Volume 3, Chapter 6 Part 1: To the Capital

In conclusion, Lakshu Glial, who requested I make a dress, is a princess.

The Sacred Kingdom of Glial is ruled over by Walt Glial. Lakshu is twelfth in line to the throne.

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It’s honestly terrifying that the princess of this country wishes to imprison me, but it isn’t all bad.

She is a princess. Her influence can’t be ignored by the rest of the nobility.

I hope this goes well and Rose and I can become her friends.

And this is why I agreed to Lakshu’s request…. No, I agreed to it before knowing this and couldn’t back out.

Anyway, we were now travelling to the mainland following Grantz’s instructions. Rose and Claudia were with me.

And —

“Yuzuki-kun, the wind feels great.”

Suddenly, I could hear a voice coming from behind me. I turned around to see a woman with her blue hair gently waving in the wind with a bright smile on her face.

It’s Sylphy, the receptionist of the Guild.

And why is the receptionist of the Guild with us?

That’s because…Sylphy is my personal receptionist.

…well, that’s true. I may not know exactly what that means, but Sylphy is my receptionist. I guess it’s only natural that she’d come with.

Sylphy is a relatively safe yandere. Just like Rose, she respects my own desires. So far she hasn’t shown any signs of a typical yandere’s behaviour. She should be a reliable presence when we encounter the Lakshu, a yandere that I don’t know what to expect from.


“By the way, why are you still dressed as a receptionist?”

“Because I’m accompanying you as your personal receptionist…. DId you want to see me in my regular clothes?”

“That’s not it…. I was just curious about your clothes, but…I think they suit you.”

Sylphy was wearing something that resembled a business skirt and jacket. At first glance she’d appear to be a serious receptionist — but her shirt was unbuttoned down to the lower part of her breasts.

The exposed chest of an older woman that seems strict is oddly seductive.

“Do you prefer me dressed like this? After all, I am your exclusive receptionist.”

Sylphy opened her top even more using her finger. It was already opened pretty far from the start, so this nearly exposed her entire breast.

I need to stay strong. If I give in to her temptations here, I’ll be trapped with her. I quickly regained my composure and tried to find someone else to speak with. I looked around the boat and saw —

Claudia watching me.

She’s technically not a yandere but she is the girl that gets most jealous out of all the girls around me. Claudia is cute but —

“Can you excuse me for a moment?”

“Yes, please, go ahead.”

I spoke to Sylphy before walking over to Claudia.

“What’s wrong? Why are you making a face like that?”

“You couldn’t stop staring at Sylphy’s chest, perverted Master.”

“…I can’t deny that.”

“You can’t deny it?”

“Do you think I should?”

If I look into her eyes and try to lie, I can’t…. Claudia, with her amazing body, should know better than anyone that I love breasts.

“Is that all you have to say?”


Claudia puffed out her cheeks. I started to laugh and told her I was kidding.

“Those clothes suit you.”


“Yeah, they look great on you.”

She’s currently wearing a prototype uniform I made for Wells’ Clothing Shop.

Her top is my favourite style of an off-shoulder blouse.

The chest was wide open and loosely laced together with a cotton string. I thought this would look better than having a normal button up top that was partially unbuttoned.

Next, she wore a pleated skirt with a navy blue checkered pattern.

There were also slits on either side of the skirt similar to a qipao, so her thighs were slightly exposed.

Furthermore, there’s no chance I’d design an outfit without absolute territory in mind, so she’s also wearing knee-high socks. Finally, I also made a fashionable pair of lace-up boots for her.

It’s a uniform designed entirely to satisfy my own preferences.

If I were still back in Japan, all female employees would be objecting to wearing such revealing clothing.

But Claudia was willing to wear it for me… She’s seriously an angel.

Moreover, her skirt is fluttering due to the strong winds on top of the ship. She was wearing side tie-up panties, so the slits on the side of her dress made it seem almost like she wasn’t wearing any.

Her cheeks were dyed slightly red but she continued staring at me with moist eyes doing nothing to hold down her skirt.

“– Achoo~”

Claudia suddenly sneezed. It was cold on top of the ship due to the wind. I placed my hands on her waist.

When I place my hands on her waist, I inadvertently touch the slits on her skirt and subsequently touch her exposed thigh. I did design it this way, but this isn’t on purpose. I pulled Claudia close and hugged her to warm her up.

“Claudia, are you okay?”

“…yes. If Master wishes to do it here I will allow it. I’ll do my best to endure it, but I may let my voice slip out if you get too rough….”

“…no, I was just worried that you were catching a cold.”

When I pointed out her misunderstanding, Claudia looked up at me with her cheeks turning scarlet.

“…Master, you’re an idiot. You always bully me and make me beg for it.”

Her eyes were incredibly seductive as she looked up at me. I’m telling her it’s a misunderstanding but she won’t believe me.

…I guess I have been teasing her a lot lately.

“– Ahem, do you anything about the capital city?”

“I’ve never been there…. Rose would likely know more about it than me.”

“I see. Then, I’ll go ask Rose about it.”

After saying this, I turned to leave but Claudia caught my arm.

Claudia is the type of girl that gets lonely really easily. I couldn’t help but laugh at her.

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I first met Claudia when I purchased her from a slave shop in order to protect me from yanderes…. I’m sincerely happy that I was able to meet her.

“Mu~, Master, why are you laughing.”

“It’s nothing. By the way, is that outfit comfortable?”

“Well, they’re comfortable and a bit embarrassing. However, it can get a bit chilly.”

I couldn’t stop myself from smiling.

The only thing she complained about is the cold. The fact that they’re embarrassing and comfortable are positives to her.

It would be funny to point this out to her…but if I don’t, it may strengthen these thoughts without her even noticing. I decided to stay silent.

“It’s going to get colder soon. Are you going to start making warmer clothes soon?”

The seasons in this world aren’t as distinct as they are on Earth, but there is a proper cold season. I guess I can’t make off-shoulder tops all year round. I’ll need to start making heavier clothes soon.

“Will you be making new clothing?”

“Will you do the sewing?”

“Of course, it’s my pleasure to sew clothing designed by you, Master.”

Claudia and I looked out over the passing sea and talked passionately about clothing.

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