Chapter 450: Ambushing the beast-men army

“Big sister Si Bi, do you think we should go to Blue Moon City to look for our husband?” Long Ling’er lied on the bed and asked Si Bi. They knew that the Nalan Empire was in chaos and Long Yi was currently residing in Blue Moon City.

After thinking for a bit, Si Bi shook her head, “We shouldn’t. Currently, he should have lots of things to deal with in Blue Moon City. We won’t be able to help him even if we go there. It will be better to stay in the Unparalleled Battalion and do our part.”

“Yes, let’s stay here and wait for the return of second brother. He will definitely come back after dealing with the things in Blue Moon City. There are many wounded soldiers in the army who needs to be healed. Not to mention the fact that there they are lacking in manpower here. It’s better that we stay here and save as many as we can.” Ximen Wuhen chimed in. Her main mission was to use light magic to treat the wounded soldiers. These days, she had won the respect of all the soldiers. That made her feel like her existence was valued for the first time.

Since Si Bi and Ximen Wuhen agreed to stay, Long Ling’er and Lin Na had no objections. Although they knew that it was impossible for them to remain calm and composed, they knew that they could still do their part. They were not able to command the powerful army in Long Yi’s place, neither could they go on an expedition to dominate the world like Beitang Yu. However, they could help the army by healing whoever they could. Long Ling’er was a Fire and Earth dual magician. She was also at the peak of the Mage realm. Lin Na and she only needed a chance to breakthrough to the Archmage realm. The addition of two such powerful magicians undoubtedly strengthened the Unparalleled Battalion. The attack power of fire magic was not a joke.

At this very moment, Beitang Yu was frowning as she paced back and forth inside her huge tent. The current situation was not optimistic. Although they had already breached the second defense line of Yatesianna, the two legions from the Nalan Empire were starting to show signs of instability. If the final defense line was not breached in a short period of time, the consequence would be too ghastly to think about.

“Assassin, protect the General!” At that time, clamor came from outside the tent. In an instant, Beitang Yu’s tent was surrounded by her personal bodyguards. They were there to make sure nothing happened to Beitang Yu.

“What is going on?” Beitang Yu lifted the curtain of the tent and asked.

“Reporting to General, an assassin snuck into the camp. He triggered our magic arrays, but that assassin was too fast. We were unable to capture him. Currently, everyone in the camp is searching for him.” The captain of Beitang Yu’s bodyguard team replied to her.

The captain of the bodyguards had just finished speaking and a violent gust of wind appeared. Sand flew about and stones were sent hurtling through the air. Everyone’s vision became obscured by all the sand in the air.

“Quick, protect the General!” The bodyguard captain hastily shouted. However, he had no idea what kind of trick the assassin was playing.

Beitang Yu’s eyes glimmered with pallid light and she stabbed her huge sword behind her as fast as lightning. Out of anyone’s expectation, the assassin was already in the big tent.

A cyan shadow lightly flashed and stood ten steps away from Beitang Yu. The second he touched the ground, Beitang Yu’s personal bodyguard rushed in and surrounded him.

“Make them leave. I don’t come with malicious intent.” That assassin was covered with a cyan robe from head to toe. However, she had a gentle voice. She was a woman without a doubt.

“Why should I believe you?” Beitang Yu indifferently replied.

“I wonder if this is sufficient as a proof.” The assassin stretched out her fair and clear little hand. On her little hand, there was a diamond shaped command tablet.

Beitang Yu’s expression eased the moment she saw the tablet. She signaled for her personal bodyguards to withdraw. The tablet in the hand of this person was the secret command tablet of Skynet. Only the people with higher authority in the Skynet Intelligence Organization possessed the tablet.

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“I wonder what intelligence brought Your Excellency here.” Beitang Yu asked.

“Roughly 300,000 beast-men soldiers have entered the northern border of the Proud Moon Empire from Hengduan Mountain. They should be making a detour to surround all of you before launching a sneak attack.” The cyan shadow still used her soft voice to relay the information.

Beitang Yu’s heart shook. She immediately rushed over to the military map hanging on the wall in this tent. Carefully scanning the military map, a cold sweat covered her forehead. If the beast-men army truly made a detour and surrounded the allied army from the back, their route would be completely cut off. There was no way Beitang Yu could bear the consequences if that were to happen.

“You should make your preparations. The beast-men army should have already arrived at the border of the Proud Moon Empire. In order to avoid being discovered, they should be traveling throughout the night. I have already given you this piece of information. You should settle this yourself.” After she was done talking, the cyan shadow disappeared from inside the tent along with a burst of air.

As for Beitang Yu, she continued to stare at the military map for a long time without moving.

The cyan shadow soared to the sky and instantly disappeared into the boundless clouds. The next moment, the cyan shadow removed her cyan robe. A pair of spotlessly white wings appeared behind her and they started flapping.

That jade green colored short hair that would leave a deep impression, coupled with her shiny eyes which were emerald in color clearly stated her identity. Winged Clan’s Shaman, Ou Yala. Of course, she was also the current Patriarch of the Winged Clan.

Ou Yala breathed a sigh of relief as she stretched her sexy body. Soon after that, she waved her hand. A glittering and translucent ice rose appeared in her palm. The flower had an indistinct cyan mist revolving around it. It appeared to be extremely beautiful.

“It truly is very beautiful… However, it’s going to melt someday.” The emerald pupils of Ou Yala appeared somewhat blurred. Long Yi’s handsome face with his signature cheeky smile appeared in her mind.

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On the thirteenth day of the seventh month, in the year 87**, it was a moonless night. There wasn’t a hint of breeze in the air. The weather was so hot that it could make people go crazy. If one could, they would soak themselves in a bath and never emerge.

Currently, beneath a small hill in the outskirts of a vast forest a hundred meter away from the Yatesianna defense line, Beitang Yu and a group of people were moving around under the dim starlight. Beitang Yu was wearing a black helmet and a suit or armor and Long Ling’er and the three other girls were beside her.

“General Beitang, will the army of beast-men truly take such a long detour and come from this forest?” Lin Na whispered in doubt.

Turning to look at Lin Na, Beitang Yu replied to her, “I can’t be a hundred percent sure.”

Lin Na muttered in a low voice, “You’re not even sure but you mobilized your soldiers? Moreover, you moved all of them here and made them hide in the grass…”

One should know that in the thick clumps of grass in the woods, there were lots of mosquitoes and other insects. However, none of them applied any insect lotion as the beast-men had a keen sense of smell. They were bitten by an unknown number of mosquitoes. However, none of them uttered a word and neither did they move a finger. After staying in this posture for several hours, Lin Na was unable to keep it up anymore.

Beitang Yu’s hearing ability was extremely sharp. She naturally heard Lin Na muttering about the discomfort. However, she didn’t bother to explain the reason they were hiding as it wasn’t necessary. As a great general who had matured in the midst of war, she was keenly aware that the slightest of carelessness could lead the entire army into a deathtrap they had no escape from. However, being prudent didn’t mean that they were cowards. When counterattacking the beast-men army, as long as Beitang Yu felt that there was more than fifty percent certainty that she could win, she would take action. Otherwise, it would be too late.

The beast-men army was marching at night in order to avoid the ears and eyes of the scouts. If they followed the ordinary route, they had to pass through the open plain which stretched as far as the eye could see. That was the only path they could take to the Yatesianna defense line. It was impossible for 300,000 beast-men soldiers to hide. She should have already noticed them long ago. As a result, she determined the two other paths the beast-men army might have taken. One was a narrow gorge in the east and the other was this forest in the west.

The narrow gorge of the east was rugged and it was hard to pass. Moreover, there were high cliffs on either side of the gorge. If they were ambushed, the entire army would be annihilated. This forest was much safer. With dense forestation as the cover, they could still organize an effective resistance even if they were ambushed. If they succeeded, they could quickly advance 100 meters away from this forest. With some cooperation with the Proud Moon Empire, they could attack the allied army of the Proud Moon Empire and Violent Dragon Empire from two sides. Therefore, Beitang Yu selected this place to set up a big army for an ambush. As for the narrow gorge in the east, she had left a few reconnaissance teams. Even if the beast-men army came from the east, she had already made preparations.

The greater part of the night had unwittingly passed but only the sounds of insects could be heard. There was no change in the situation and there were no signs of the beast-men army.

Beitang Yu looked up to the sky. Currently, dawn was only 2-3 hours away. The moment dawn arrived, the concealed soldiers would be discovered easily.

Time passed second by second but Beitang Yu was still as steady as ever. She didn’t show the slightest hint of impatience. Despite being nervous in her heart, she knew that as the General, her performance would directly influence the soldiers under her. Even if the heavens were about to collapse, she knew that she can’t bat a single eyelid.

Just one hour before dawn, the sounds of the insects changed. They started to emit sounds with a particular rhythm. Beitang Yu immediately straightened up. Her eyes radiated pallid light. Her selection wasn’t wrong.

Rustling sounds came from the depths of the forest. That was the sound of the beast-men army stepping on the thick clump of grass or branches on the ground.

Beitang Yu listened attentively and she suddenly made a downward cutting action with her hand, “Nangong Nu, send a signal. Order the attack now.”

Several magic signal flares whistled towards the sky and the hidden soldiers simultaneously activated the installed traps they laid in the forest. Beitang Yu clearly knew that it was unwise to meet the beast-men soldiers head-on. The physique of humans was basically much inferior to the physique the beast-men had. Long distance attacks were the best plan to fight against the beast-men.

The first trap was activated. The arrows prepared in the branches shot out and the pitfalls on the ground began to display their effects. The beast-men army started to scream in pain and chaos broke out instantly.

“Magicians, prepare.” Beitang Yu saw how the beast-men army was stabilizing their position. They began to use shields and other things to build up a defense line on the periphery of the forest. As a result, the arrows started to lose their effects.

The magician battalion from the Violent Dragon Legion immediately took up positions. Earth magicians started to build a layer of thick and tall stone walls on the periphery of the forest. Water magicians used cold ice to reinforce those walls and fire magicians began to throw fire magic into the forest. The fire magic affected a wide area and it ignited explosives and combustibles which were buried underground in advance.

“Ai, it’s such a pity that there is no wind tonight. Otherwise……” Beitang Yu stood out from behind a mound and stared into the forest which had already turned into a sea of flames. She sighed. If there was wind in the air, the casualties of the beast-men army would increase by more than half.

Merely, before Beitang Yu could finish speaking. A strong wind started to rise. The wind intensified the power of the fire. The flames raged on and started to spread all over the forest. The flames illuminated the horizon. Currently, the forest was turned into a hell in the human world.

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