Chapter 77 – Getting it at all cost

Liu Zhongtian felt passion beginning to burn in his heart. Yesterday, he had already controlled and suppressed it, letting her off. However she still had to be so arrogant today. If he let her off again, he cannot be considered a man. Liu Zhongtian uncontrollably pulled and embraced the naked body of Qiqi’s. A forceful finger followed Qiqi’s back and rolled down.

“You dare to be so frivolous in front of this Duke. Not wearing anything, are you not teasing me? Now, this Duke wants to turn you into a legitimate and official Royal Concubine!”

“No, no, Duke…” Qiqi was extremely afraid, yet she was unable to evade. Liu Zhongtian tightly held onto her, his lips slowly advancing…when his lips touched the skin of her body, he lost control.

Wei Qiqi was forced down onto the bed by Liu Zhongtian, his strong hands pressed onto her. Qiqi was extremely furious and she started stuttering, “The…the agreement, you…”

She hadn’t spoken finish when her lips were blocked. The passionate kiss and groping caused Qiqi’s resistance to weaken. Liu Zhongtian seemed bent on getting what he wanted today.

“Reporting to Duke, Supervisor Wu requests a visit!” A soldier’s voice rang from outside the tent. He really came at the right time, Qiqi knew that she was saved. This damned overbearing Duke.

Lust could be seen all over Liu Zhongtian’s face, but he had to stop. He hurriedly grabbed the blanket, covered Qiqi’s body and pushed her onto the bed. He then calmed his emotions. After a long while he walked out of the screen cover. Wu Zhongyi this damned fella, always irritating people. To even want to join in the fun at such a moment. It was not easy for him to be determined in his heart…

Wu Zhongyi walked in a fast pace and entered the tent. He looked at the screen cover, but couldn’t see Wei Qiqi, thus feeling relieved. He respectfully looked at Liu Zhongtian, “Duke, Zhongyi has to go back and report to the Emperor!”

“In a few days, the army can continue going into the desert. Does Supervisor Wu not want to observe the battle?” Liu Zhongtian said mockingly.

“No, no, the Emperor is anxious to see me. I should hurry and return. When Third Duke comes back victorious, I will personally arrange a banquet for you!”

“Since that is the case, then Supervisor Wu shall do what he wants to!”

“Royal Concubine?” Wu Zhongyi inquired. He wondered after yesterday’s punishment, how pathetic that ugly woman would be. Just as his words sounded, Wei Qiqi walked out of the screen cover in tidy clothing. She didn’t look like she had suffered a lot.

“Why does Supervisor Wu want to leave now!” Qiqi went to his front, covered her mouth and laughed.

When Wei Qiqi appeared in front of him, Wu Zhongyi felt his back go cold. He immediately rose to bade the Duke farewell and hurriedly left the tent.

“ Luckily he is smart and ran off. If he remains, I will torture him to death! This bootlicker.”

Qiqi made a face towards the outside of the big tent and then turned back. She met Liu Zhongtian’s gaze and immediately retreated a few steps. She stuttered.

“Du, Duke, Wu Zhongyi has left. I will sleep on the mat. You were only angry just now and wanted to scare me, isn’t it?” Qiqi was blushing.

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“No!” Liu Zhongtian furiously went back to the table and coldly said. The remaining light in his eyes were still measuring Wei Qiqi. Why was it that till now his heart was unable to calm down?

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