Chapter 449: Heart Demon

In a narrow and small secret room in the Emerald Mist Pavilion, there were two people sitting opposite each other. One of them was a mysterious person covered in a black magic robe from head to foot. The other was Mist Fairy who was wearing a pale purple gown.

“I have already completed the task according to your wish. However, I don’t get it. Do you have any benefits when Nalan Ruyue ascends the throne?” The voice of the mysterious person was somewhat harsh to the ear. He was clearly dissatisfied.

“You don’t need to know so much. I have my own plans for this matter. You can go and report back to your Pope with everything you know so far.” Mist Fairy indifferently said.

“Humph. This is the last time. From now on, our Dark Church will not owe you anything.” The mysterious person suppressed his anger and said in a cold voice. Standing up, he prepared to leave.

“Wait a minute. Lafaer, I will give your Pope a word of advice in passing. Tell him to look after his wife properly and don’t let her do anything which will cause him to regret in the future.” Mist Fairy faintly said.

Lafaer paused and left the secret room without turning his head.

Behind him, a hint of a smile appeared on Mist Fairy’s face and before long, white light flashed around her body. She disappeared from the secret room.


Both in the army and among the common people, there was a debate going on about Nalan Ruyue. They had lots of opinions regarding the matter of Nalan Ruyue ascending the throne and being the first Empress in the history of the entire Blue Waves Continent. There were some people who supported her and there were others who opposed it.

In the Blue Waves Continent, the social status of men and women were not equal. It was caused by many conservative factions as well as patriarchal-supremacist doctrines. They expressed strong opposition to Nalan Ruyue becoming the Nalan Empire’s supreme ruler. Among them, there was no lack of high-ranking ministers, great nobles and there were also some high-ranking military officers.

In the end, strength decided everything. With the help of Long Yi, Nalan Ruyue quickly controlled the military of the Nalan Empire. Although she had yet to formally ascend the throne, she had already started to exercise her imperial power. She used various means to suppress the ministers and nobles who were hell bent on opposing her. She also released an imperial notice which declared that the empire was in the midst of extreme misery. The beast-men race was invading and the various kingdoms and principalities had revolted. The most important matter right now was the dispatch troops to suppress the rebellion and to drive out the beast-men race. They were going to make all the kingdoms and principalities which revolted pay a bitter price. This was the price they had to pay when they trampled on the Nalan Empire’s prestige. They had to show them that the Nalan Empire’s prestige was sacred and they did not tolerate traitors.

This imperial notice was posted everywhere. Many common people and high ranking military officers reacted to the notice. This was not the time to discuss whether Nalan Ruyue should be the Empress or not. This was the time to save their fellow countrymen from their horrible plight.

When the discussions were going on, Holy Priest Karen from the Light Church appeared. She conveyed the will of the Light God as she expressed that Nalan Ruyue was the person who had received the blessing of the Light God. As the representative of the Light Church, Pope Charles said that he would personally enter Blue Moon City to coronate Nalan Ruyue. He would be the witness to her becoming the first Empress in history.

The moment Holy Priest Karen spoke, the opposition became less intense. This was because the majority of people were believers of the Light God. Since the Light God had appointed Nalan Ruyue as the Empress, they didn’t have any objections.

Currently, the obstacles Nalan Ruyue faced was much smaller and she rarely had to use imperial power to get things done. After her position stabilized, she gave her command to all of the legions in the Nalan Empire. She immediately dispatched them to quell the rebellion happening in the Nalan Empire.

“Big sister, you are amazing! You are actually going to become an emperor.” Nalan Rumeng excitedly hugged Nalan Ruyue’s arm and said with a smile.

“Do you like being emperor so much? How about big sister make you an emperor?” Nalan Ruyue rolled her eyes.

“I can become the emperor? If this makes big sister happy, I’ll be the emperor. Big sister dotes on me so much, how can I oppose big sister?” Nalan Rumeng happily said. It seemed as though she had it all planned out.

“If you become the emperor, you can’t run wild. If I become unable to control you, I’ll call your brother-in-law to put you in your place.” Nalan Ruyue patted Nalan Rumeng’s cheeks and giggled.

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Nalan Rumeng looked at Long Yi who was sitting on the sofa as he sipped on a cup of fruit wine. Her beautiful face flushed red in an instant and she lowered her voice, “Big sister, how about you share brother-in-law with me?”

Nalan Ruyue was startled and she looked at her younger sister with a probing gaze. She realized that her 15 years old sister was already all grown up. If she was a daughter from an ordinary family, she might already have been married off.

“Big sister, is there a problem? If brother-in-law takes me in as well, I can justifiably ask brother-in-law to take me out to play! When I go window-shopping, he can help me carry my stuff. Moreover, he can fight for me if I ever get into trouble. However, the most important thing is that I can hug him to sleep every night.” When she mentioned the last part of her sentence, Nalan Rumeng looked around like a thief.

“Aren’t you hugging him to sleep every day already?” Nalan Ruyue jokingly pinched Nalan Rumeng’s cheeks. Because of this third wheel, she had not gotten intimate with Long Yi for several days.

“But Xiao Cui said that I can’t sleep with you two! However, if I become brother-in-law’s other half, there won’t be any problems.” Nalan Rumeng pouted. After going around in circles, this was her main objective.

Nalan Ruyue smiled and said, “If your brother-in-law is okay it, I have no objections.”

Nalan Rumeng bounced over to Long Yi and seized his wine cup. She blinked her doll-like big eyes and pleaded, “Brother-in-law, do you like Mengmeng?”

“Nope.” Long Yi kept a straight face as he replied her. He had clearly heard the conversation between these two sisters without missing a single word.

“Brother-in-law, brother-in-law……” Nalan Rumeng acted coquettishly and swayed around as she jumped onto Long Yi’s lap.

Once again, Long Yi moaned in his heart. He really wanted to shout out, “Little loli, don’t try to seduce me, I’m very easily seduced!”

All of a sudden, Xiao Cui ran over and said, “Princess, Holy Priest Karen and Violent Dragon Empire’s Saintess Dongfang Kexin is here. They are waiting below.”

“I will go down immediately. My husband, accompany me.” Nalan Ruyue said.

Long Yi nodded his head after hesitating a little. Mainly because Dongfang Kexin was also here. However, after thinking about how Nalan Rumen was pestering him restlessly, Long Yi was afraid that the beast in him would be roused if her were to stay alone with her. If that were to happen, Long Yi would feel extremely guilty. Thus, it was comparatively better to accompany Nalan Ruyue.

Nalan Rumeng puffed her cheeks as she stared at Long Yi angrily. She rolled her eyes at Nalan Ruyue and Long Yi as they walked out of the room.

“Ruyue greets Holy Priest Karen.” Nalan Ruyue performed the etiquette of the Light Church upon seeing Karen. However, she just nodded her head at Dongfang Kexin.

Dongfang Kexin also indifferently nodded her head. Sitting to the side, Dongfang Kexin said nothing. Neither did she look in Long Yi’s direction. She was afraid to look at Long Yi. She was afraid that her heart would fluctuate once again.

It was Holy Priest Karen who gave her some advice. She said that if Dongfang Kexin couldn’t face her fears bravely, her heart demon would never disappear throughout her life. She eventually made the decision to take a trip to the imperial palace.

Long Yi saw Dongfang Kexin’s reaction but he didn’t care. He had a certain feeling towards this cousin of his, but he couldn’t stand her possessive desires. Perhaps, this was the best thing which could happen to him. He wanted to thank the Light Pope for this.

“In a few days, His Majesty the Pope will arrive here in person to coronate you. Up until that point, I request for Saintess to accept the great radiance baptism of the Light God.” Karen said.

Nalan Ruyue nodded her head. The coronation ceremony was a very cumbersome matter. There were honestly too many rituals… As such, the two of them started to discuss about the matter of the coronation.

When they were talking, Dongfang Kexin shot a quick glance at Long Yi. She only saw that he completely focused on Nalan Ruyue. He didn’t take note of her at all. Unconsciously, an irritated feeling appeared in Dongfang Kexin’s heart.

As for Nalan Ruyue, she would raise her head from time to time. She would turn her head to look at Long Yi who was sitting beside her. When the gazes of the two met, they would smile in tacit agreement. They understood everything without speaking.

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When she saw that they were looking at each other like this, the irritated feeling in Dongfang Kexin’s heart became even stronger. Currently, it was accompanied by indistinct pain. The familiar feeling appeared in her heart again. However, she had no idea what she was feeling, that familiar feeling felt extremely foreign to her.

“Heart demon, this is just a heart demon.” Dongfang Kexin closed her eyes and tried to convince herself in secret. A hint of dimly visible white light flashed in the space between her eyebrows as it suppressed her feelings. In an instant, all her feelings disappeared and her heart became as calm as still water.

When Dongfang Kexin opened her eyes again, although she saw the intimacy of Long Yi and Nalan Ruyue, she no longer felt irritated in her heart. Although there was still some discomfort coming from the depths of her heart, she found it to be negligible.

“Did I succeed?” Dongfang Kexin muttered in her heart. She knew that she should feel happy because she got rid of the heart demon, however, she felt sadness instead.

On the way back, Dongfang Kexin explained her mental state and asked Karen, “Holy Priest Karen, did I truly expel my heart demon?”

“Maybe you did… Congratulations my child.” Karen stroked Dongfang Kexin’s head pitifully. Her congratulation sounded fake as she knew that the secret magic placed in Dongfang Kexin’s body was displaying its full effect. From now on, all of her feelings would start to disappear. Happiness, anger, grief, joy… All the feeling a normal human would have would start to disappear. Dongfang Kexin might never feel those feelings again.

Karen started to think of Si Bi all of a sudden. She was also a genius magician in the Light Church. She also loved the same man as Dongfang Kexin. However, the two girls were walking on two completely different paths. One selfishly wished to possess and one selflessly wanted to let go. It was because of love that the both of them did that they did. There was no right or wrong in the world of love, as everything was bounded by karma.


In the Yatesianna defense line, Si Bi, Lin Na, Long Ling’er and Ximen Wuhen were staying in the military barracks. It had already been more than 20 days since they arrived. As they didn’t know where Long Yi was, and they didn’t want to be caught in the chaos, the accepted Beitang Yu’s proposal. They stayed in the camp and supplemented the magician troops in the Unparalleled Battalion.

It was here where they truly experienced the cruelty of warfare. This was a place which was hell on earth. Other than massacres, there were only massacres. Human life was inferior to a blade of grass here. On the first day, they vomited out everything in their stomach. However, they became numb before long… They became accustomed to vomiting.

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