Chapter 451: The lure of the empress’s attire

This ambush in the middle of the seventh month of the 87** year caused the beast-men race to lose many soldiers. Out of the 300,000 soldiers, only 100,000 or so remained. The beast-men army quickly retreated to the Hengduan Mountains in defeat. They were in bad shape as they retreated. As for that dense forest, it burned for no less than three days and three nights.

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After the fire finally died, one could see the charred black corpse of the beast-men soldiers all over the ground. It was a truly ghastly sight.

This ambush was recorded in the history books of the Blue Waves Continent. This ambush was used as an example of classic ambush warfare when people wanted to learn the art of war. Beitang Yu who had led this ambush shook the entire Blue Waves Continent once again with her fame. People who would learn of this ambush in the future studied the arrangement of this exquisite ambush and raised many questions. Among them, the majority of people had a single question in their mind. Why was there a strong wind in that windless and stifling hot night. Everyone knew that when the ambush happened, wind magic was still in the researching phase. No one really knew how to use wind magic yet. If it was not for that strong wind that blew all of a sudden, the beast-men race wouldn’t have suffered such a disastrous defeat. There were also some scholars who said that without the wind, the beast-men army might have reorganized. If they happened to reorganize themselves effectively and launched a counterattack, the outcome of the battle would be uncertain. However, only the involved parties knew where the wind came from.

Currently, Beitang Yu was also shocked at the sudden appearance of the wind. That strong wind was clearly accompanied by magic element fluctuations. This proved that someone was helping them in secret. According to the reports from some soldiers, they witnessed a humanoid shadow flying in the sky. There was some kind of wings attached to the shadow’s back.

“Could it be that the angels from the Divine Realm came to help us? Or could it be… Could it be the Winged Clan which had remained hidden for thousands of years?” Beitang Yu muttered. No matter how she racked her brains, she was unable to figure it out. The Winged Clan was also part of the beast-men clans. Why would they help the humans to deal with the beast-men army?

“General Beitang, General Ximen sent a secret letter.” A bodyguard lifted the curtain of the tent and walked in. He presented a thick bamboo tube which was sealed with both his hands.

Beitang Yu suppressed the excitement in her heart. She signaled for the bodyguard to leave the tent before she did anything else. The moment he left, she impatiently unsealed the bamboo tube and grabbed the letter within.

There were two letters and both had Long Yi’s handwriting on it. The moment she saw the two letters, Beitang Yu involuntarily smiled. However, two streams of tears flowed down her cheeks. If her current appearance was seen by the soldiers, they would think that they were in a dream.

Long Yi hadn’t written too many words. With just a few words, he expressed his apology to Beitang Yu. He also expressed his longing and encouragement to her. This was already enough for Beitang Yu. Compared to millions of sweet words and honeyed phrases, this made her happier just this showed her that he trusted her. This letter was also an affirmation of Long Yi’s love for Beitang Yu.

Calming down her state of mind, Beitang Yu opened up the second letter. The moment she scanned through the second letter, her beautiful face changed. She was stunned for a second before going wild with joy.

“Kobold Clan! The Kobold clan actually exists in this world! With their help, breaking through Yatesianna is just around the corner.” Beitang Yu slammed har palm on the desk. She revealed an excited expression as if she was a little girl. Unfortunately, no one will ever see that side of Beitang Yu.


Blue Moon City.

In Nalan Ruyue’s sleeping quarters, Long Yi was bored to death as he sat on the sofa and sipped on his fruit wine. From time to time, his gaze would drift towards the side room. That was because in the side room, Nalan Ruyue was changing her clothes.

Creak, the door opened. A golden colored boot stepped out first. It had an exquisite pattern embroidered using a sea blue colored sea silkworm’s silk. Click, the moment the boot landed on the ground, it emitted a crisp sound. Nalan Ruyue appeared in front of Long Yi before long.

Long Yi’s expression froze and he forgot to put down the wine cup in his hands. His legs moved involuntarily and he stood up in front of her. Watching Nalan Ruyue in her newly made empress’ attire, Long Yi went into a daze. He was shocked endlessly in his heart.

“Peerless grace and elegance.” Long Yi muttered these four words. He really couldn’t think of any other words to describe the feeling Nalan Ruyue gave him at this moment.

The golden color lining was the chest holding mold of the corset and just above it, there were beautifully embroidered seas and clear skies. On the outside, Nalan Ruyue wore a dress which was comparatively spacious. It was entirely made up of sea silkworm’s silk. It reached up to her knee. Above it, an amethyst thread was used to draw all sorts of patterns and decorations.

Her dress appeared to be very noble and extraordinary. In addition, she wore a half-moon type imperial crown on her head. It was inlaid by star-shaped gems all around and appeared extremely pretty. Her crown was designed by Long Yi in person.

At this moment, Nalan Ruyue’s moth eyebrows [1] slightly rose and her beautiful eyes contained might. Her extremely thin pink lips were tucked up, looking noble and inviolable. The prestige of the Empress had manifested itself beyond doubt.

[1] moth eyebrows: the fine and delicate eyebrows of a woman

Even the way Nalan Ruyue walked changed. It didn’t resemble her lily steps like before. Naturally, the way she walked didn’t resemble a vigorous grown man. Rather, it contained a kind of reserved elegance. Although her steps were steady, there was no lack of female charm.

“My husband, what do you think?” Nalan Ruyue spun two times in front of Long Yi and asked with a smile.

“Marvelous, extremely marvelous! My family’s Ruyue is made to be the Empress.” Long Yi highly praised her.

“However, I am extremely nervous now…” Nalan Ruyue took a deep breath to calm her nerves and she whispered to Long Yi.

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“Silly girl, why are you nervous? Isn’t there still a few more days?” Long Yi smiled and held onto Nalan Ruyue’s little hand. When she held his hand, she could feel the warmth in his body transferring to her own.

“I am still very nervous! I feel somewhat ill at ease when I wear these clothes.” The expression of Nalan Ruyue reverted back to former beautiful and lovable appearance.

Long Yi suddenly thought something. With a smirk on his face, he appeared exceptionally excited, “I thought of a way to reduce the pressure. How about we give it a try?”

“What way?” Nalan Ruyue asked.

Long Yi stretched his hands to Nalan Ruyue’s pert buttocks and kneaded them around. With a smile on his face, he teased, “Your Majesty the Empress, how about serving your husband right now?”

Nalan Ruyue’s beautiful face instantly flushed red. She pounded her little fists on Long Yi’s chest and grumbled in a flirty manner, “So hateful!”

Long Yi smiled as he hugged Nalan Ruyue into his bosom. He had already sealed her pink lips with his own before she could cry out. Recalling that the wonderful woman currently in his bosom was the Empress, he couldn’t help but become more excited. Not to mention the fact that she was wearing the Empress’ attire right now. As a result, Long Yi wondered if this could be considered some kind of uniform fetish.

When she felt Long Yi’s excitement, Nalan Ruyue started to respond passionately. As a woman with conservative thoughts, in her opinion, being able to satisfy her husband was the greatest affirmation for her.

The two people kissed passionately and only when they were short of breath, they separated and started to breathe heavily.

Long Yi kneaded and pinched that highest grade bottom and his fingers would squeeze into that deep and secluded valley to tease Nalan Ruyue from time to time. Nalan Ruyue’s face turned a darker shade of red everytime Long Yi moved his fingers that place. She was exhaling mouthfuls of hot air and the thin fragrance she emitted seemed to have the same effect as an aphrodisiac.

Long Yi sat down on the sofa with his legs spread wide open. Currently, there was a huge tent as his crotch area. Seeing Long Yi’s actions, Nalan Ruyue instantly squatted in front his him between his legs. Biting on her lower lips, she stared at Long Yi with her enchanting eyes. She was obviously teasing him.

Long Yi’s mouth became dry. Good Gracious, he was going to completely lose it soon. Looking at Nalan Ruyue’s appearance as she wore the imperial crown and squatted in the middle of his legs, little Long Yi was extremely stimulated. Little Long Yi was so excited that it was about to break out of Long Yi’s pants.

Nalan Ruyue’s beautiful eyes started to sparkle and her trembling jade hands reached towards Long Yi’s belt. Undoing his belt, it wasn’t long before Nalan Ruyue took his pants off. Little Long Yi sprang out and it stood tall and straight in front of Nalan Ruyue’s face. Despite it being incomparably familiar to her, Nalan Ruyue’s heart still rippled at this moment. She was incomparably excited. Perhaps, the feelings of Long Yi infected her.

Long Yi’s felt Nalan Ruyue’s little hand moving around on his erect ** and he looked down with his eyes full of desire. He stared at Nalan Ruyue whose head was slowly moving up and down.

Nalan Ruyue rolled her eyes and opened her pink lips as she slowly bent over…….

Hiss, Long Yi sucked in a breath of cold air and that marvelous feeling made him feel as if he was going to ascend to the heavens. This was extremely stimulating. Watching a peerless beauty wearing the Empress’ attire giving him service. The pleasurable feeling swept across Long Yi wave after wave.

“Big sister, brother-in-law, what are you two doing inside? Quickly open the door!” Just when Long Yi was about to fly like a celestial being, a series of knocking sounds resounded outside the door. Nalan Rumeng’s voice echoed into the room.

Long Yi who was on the cloud of happiness and Nalan Ruyue who was servicing him were both shocked. Nalan Ruyue wanted to get up. However, Long Yi stopped her and said in a hoarse voice, “Ignore her, continue.”

Nalan Ruyue complied with him. Seeing that no one was answering her, Nalan Rumeng, that little lolita started shouting louder and louder.

Long Yi issued moans in pleasure. He even had a wicked imagination of Nalan Rumeng standing beside them as she looked at Nalan Ruyue who was squatting between Long Yi’s legs. He wanted the younger sister to look at the naughty things her big sister did. This kind of wicked thoughts suddenly increased his pleasure. Soon, he sprayed out into Nalan Ruyue’s mouth.

Nalan Ruyue took out a silk handkerchief and wiped clean little Long Yi and she quickly spat out the white thing in her mouth. After that, she looked at the violently swaying door and glared at Long Yi. After shooting a death glare at Long Yi, she rushed into the bathroom with lightning speed.

Long Yi arranged his clothing and got up lazily to open the door. Nalan Rumeng who was vigorously kicking the door suddenly lost her balance and slammed into Long Yi.

“What are you doing? Did you eat stimulants?” Long Yi flicked the nose of Nalan Rumeng and grinned at her.

Nalan Rumeng stared at Long Yi with suspicion in her eyes. She appeared somewhat displeased and she started to question Long Yi, “What were you two doing inside? Why did it take you so long to open the door?”

“We were playing games inside. We used a Sound Insulation Barrier so we didn’t hear you.” Long Yi answered with a smile.

“Playing games?” Nalan Rumeng muttered in a daze. Suddenly, something clicked in her head and she added, “Isn’t it that game between husband and wife? How do you play the game? How about you two continue to play? I’ll just watch at the side.”

Long Yi sweated profusely. When Nalan Ruyue was servicing him just now, such thoughts indeed appeared in his head. To his surprise, this little lolita took the initiative to suggest such things.

When Nalan Rumeng was messing around with Long Yi, Nalan Ruyue walked out from the bathroom. She heard every word Nalan Rumeng said and she couldn’t help but blush again.

“Wow, big sister, the clothes you are wearing is so beautiful!” Nalan Rumeng saw the Empress attire worn by Nalan Ruyue and involuntarily exclaimed. She instantly rushed over to Nalan Ruyue and completely ignored Long Yi.

“Is it beautiful? This is designed by your brother-in-law.” Nalan Ruyue happily said.

“Beautiful!” Nalan Rumeng affirmatively nodded her head. However, her nose started to wriggle around as she smelled something weird. With a confused expression on her face, she asked, “What is this smell in the room? Why is it so strange?”

Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue looked at each other in blank dismay. Turning their head, their gaze simultaneously landed on the silk handkerchief placed on the magic glass tea table.


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