfy Rose’s yandere trait, but she is a severe yandere. I reminded myself that I can never forget that fact unless I want to suffer her wrath.

“If you feel like you’re tempted, Yuzuki onii-san, doesn’t that mean you want to do perverted things with me?”

“No, that’s…well, I won’t deny that.”

The feeling I felt before may have resembled the demon eye effect, but it’s true that she never used it. So, it was just my own desires.

“Then..don’t you want to play with me?”

“I told you earlier, now isn’t a good time. I’ll play with you plenty tonight.”

“~~~~ all right. I’m looking forward to it.”

A shy smile appeared on her face as she turned bright red. She looks really cute when she’s like this. Cute but — is it really okay for the Countess’ daughter to have such an erotic look in her eyes?

“Then, you should hurry and finish your work.”

“Yeah, I should. Umm…do you mind letting go of me so I can?”

“No, I don’t mind.”

Rose slowly released me and her expression that had entranced me earlier faded.

She considers what’s best for the other person and only decides what to do after. She’s completely different from an ordinary yandere that acts without considering another person’s feelings. This is one of the reasons I’ve accepted her.

I got up from my seat at my desk and moved to the sofa so I could sit with Rose. She took a seat on the sofa and pressed herself as close to me as possible.

And then, someone knocked on the door. A few of the female staff entered with drinks and other snacks and arranged them on the table. Their timing seemed a little too coincidental…maybe they were actually trying to walk in on us.

I’m glad I was able to restrain myself.

There are rumours circulating through the shop about Sasha’s punishment and me cheating with Lythtis. They’re all lies saying I’m a perverted demon…. Well, maybe I can’t say they’re all lies.

Anyway, it will be a problem if the staff gets a strange impression of me. While thinking about how to clear my name, I waited for the employees to leave.

After they left, I turned my attention to the desserts they set out on the table. There were scones, jams, and an amber liquid poured into the cups…. It looks like tea.

While being amazed that they have tea in this world, I offered Rose a cup and drank some myself…. It’s bitter.

The tea leaves were steeped in the water for way too long. I thought I should tell Rose not to drink it, but she already had the cup to her mouth.

Does she like it? I watched her drink the tea with no sign of her disliking it.

“…what’s wrong? You’re staring at me.”

“…eh, it’s nothing. I just don’t recognize this flavour of tea.”

“Eh? It’s just ordinary tea made from regular tea leaves.”

“Eh, really…?”

Is it just mine? The female staff think I’m a brute so they could be harassing me. I was in shock as Rose grabbed my cup and said, “Could it be…?”

“…what do you mean? This tastes just like mine.”

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Rose set the cup back in front of me.

I guess I’m not being harassed. Which is good I guess. Rose’s tea and my own taste the same. And yet, something is clearly not right.

It’s obvious it’s steeped for too long. Of course, it’s not so bad that it’s impossible to drink…but as I took another sip…ah, it’s so bitter.

I took a sip of Rose’s tea and it was the same.

“…umm, Rose, is this how it usually tastes?”

“Yeah, it’s normal.”

“You don’t think it’s bitter?”

“I think it is bitter…but isn’t that how tea is supposed to taste?”

“I see….”

I don’t have much experience with it myself, but I’ve heard that tea can greatly vary in taste based on the leaves used, the tools used, and the amount of time the leaves are allowed to steep in the water.

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It’s possible this world hasn’t developed its tea making technology.

“…Yuzuki onii-san?”

“It’s nothing. I was just surprised at how different this tea is compared to what I’m used to.”

For now, I’ll have to push this off to the side. I want to drink delicious tea, but this doesn’t impact my daily life very much. I need to focus on what’s important.

“That’s enough about the tea. What are you doing here, Rose?”

“Ah, that’s right. I wanted to give you an update on the support we’ll be sending Wells’ shop. There should be no problem sending the shop the financial assistance you need, Yuzuki onii-san.”

The assistance I asked for is mainly to allow us to increase distribution.

“You’ll give us the financial aid, but…?”

“Yeah, we’ll be holding off on plans to increase distribution….”

“I see….”

Currently, we’re mainly only able to trade on the island.

The Brad family’s territory is on an island called Gran Island. The nearest port city on the main continent lies in the Earl of Chaos territory. Which is obviously an obstacle for us.

Ares, the eldest son of the Chaos family, has already quarrelled with Wells and his shop. I had proposed to the Brad family that we look into trading with other cities, but it seems it was pointless.

“I tried to convince them…. I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s not your fault. I’m sure your family is being affected by all of this as well.”

Wells’ shop isn’t the only one being harassed by the Earl of Chaos. It’s just simple harassment now, but it could get to the point where all trade to and from Gran Island stops.

“Of course, we’ve begun taking countermeasures. Besides, they all thought your plan was useful…but we really can’t afford it now.”

“I see.”

Even before I reincarnated in this world, Gran Island would constantly receive harassment. Due to this, I’d expect this country to be more impoverished than it seems.

I don’t understand what the Earl of Chaos is plotting, but his son, Ares, is targeting Rose. If we don’t do anything to stop them, Rose may be in danger.

“And what about Ares?”

“You don’t need to worry about him.”

Rose answered with little hesitation, but that’s exactly why I am worried. There’s no chance he’s just given up on Rose.

And to that, I’m sure she’d say, “You don’t need to worry about me, Yuzuki onii-san.” Even if she says everything is fine, I know that can’t be true.

“Rose, be honest with me –”

“– Actually, we’ve found other instances of harassment that Wells’ Clothing Shop has suffered. Little by little, they seem to be making it more difficult for the shop to do business with the mainland.”

…that would cause the shop to collapse in no time. No, that already happened once.

Anyway, as I expected, we’re receiving pressure from all sides.

Given that their opponent is of equal rank, I don’t expect the Brad family to give up, but there is a chance Ares will try to take Rose by force.

I have to do something…. I’m just an ordinary person, not fit to speak up on politics. The best way I can help is by bringing in extra revenue by selling clothes….

“Ah, right, I have a gift for you, Rose.”

“Eh, you got a perverted present for me, Yuzuki onii-san!?”

“Don’t say it’s perverted.”

For a moment, after I said this, she looked disappointed. Would a perverted gift be better? Now I was wondering if she’d even be happy with an ordinary gift.

“I’m just joking. If it’s from you, I’ll be happy even if it isn’t perverted.”

“No, well…that’s good I guess.”

Even if she doesn’t like it, she’ll be happy that I gave her a gift. That makes me happy.

“It really was a joke. Hey, hey, I really want to know what my gift is, Yuzuki onii-san.”

“All right. Umm, I think…it’s in here.”

I opened one of the drawers on my desk and began searching through it. I took out an engraved wooden board and presented it to her.

“Waa~…this is beautiful…but what exactly is it?”

“Open it and you’ll see.”

“Umm…ah, like this? It opens at the seam and…it’s white. Is this wax?”

“It’s a wax board. You can write on it using a stick or rod and take notes.”

“Notes…? Like a memo pad?”

“Yeah, and if you melt the wax you can use it more than once.”

“I can use it again….”

Rose thought on my words before her face brightened.

“Amazing. This is amazing, Yuzuki onii-san!”

“I’m glad that you like it.”

“Of course, I love it! Thank you, Yuzuki onii-san! I love you!”

Sasha had never heard of it, but there was still a possibility that it was common among the nobility. I’m glad that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“Hey, hey, Yuzuki onii-san, this umm…wax board? Did you come up with this?”

“It’s new to this world as far as I know…. Why?”

“We should produce a lot of these wax boards and put the Brad family crest on them.”

“Oh…to sell them? I don’t think it would take long for people to start making their own.”

You just need to pour wax into a frame of wood. It’s easy enough to make, so I expect there to be imitations soon. And most of all, this will make people’s lives easier, so I want to give it to as many people as possible. Rose smiled and seemed to be saying that money wasn’t the point.

“If it’s not for money, then what?”

“I want word to spread across the mainland that there’s something amazing that can only be found on Gran Island.”

“…hmm? Ah, I get it.”

Put the crest of the Brad family on the front and send them out across the country. In a world like this, a revolutionary notepad like that would spread like crazy.

Certainly, imitations will be available almost immediately, but everyone will know the Brad family was first.

This will let the entire country know that Gran Island has many unique commodities.

It will be the starting point for opening up trade.

“If that’s the case, we’ll be able to spread the name of the Brad family everywhere.”

“I’m happy you like my idea but wasn’t that your plan, Yuzuki onii-san.”

“No, I made them for us to be able to take notes or practice designs. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever made one in this world.”

“What do you mean?”

Rose tilted her head to the side.

“I told you before, right? I come from another world.”

Ah, I see. Then…wax boards are common in your world?”

“Eh, no…in my previous world, paper was widely available for anyone to use.”

“In the world you lived on before were there a lot of animals, Yuzuki onii-san?”

She shook her head side-to-side when she didn’t understand. How cute.

“In my old world, there was plenty of something called paper which is made from plants.”

“…plant paper?”

“Yeah. Just like it sounds, it’s parchment that is made from plant fibres. It’s easy to tear, but it’s lighter and thinner than parchment and it’s much cheaper.”

Since it’s thinner, it’s not the best for writing anything important that’s designed to last many years, but it is overwhelmingly superior to parchment when it comes to everyday use.

Above all else, once a method for mass-producing it has been created, it’s much cheaper than parchment.

“Paper like that could….”

Rose, who has received a higher education as the daughter of a lord immediately understood the many uses this could have. Rose’s eyes shined bright as she stared at me.

“…Yuzuki onii-san, will you teach me how to make this paper…?”

“Of course, I’ll teach you.”

“ — really? You really will!?”

She leaned forward and put her hands on the table. Contrary to her cute appearance, her large chest nearly spilt out of her dress.

…yep, they grew some more, didn’t they? Umm, what were we talking about? Ah, right, paper.

“That’s exactly what I was planning, Rose. I’d like the Brad family to mass-produce paper using plant fibre.”

“That’s…I’m happy to hear that, but do you realize you’d stand to make a fortune if you did this on your own?”

“No, it would be impossible for me on my own. Even if I know the basics, I don’t know everything about it. I’ll need money and the necessary personnel to get this done.”

I was just a student in my previous life and I was constantly being attacked by yanderes which led to me neglecting my studies. The little I know about making paper comes from seeing it done on TV.

Therefore, it will be impossible for me to make good quality paper right away. The only way I can see this becoming a reality is by constant trial and error.

Besides, even if I could do it myself, I have no way of distributing it or mass-producing it. Or, at least it will be impossible for Wells’ Clothing Shop to do it alone.

Of course, I could ask the Burke Company for assistance.

However, I don’t know how reliable Zem is and if I’m going to ask someone for assistance, it may as well be the Brad family.

“My wish is for the Brad family to grow in power so they’ll be able to aid Wells’ Clothing Shop even more. To reach this dream, I want to provide you with the means to make plant paper.”

“That’s…. Of course, we’d happily accept. I just think it’s unfair to you.”

“It’s fine. In the first place, you’re my slave, Rose. If the Brad family becomes rich, isn’t that the same as me becoming rich?”

If the Brad family becomes rich, Rose will be able to spend money on whatever she wishes. So, in a sense, I’ll be rich as well.

However, if the Brad family is unable to gain any power, Ares may target Rose directly.

I hate the idea of that ever happening — although I’m ashamed to admit it. Even without saying it, Rose seemed to understand.

Rose’s cheeks were dyed bright red as she smiled.

“Ehehe~…tonight…I’ll serve you a lot. You can do whatever you want.”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m looking forward to it.”

I turned away from her to hide my embarrassment.

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