Chapter 448: Bet

Now, the setting sun painted the sky blood-red. The smell of blood filled Blue Moon City. The common people inside the city started to move as they started to clean the entire city. Before long, the beautiful coastal city was reverted to its previous state. However, the smell of blood lingered in the air.

Long Yi was sitting on a tall cliff deep in his thoughts. Sea waves crashed against the cliff which sprayed water droplets everywhere.

“What are you thinking about?” A soft voice came from behind Long Yi. A familiar fragrance found its way into Long Yi’s nose and he was instantly able to recognize the owner of the voice.

“I’m thinking about the war. I wonder, how long will it take before everything comes to an end?” Long Yi didn’t look back. He already knew that it was Mu Hanyan standing behind him the moment he smelled the fragrance in the air.

“When did you become such a compassionate person? It’s not like you at all.” Mu Hanyan sat beside Long Yi and said with a gentle smile on her face.

Long Yi laughed at himself and sighed, “It doesn’t matter how strong a person is. They will have some weakness in them. Even if a person is accustomed to seeing blood, there will come a day where the person starts to hate seeing blood being spilled.”

Mu Hanyan looked at Long Yi in surprise. Her coquettish, beautiful face slowly became gentle and soft as she stared at Long Yi’s face. She leaned on Long Yi and extended her hands to hold onto his waist. She slowly extended her neck and placed her head into his sturdy bosom.

Long Yi caressed Mu Hanyan’s smooth and soft hair. He knew that she was using warmth, which belonged exclusively to women, to comfort him.

“Hanyan, what do you think? Who won the bet between us?” Long Yi suddenly asked with a smile.

“Mmm, you won the bet. However, you lost as well.” Mu Hanyan moved in his bosom and started to restlessly nibble on his sturdy chest muscles from above his extremely thin clothes.

“Why is that?” Long Yi raised his eyebrows and asked. Of course, his hands didn’t remain idle as it pinched Mu Hanyan’s breasts.

Mu Hanyan slightly moaned and she rolled her eyes at him. With a chuckle, she explained, “You won because I helped you to kill those two pieces of trash. I was the one who cleared up the obstacles for you. Of course, you lost the bet because I’m going to rely on you from now on. You’re definitely going to cry.”

“Are you serious? Why is it my loss when you are going to rely on me? I clearly won over a beauty to my side. Moreover, not just an ordinary beauty, I won an exceptionally beautiful one…” Long Yi smiled and replied Mu Hanyan.

“That’s why I said you lost the bet. It’s not a good thing for me to rely on you… Perhaps, I might stab you in the back next time.” Mu Hanyan made a stabbing action and a weird expression appeared in her eyes.

“That’s too much, can I reject your offer?” Long Yi said with a smile. Although he maintained his composure on the surface, his heart started to beat like a drum. Mu Hanyan, this woman was too shrewd. When she mixed the truth with her lies, he was really unable to see through her. If she truly wanted to stab him in the back, it would be extremely difficult to guard against her.

“Of course you can’t! You can only continue to bet with me.” Mu Hanyan’s lips curled upwards as she stared into Long Yi’s eyes.

“Fine, let’s bet. However, what do we have at stake this time?” Long Yi shrugged his shoulders and asked.

“We’ll bet on our life.” Mu Hanyan blurted out and her pretty little eyes stared straight at Long Yi without blinking.

Long Yi’s heart started to shake and he stared back at Mu Hanyan. Intense sparks flew in all directions when their gazes met. However, Mu Hanyan broke into giggles and she pressed Long Yi’s arm against her towering chests. A sly grin appeared on her face and she teased, “I was joking! All I wanted to see was the tense expression you had on your face.”

“Don’t scare me like that, my little heart is still jumping up and down.” Long Yi gasped.

“Well, you look fine now. I still have many things to do.” Mu Hanyan stood up and suddenly added, “Oh, that’s right. The second layer of Yatesianna has already been broken. The problem now is that the morale of the troops from the Nalan Empire is extremely unstable. You should make your preparations. If the final defense line is not broken through within the next month, even if Nalan Ruyue ascends the throne, she won’t be able to suppress the chaos with her imperial power.”

After speaking her last sentence, Mu Hanyan disappeared right in front of Long Yi.

Long Yi retraced his smile and a trace of pallid light flashed through his eyes. This seductress… Since she was the one who started it, Long Yi was willing to play with her until the end. He was curious to see who would win and who would lose.

When he recalled Mu Hanyan’s reminder before she left, Long Yi started to calm down. He came to the conclusion that the intelligence network Mu Hanyan possessed was not inferior to Skynet in the slightest. The news of the breach in the second line of Yatesianna was received by him not too long ago. However, Mu Hanyan had also received the news. However, the analysis of Mu Hanyan was correct. The final line of defense must be destroyed within one month. After a month, the two legions of the Nalan Empire would be scattered and divided. After all, something happened in the capital of the Nalan Empire. It was something which shook the entire empire and threatened the safety of everyone. How could the soldiers risk their lives and continue to assault the Yatesianna defense line when the safety of their relatives and friends were at risk?

“One month… How is that even possible?” Long Yi muttered. Yatesianna had three defense lines altogether and the last line was the strongest. It was filled with mechanisms and traps. It was impossible to breach this defense line within a month.

All of a sudden, Long Yi’s body started shaking as though he was struck by lightning. Hitting himself on his head, he laughed loudly, “Kobold Clan! How could I forget those guys who are experts in digging and setting up mechanisms? If I asked for their help earlier, Yatesianna should have already fallen.”

In the past, during the adventure convention the Mea Holy Light Magic Academy held, Long Yi went to the Illusory Forest. When he was there, he obtained the Fire Qilin and also became the Emissary of the Fire God in the eyes of the Kobold Clan. If he didn’t use this status now, when should he use it?

Long Yi thought of a solution and his mood naturally improved. Currently, he only had one thought on his mind. The only thing he wanted was to help Nalan Ruyue ascend the throne as quickly as possible. He wanted her to become the first Empress in the history of the Blue Waves Continent.

When Long Yi returned to the Nalan Imperial Palace, he only managed to see Nalan Rumeng. She was sitting on the balcony as she supported her cheeks with her little hands. She stared into the distance as she watched the sea in a daze. As for Nalan Ruyue, she was fulfilling the responsibility of the princess. She was currently discussing official business with numerous ministers.

“Brother-in-law, where have you been? I was bored to death… There is nothing to do here!” Seeing Long Yi, Nalan Rumeng happily threw herself into his embrace. Long Yi could feel that Nalan Rumeng had indeed grown up… A pair of little rabbits on her chests had already begun to take shape.


Long Yi sat on the wooden chair in the balcony as he basked under the sun. Nalan Rumeng sat on his lap as she restlessly twisted her little but sideways. Of course, her movements made Long Yi suffer… This little loli was extremely attractive, and her movements naturally made Long Yi react.

“Has my pure heart already died?” Long Yi secretly sighed. He could feel that little Long Yi was standing erect as it shamelessly entered that soft place. This crime was truly worthy of beheading.

The charming body of Nalan Rumeng stiffened. Immediately after that, her body became limp and boiling hot. She felt short of breath and her maiden heart was jumping like a fawn. Although she was still young and had extremely limited knowledge of the matters between men and women, it doesn’t mean that she had completely no idea what was going on. She obviously knew about the thing that was pressing against her private place.

“Brother-in-law, you are very bad!” Nalan Rumeng trembled as she whispered.

Long Yi swallowed a mouthful of saliva. This sentence was not inferior to any potent aphrodisiac. When this little girl said such things, it actually sounded extremely alluring… Long Yi could feel that he was really too wicked.

Taking a deep breath and suppressing the restlessness within his body, Long Yi lifted Nalan Rumeng from his lap and placed her to the side. It seemed as though this little girl had truly grown up. He made a mental note to pay more attention to this point in the future.

Nalan Rumen’s eyes flashed with a hint of disappointment. Although she seemed disappointed, her eyes looked at the tent on Long Yi’s hips. She was curious about what was in there.

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“Shameless… This is really shameful, where are you looking at, little girl?” Long Yi awkwardly glared at Nalan Rumeng as he used the lower hem of his robe to cover the disobedient little Long Yi.

“What’s so special about it? Isn’t it just a bit bigger than others… It’s not like I have never seen it before.” Nalan Rumeng curled her lips and stammered.

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Long Yi was stunned. He immediately started to question her, “Have you seen it before?”

“Of course I’ve seen it before. Last time, after running away from the imperial palace, I went to steal things. On my trip, I saw a couple rolling together on the bed. The thing under the man’s belly was really ugly. Moreover, it’s much smaller than brother-in-law’s…” Nalan Rumeng said while looking at Long Yi’s crotch.

Eh… When he heard what Nalan Rumeng said, Long Yi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He also didn’t know whether or not he should be pleased with his size.

“Oh, that’s right! Brother-in-law, I just saw a big sister swimming in the sea. She was amazing, she was swimming faster than the fish.” Nalan Rumeng was a child after all. Her train of thoughts shifted easily. She didn’t get entangled with the awkward issue.

“Is that so? How did the big sister look like?” Long Yi asked.

“I was too far so I was unable to see clearly. However, I saw that the big sister had golden hair. It was really pretty!” Nalan Rumeng said.

Golden hair. It was Liuli for sure. Why was this mermaid princess running about? Shouldn’t she be staying at home, in the stomach of that strange sea monster? It wouldn’t be funny if she was discovered by other people.

When they were talking about the big sister with pretty hair, Nalan Ruyue and her maid, Xiao Cui, entered the room. Now, her clothing was very different from the past. Wearing a luxurious imperial outfit, Nalan Ruyue looked incomparably lithe and graceful. On the chest and shoulders of the outfit, there were exquisite patterns embroidered using the blue silk from the sea silkworm. Only the emperor of the Nalan Empire had the qualifications to use this kind of blue silk. When she wore the imperial outfit, coupled with her hair tied up into a bun, Nalan Ruyue emitted a majestic aura. After going through the chaotic times of the Nalan Empire, Nalan Ruyue’s mental state greatly matured.

“How are things going? Did they make things difficult for you?” Long Yi hugged Nalan Ruyue’s slender waist and brought her to the sofa.

“There were a few of them. However, I used the method you taught me to deal with them. I was kind to them at first, but I used a little bit of force to coerce them after that. I think they already know what they should do.” Nalan Ruyue leaned on Long Yi’s shoulders as she explained everything to him. She was feeling somewhat tired. Although it was easy for her to explain it to Long Yi, fighting a battle of wits against those old foxes was not something which was easy. They had already mixed in the official circle for many years and they had deep schemes.

“If everything is fine, then all is well. Now, you might feel that it is extremely tiring. However, it’ll get better with time. You must be strong when facing them. If necessary, you must execute one of them to serve as a warning to the rest.” Long Yi patted the shoulder of Nalan Ruyue and his eyes became somewhat cold. There was no way Long Yi would let anyone obstruct his way forward.

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