Volume 3, Chapter 4: Fabric, Again

Rose and I were sitting at a table in my workshop discussing whether it would be possible to create the technology needed to make plant paper using the resources provided by the Brad family.

After discussing a few rough details, it was decided that we should consult with Mary Brad, the head of the Brad family.

“Then…I’ll need to ask for Mother’s input on this…. Is there anything else you need to do today?”

“After this, I need to go speak with Karen. So I don’t have any time to do perverted things.”

“Eh, I just wanted to know what you were going to do….”

Rose tilted the head to the side and smiled happily. She looked cuter than normal when she narrowed her blue and gold eyes. I quickly looked away in an attempt to resist her.

“Yuzuki onii-san~…?”

“W-What? I really don’t have time for that.”

“I didn’t say anything about that.”

“Uku…. A-Anyway, I don’t have time for that!”

I was starting to get a little angry, but Rose was just smiling.

“I’m fine with that…. But, Yuzuki onii-san, that means you’ll have to wait until tonight. Do you think you can endure for that long?”


I couldn’t say anything as she stared at me with one of the smuggest faces I’ve ever seen. I want to say something but it’s true that it will be a struggle for me to wait all day. I’m definitely going to torment her tonight.

“…I’ll remember this.”

“I know you will and I’m looking forward to it.”

…I’m planning on punishing her later and she says she’s looking forward to it…. Well, I am too.

We left my workshop and headed to Karen’s shop together. The roads in town were asphalt with cobblestone on either side. We walked side-by-side along the cobblestone path.

The sun was hanging low in the sky. Rose seemed to be having fun on our peaceful walk.

…and I was enjoying it too.

I’ve always hated yanderes and Rose is one. When I first found out she was a yandere, I thought she was just like all the other selfish yanderes I’ve met…but she was different.

She’s not selfish and considers me before acting on her own desires.

Even now, Rose is hugging my arm as we walk, but she’s only gently holding it against her chest. She isn’t pulling me forward or restraining me.

If I try to pull my arm away, she just moves a little closer.

It’s obvious she wants to be close to me, but she’s not holding onto me with all of her strength. Rose is a yandere but she shows as much thoughtfulness as an ordinary girl.

And that’s why it’s fun to walk with Rose like this. I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of my days living like this with Rose and Claudia…. I continued down the road with this thought in mind.

And soon, we arrived at Karen’s shop.

“This is the shop I wanted to show you, Rose.”

“…you wanted to show it to me?”

Rose tilted her head.

“Yeah…didn’t I tell you?”

“I don’t think so?”

“Then, why did you follow me all the way here?”

“Because I wanted to walk with you.”


She’s too cute! I had to force myself to not scream this out. This isn’t the usual perverted Rose. She seems almost pure right now and calling someone like that cute is embarrassing.

— no, I need to control myself. I brought Rose here for a reason.

“I brought you here to introduce you to Karen. Do you remember how you thought the fabric your dress was made of was amazing?”

“Oh, I see. Was that fabric made here?”

“Yeah, and there are also many other fabrics I’d like to work with. I need these to be able to make new clothing. That’s why I’d like you to finance her shop as well.”

“If you need the money to mass-produce these fabrics, I don’t mind financing her shop.”

“Is it okay for you to do that without first asking Mary?”

“When it comes to clothing, I’ve been given a certain amount of control over finances related to that. However, I’ll still need to speak with my mother about how much we’ll be able to give. Would you mind letting me see inside the shop and some of these fabrics for myself?”

“Of course. Let’s head in.”

After opening the door, I said, “Excuse us,” before stepping inside. We could hear the sound of someone frantically running to the front of the store.

“That voice belongs to Yuzuki-san. Don’t worry, I’ve set up a bed in the warehouse this time!”

“…what are you talking about?”

I gave Karen an annoyed look as she came running out of the back of the shop.

“What are you saying? Obviously, I set up the bed so you and Claudia can spend hot passionate evenings intertwined in the sheets!”

“…how do you expect that to work? If we do it in bed, Claudia won’t be as turned on as before.”

“I’m sure with your skills it will work out. Besides, you’re the one that awakened this side of me. You have to take responsibility.”

It’s true that when Karen was watching me play with Claudia in her shop, it opened a door to a new fetish for her….

“I know what you’re saying but it won’t work if we do it right in front of you. Claudia won’t enjoy it in the same way she did before.”

Claudia is excited about the idea of being caught or seen. She doesn’t necessarily want to do it in front of people.

Of course, when she’s already got really into it, she wouldn’t mind people watching…but, anyway, she wouldn’t be as into it if she knew someone was watching from the start.

“…hmm, that’s true. I’m sorry. I’ll put the bed away.”

“It’s fine as long as you understand. I can get a magic mirror made so you can watch without her knowing. Cheer up.”

“A magic mirror…. What is that?”

“It’s an object that acts as a mirror from one side but from the other side it’s transparent.”

“…eh, a mirror like that exists?”

“Yes. It’s not traditional magic either.”

“Then, with a mirror like that…I could –”

Karen looked at me with a face full of expectations. I nodded at her and gave her a thumbs up. Karen’s face lit up with perverted delight.

“Ooooh, as expected of you, nii-san. I’ll make the greatest bedroom for you and Claudia!”

“Good. Leave the mirror to me.”

After she begins to relax and enjoy our time alone, I can reveal that Karen is on the other side of the mirror…. Just imagining her reaction makes me excited.

…oh, right. I had a reason for coming here today. I cleared my throat and said, “I actually wanted to introduce you to someone,” and introduced Rose who had been waiting behind me.

“Nice to meet you, Karen. I am Yuzuki onii-san’s sex slave.”

“What kind of introduction is that?”


She looked as if she didn’t understand what I was saying.

“You are my slave but I feel that there’s something else you should be introducing yourself as considering why we’re here.”

Before we entered the shop, I told her that I wanted her and her family to finance this shop, so it would make sense to introduce herself as the Countess’ daughter rather than my slave.

“Well, you and Karen were talking about perverted stuff so I thought I should introduce myself like that….”

“I’m sorry. You’re right.”

I really need to control myself better. Recently, I feel like my mind is overflowing with lewd thoughts. I cleared my throat once more and turned back to Karen.

“Rose is the daughter of Countess Brad.”

“Eh!? Then….”

“Yeah, I asked her to help finance your –”

“Nii-san, you made the Countess’ daughter your sex slave!?”

“– yes, a lot happened, but there’s something serious I’d like to discuss. Please, just overlook that for the time being.”

I seriously need to reflect on my actions.

“*Cough* Anyway, this girl next to me is my slave and the daughter of the family that controls this island. She’s here to hopefully offer you financial aid.”

“…nii-san, you’re an insatiable beast.”

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“Shut up. You don’t have to tell me something I already know.”

All right, enough messing around, time to get serious.

“I just want to ask you this: are you against receiving aid from the Brad family?”

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that her shop is under the control of the Brad family if she receives aid from them. I thought Karen might be against this, but she said, “I’m not against it but it’s a bit strange.”

“Claudia has always made clothing using our fabric. Like this, we could achieve our dream of selling clothing to many different people. If this won’t hinder that dream, I don’t mind.”

“I see….”

Wells’ Clothing Shop will require a lot of fabric for the massive number of requests we’re receiving. Karen agreed to receive financial support as long as it didn’t impact her dream.

“Rose liked the fabric I used to make her dress and she’s willing to finance your shop, but she wanted to see your fabrics first.”

“If that’s the case, I can show her our warehouse. Rose-sama, please follow me.”

Karen, who had finally become serious, guided Rose to the back of the shop where all the fabrics were stored.

The warehouse, which was surprisingly large considering the size of the shop, was lined from wall to wall with fabrics of varying quality. In one corner, there was a large pink bed.

“…have you got more since I was last here?”

There were many fabrics I’d love to use that I don’t remember seeing last time. I don’t know much about weaving, but I can tell they must have taken a lot of time and effort to create.

Wait, this is —


Chiffon fabric — not a chiffon cake — is a type of cloth that is thin and nearly transparent.

With fabric like that, I can make standard blouses and negligees, but I can also make the more forbidden transparent skirt…. Ah, my fantasies won’t stop.

“Karen, do you have more of this fabric in stock?”

“Unfortunately, we only have that sample.”

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“Is it hard to make?”

“Yeah. I think you can understand, nii-san, but fabric like that is different to knit. Without someone dedicated to making only that fabric, we would be unable to mass-produce it.”

“I see….”

She runs this shop with her family. Even if they have the necessary equipment, they’d need more personnel to actually meet our demands. After all, they’ll need more money.

“…Rose, what do you think? If they’re able to mass-produce fabrics like this, the variety of the clothes we can make will increase.”

“…these really are amazing. There are so many fabrics that I’ve never even seen before. The quality is amazing too. They feel so much better than the fabrics I’m used to. How much would it cost to mass-produce them?”

The last line was directed at Karen.

“Well, that’s…umm, are you saying you’ll provide us with financial support?”

“Yes, that’s the plan. There will be some conditions though.”

The first condition Rose gave was that the Brad family has final say on all fabrics sold from Karen’s shop.

That is to say that if another noble family were to offer to buy her fabrics at a high price, the Brad family would first have to approve this sale. Karen seemed unsure after hearing this condition.

“I just wanted to confirm something. You are Yuzuki’s slave, right?”

“Eh, yes. We’re planning on making love tonight.”

Rose tilted her head to the side, wondering why Karen was asking.

Karen turned away from Rose to face me.

I can imagine what she’s thinking without even asking. I’m sure she’s worried that the fabric may never even reach Claudia.

“Rose is also providing financial support to Wells’ shop. Don’t worry.”

Wells’ Clothing Shop can’t prosper without Karen’s shop. So even if Rose wasn’t my slave, there’s no way the fabric wouldn’t reach his shop.

Rose seemed to also understand Karen’s concern and said, “Ah, that’s what you’re worried about.”

“I promise that priority will be given to Wells’ Clothing Shop. For the time being, we’re only planning on selling to Wells. You don’t need to worry.”

“If that’s the case, that’s fine.”

Karen let out a sigh of relief but quickly realized that Rose had said there were conditions.

“What’s the next condition?”

“The second one is pretty simple. Since I’ll have to discuss with my mother how much money we’ll be able to provide to you, I’d like to bring her a sample.”

“Oh, if that’s the case, please feel free to take as many as you’d like.”

“Thank you. Then, I think I’ll take these.”

Rose said this and grabbed a few different fabrics. This completes the preparations needed to begin mass-producing fabrics.

I decided to look through the fabric she had available. The fabric on the shelves near the front were just samples, but there was some further back that she had in stock.

“Can I buy a large amount of these fabrics?”

“Eh…? Ah, sure, buy as much as you like. Are you making a new dress?”

“I expect to get more orders in the future and thought it would be good to have a backstock.”

I have more spending money now that we’ve started receiving so many requests. I can now buy some fabric to use on more personal projects. Like this, I bought some fabric.

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