Volume 3, Chapter 5: Reward and Punishment

After leaving Karen’s shop, we returned to Wells’ shop where Sasha greeted me.

“Welcome back, Yuzuki. A custom is here for you.”

“…a customer?”

“Yes. She said she was here from the Guild. Claudia ojou-sama is dealing with her now, but she said she wishes to speak with you.”

…that has to be Sylphy.

I asked Sasha to put away the fabric I bought from Karen and headed to the drawing room with Rose.

There, I spotted Claudia looking unusually nervous and Sylphy who was still wearing her normal receptionist attire. There was also a middle-aged man that I didn’t recognize sitting on the sofa.

“Welcome home, Yuzuki-kun and Rose-sama.”

“It’s been a while, Sylphy.”

“Yes, it has. I brought someone that wishes to see you, Yuzuki-kun. He’s a messenger from the capital. This is Grantz-san.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Yuzuki-sama. It has been my great pleasure to serve Lakshu Glial for my entire life. You may call me Grantz.”

He gently bowed his head. Though I heard his words clearly, I have no idea who this Lakshu Glial is —

“A messenger from Lakshu!?”

Rose suddenly raised her voice. I was surprised to see how strongly this person’s name affected her.

“Do you know this person, Rose?”

“Eh? Yes…I never said anything to you Yuzuki onii-san, but she is a distant relative of mine. I’m sorry I never told you.”

“No, that’s fine, but….”

I’m not a yandere. She doesn’t have to tell me about every relationship she has. Although I failed to realize an important fact, it was something I’d pick up on later.

I sat down across from Grantz, beside Claudia. Rose sat down next to me, seemingly wary of Grantz.

Rose did say they were distant relatives. It’s possible they’re not that close.

I’ll have to check with Rose later. For now, I should see what business Grantz has with me. I took a moment to observe the middle-aged man.

He was of medium height and build and was wearing simple clothing. That’s not to say they were cheap. The fabric looked high-quality and would probably cost a fair amount. If anything, I’d describe this man as inconspicuous.

Rose still seems wary of him, but he’s been polite and has shown no signs of being hostile towards us.

“So, what business does a relative of Rose have with me?”

“Lakshu-sama is interested in the dress you made, Yuzuki-sama.”

“…I’m honoured to hear that.”

Word has spread throughout the nobility that Wells’ Clothing Shop is capable of producing high-quality clothing. We’ve already received many orders from nobles.

It’s still an honour though. Most of the nobility that place orders are doing so based entirely on the rumours they’ve heard. However, some of their opinions changed when they saw the actual dress.

Describing a three-dimensional design to someone from this world is quite hard. As a result, those that placed their orders cancelled after seeing an actual replica made of Rose’s dress. I was surprised to see this.

I’m worried that Lakshu won’t want my clothing once she sees them.

“Actually, Lakshu-sama was present at the Brad family’s party just the other day.”

Grantz’s words eased the anxiety I was feeling.

Is it possible he could tell I was anxious? I don’t know…but I’m starting to think Grantz isn’t just a simple messenger.

“Lakushu-sama is interested in the dress I made?”

“Yes. She fell in love with the dress the moment she saw it. She’d like you to make an original for a debut.”

“I see….”

A debutante or a debut for a noblewoman. Generally speaking, this is a young noble lady that will be making her first official public appearance. She’ll want a unique dress for this once in a lifetime event.

Honestly — I’m pretty happy. I’m really motivated.

“If I’m going to make it from scratch, I’d need to know what she wants. I’d also need more detailed measurements.”

I’ll need her measurements in order to make the dress using the draping method.

I would need to speak with her quite a bit. After mentioning this to Grantz, he seemed to become more serious.

“This visit was merely a consultation…. Lakshu-sama wishes to invite you to visit her mansion.”

“– You can’t.”

“– Don’t do it!”

Rose and Claudia spoke up at the same moment. Aside from the more jealous Claudia, it’s rare to hear Rose object to my actions.

“Yuzuki onii-san, do you understand what’s happening? Lakshu attended the party the other night.”

Rose whispered this in my ear. Of course, I heard Grantz say that as well. I looked back at her, puzzled…. She seemed shocked that I still didn’t understand.

“Did you forget what happened that night? Remember when you were surrounded by several noble women?”

“– ah.”

I do remember that.

They all loved the dress Rose wore and became interested in me when they found out I made it. And, obviously, an evening party is held at night.

In other words, my SSS rank ability, Yanderetime, and their feelings toward me all combined, converting many of the young noblewomen into yanderes. They were all saying how they wanted to take me home and lock me up.

“Y-You’re not saying….”

“Remember they were asking you to stay with them so they could lock you up, but they’d still allow you to make clothing. One of those girls was Lakshu.”


S-So, she doesn’t want to see the dress, she just wants me.

N-No, if I turned her into a yandere that day, she must have actually liked my dress prior to that.

She does want to hold me captive, but she also genuinely liked my dress — that doesn’t comfort me at all!

“I’m sorry. I can make a dress for Lakshu-sama, but I’m not sure going to her mansion is –”

“– Please, wait a moment.”

Before I could outright refuse, Grantz interjected.

“Yuzuki-sama, do you know about the current situation the Brad family faces?”

“…Rose’s family? Are you talking about the Chaos family attempting to sabotage them?”

“Yes. In fact, when it comes to that matter –”

“Grantz! I won’t forgive you if you say anything to Yuzuki onii-san about my house without my permission.”

Rose quickly cut off Grantz before he could say too much. Grantz seemed hesitant to speak after seeing Rose’s reaction — but I want to hear what he has to say.

“Grantz, please, go on.”


Grantz turned to me but remained silent. It seems he needs Rose’s permission first.

“…Rose, will you let him speak?”

“Umm, that’s….”

“…I’ll do whatever you want tonight.”

I quietly whispered this in her ear. Rose’s expression softened, but she quickly clapped her hands to her cheeks and regained her composure.

“Even so, I can’t allow it.”


“Because I don’t want you to worry, Yuzuki onii-san.”

“If that’s the case, you should tell me. I already know that something is going on and not knowing what it is making me worry even more. So, please, tell me. I’m worried about you Rose.”


Rose began to blush before looking at Grantz and saying, “There’s a bit of a grudge between us.”

“Can you tell me about it?”

“Fine. Actually –”

Apparently, as a result of my efforts, Ares was forced to temporarily abandon his attempt at marrying Rose.

The Earl of Chaos seems to have spread rumours amongst the rest of the nobility that Rose and her mother have refused the marriage, and this is why many of the businesses on Gran Island are struggling. The ruling lord has refused outside aid.

So the rest of the nobility aren’t necessarily our enemies, but they’re not on our side. The Brad family should be the victim, but instead, they’ve become isolated.


I finished listening to Grantz before turning to Rose and giving her a look of disappointment. She really shouldn’t have hidden this from me. I’m glad that she didn’t want to worry me…but this is also a little annoying.

If it didn’t involve me, or I couldn’t do anything, I could understand why she’d hide it. However, I am involved and it’s not like there’s nothing that can be done.

I quietly whispered to Rose, “I’m going to punish you tonight,” while her face was covered in guilt. Rose’s entire body trembled but after hearing my words, she turned to me with a look of surprise.

She might’ve been expecting an actual punishment.

“I understand why you did it, Rose. You thought it was best for me, but that wasn’t the case. You can understand that now, so…please, tell me next time.”

I gently stroked her head, reassuring her that I won’t get mad.

“Yuzuki onii-san…. Okay, I understand. I won’t hide anything from you, so…umm, I want you to punish me properly tonight.”

She looked up at me through moist eyes. Of course, after hearing this, Claudia pinched my side.

Of course, I’ll reward Claudia as well.


After clearing my throat, I turned back to Grantz.

It’s possible they overheard everything we said. Grantz was maintaining a serious expression, but Sylphy was showing a bitter smile.

“I’m sorry, please continue.”

“…Certainly. Lakshu-sama said that if Yuzuki-sama will visit the mansion, she’ll stand with the Brad family.”

“…I see.”

Based on everything that’s been said here, even though I can’t know for sure, I can assume the Glial family possesses a significant amount of power.

If I think about what’s best for Rose, I might have to consider this offer.

“Before I decide whether or not I’ll go, I have something I’d like to ask.”

“Please, ask anything.”

“My first issue is my skill: To be Loved to Death by Yanderes: SSS. Because of this skill, I won’t go to any place that I’ll encounter a lot of people.”

In this world, it’s possible for a person’s yandere trait to develop naturally. So even if someone were to become a yandere, it’s not a given that it would be due to my own skill.

Nevertheless, I still need to be careful.

“If that’s all, there’s no need for you to worry.”

“…why is that?”

Don’t tell me everyone there is already a yandere.

“We have a magic item at the mansion that nullifies effects like that. We’ve taken every countermeasure to protect those living in the mansion.”

“Ah…I see.”

The Guild also said they had countermeasures against yanderelization.

Sylphy still became a yandere. However, Sylphy and Rose didn’t react, so I’m guessing these countermeasures are different.

“Then, one last thing. Why do I have to travel there?”

“Lakshu-sama rarely leaves home. She’s not in a position where she can go out very often.”

“Then, if she just needs a dress, couldn’t you just bring me her measurements?”

“That would be possible. However, Lakshu-sama said that she has to meet and speak with the person making the dress. This is the best way to make a nice dress.”

That’s an understandable reason. More than anything, I’m happy to hear that she wants to make the best dress possible.

“Then, my last question. Will I be safe?”

“Lakshu-sama is certainly a yandere and she wishes to imprison you.”

“Yes, I already know that….”

It might not be possible for me to go after all —

“However, Lakshu-sama has stated she will not confine you. If you pledge to complete the dress for her, that will be enough.”

“Eh, that’s….”

“She desperately wants an original dress from you, even if that means fighting her own yandere nature. In other words, she’s more obsessed with your dress than you.”


That last line basically sealed the deal.

I know how strong a yandere’s impulse can be. Rose and Medea are perfect examples of this. Even Sylphy can’t resist her yandere urges.

However…Lakshu is different.

Even though she still has her yandere urges, she’s fighting against them because she loves my dress. It’s possible she loves my dress more than anyone or anything else.

When I thought this, I could feel my heart start to beat faster.

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“Yuzuki onii-san, I can imagine what you’re thinking, but she can make any number of promises and it won’t matter.”

“…that’s true.”

I was just told about the matter with Ares. If Lakshu were to go back on her promises, it would just be her word against mine. And the word of a commoner holds little weight.

“Lakshu-sama predicted you’d say something to that extent. That’s why she’s asked that you come as well, Rose-sama.”

“You want me to come as a witness?”

“Yes. You can even use the power of your right eye if you’d like.”

Ah, I thought it was hopeless, but this might work.

Lakshu is trying to get a dress from me by any means possible. I’m so glad. I don’t think I can refuse her offer.

Of course, I understand that I’m not an amazing designer. The dress I made wouldn’t be anything special back in Japan.

The technology used to make the dress was entirely unique to this world and the design had never been seen before. Furthermore, we used a rare fabric to make it. In this world, it was a one-of-a-kind dress.

If I’m being honest, I know I’m nothing special.

Still, I’m happy to hear this.

“Rose, please.”

“Y-Yuzuki onii-san, I want to help you, but it will be dangerous and I’m not sure I’ll be able to protect you.”

“Still…I wish to go.”

“…m-mou~, it can’t be helped.”

Rose looked cute as usual. Anyway, I’ll feel safer if Rose comes with me. And finally…I turned to Claudia.

“Don’t tell me you want me to stay here….”

Claudia looked up at me uneasily. I placed my hand on her cheek and told her not to worry.

“Don’t worry. I need you to protect me from other yanderes and woman. Claudia, please come with.”

“…M-Master, I understand. I’ll do my best!”

I can’t resist woman due to my feminist skill, so even an ordinary woman could become my enemy. I purchased Claudia as my slave in order to protect me from women and yanderes.

But this was just an excuse. I just wanted Claudia to come with.

I am worried about the shop if we both leave, but Sasha is more than capable.

Since we’ve already completed all of the designs for the orders we have, Sasha should be fine on her own.

And my dream is to continue to improve as a tailor and designer. To reach this dream, I’ll need Countess Brad’s assistance. So, I’ll need to deal with this Lakshu Glial first.

I’ll need to travel with Claudia and Rose to — where exactly?

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“Umm, where will we be going?”

“Where…? The royal capital, of course.”

Claudia said this like it was something everyone would know. When I asked, “Why the capital?”

I was told it was only natural considering this country is named Glial —

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