Chapter 35 – First Outpost Reconstruction

The first night passed by uneventfully. Luon who had spent the majority of the night in unease due to the what he had experienced in the illusionary realm woke up slightly haggard.

From what the Black Luon told him his personality is currently unbalanced, sometimes he was flamboyant like the playful blue Luon, other times he was as dense as the yellow Luon, and when Luon fought, he was expressionless like the black one.

Which one was the real Luon? He could shake his head at the thought as he knew that they were all a part of him. From his understanding the more he got into the previous memories, the more complicated his mind gets, at the same time it allows him to unlock some potential skills that he has hidden away.

[Luon Fate]

[Race: Half-Human/Half-Elf]

[Federation ID: NEX-6854BP]

[Job: Student]

[Combat Level: 51]

[Racial Skills: Quickness, Night Vision, Mana Affinity]

[Active Skills: Wind Magic Lv3, Reinforcement Magic Lv4, Mana Manipulation Lv4, Manaqi Lv3, Steps of Starlight Lv3, Array Formation Lv2]

[Passive Skills: Swordsmanship Lv4, Parallel Thoughts Lv3, Eye of Insight Lv4, Circuit Establishment Lv3, Mental Resistance Lv3]

[Species Knowledge Evaluation: 617/1000]

[Technical Knowledge Evaluation: 735/1000]

[Monthly Salary Evaluation: 2527 Galaxia Coins]

[Recommended Job Paths: Engineer, Soldier, Commander]

Looking over his status, he noticed that the newly gained skill [Mental Resistance] was already level 3. Without the help of the black Luon he and his friends might have died without realizing it, he shuddered at the thought of being torn apart by spiders.

Throwing away his thoughts Luon went to the local stream they found near their campsite to wake himself up. Tyron was energetically making breakfast as he made another spider dish, and fried spider eggs with a salad composed of several plants they found in the forest.

Gizmo swore to himself that he would find a better meal while searching for the outposts. Luon had the same ideas as Gizmo, but he knew for a fact that other than plants found in the forest there will be nothing better to eat. Whenever an Inzektor claims a planet all traces of life would be exterminated, there were no wild animals. The only time he could rejoice about meeting Inzektors would be when he met with some humanoid ones, although inedible due to the fact it was similar to cannibalizing humans, people could feast on the products they personally grew.

For Luon to obtain edible food, he prioritized finding outposts while picking up several wild plants.

After the disgusting breakfast, they set off into the forest ruled by the Inzektors.

Luon couldn’t help but be in awe at the amount of vegetation on this planet. The Nexus solar system was already void of natural resources, and if they claimed this planet for the usage of resources, several problems would be solved. He didn’t like the fact that the Nexus solar system relied on themselves in imports from other solar systems. In fact, the higher-ups did consider converting the planet into a natural resource planet, but the military division argued that without the natural environment how could they train new recruits to fight against Inzektors fearlessly?

By self-cultivating Inzektors, they could prevent the losses of soldiers that enter the battlefield for the first time against Inzektors. Compared to the loss of a potential resource generating planet, human resources was a very important factor in both battle potential and overall morale.

Although there were cases of people dying during this trip, it was proclaimed that their sacrifices were all for the greater good.

Luon nodded and agreed to that thought, why become soldiers if you feared death? It was not necessary to participate in this trip, so he only felt that those who died were unfortunate. They must have encountered a similar situation that they were just in just a day ago. Although such thoughts were cold-hearted, he could only pray that the afterlife exists and their next lives would turn out better for those poor souls. He also hoped the officials of the underworld didn’t have any records of how their life was spent.

Luon, Gizmo, Tyron, and Bendan walked along the stream near their campsite. Logically speaking when someone creates an outpost, they would have built it near a source of water as for which direction to go from they examined the surroundings for any signs of humanity.

Tyron used his hunting skills to deduce a direction from atop the surrounding trees, gazing over the landscape he concluded that there might have been traces of humanity in a particular direction and they all followed suit. The most obvious proof of the previous existence of people were footprints but who knows how long since humans were last on this planet? Another way to deduce the location of the outpost would be the size of trees if humans were to create an outpost several parts of the forest would have to be cleared to prevent landslides.

As the group searched for signs of an outpost they picked up several wild and edible plants. Luon could only smile at his intraspatial bag that was slowly stacked with them. At least they wouldn’t be eating spiders for quite some time.

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Half a day went by, and they only stopped once for a break. Along the way they encountered several Inzektor’s who retaliated on the invasion of their territory, but Luon’s group couldn’t care less about such borders and dove pass hive by the hive.

Luon gazed at the leaderboard rankings on Inzektor kills and found himself highly ranked at the same time saw a very irritating name on the list.

[Rankings List]

[Zythos – 325 Points]

[Arisa – 277 Points]

[Luon – 201 Points]


Luon deduced that Zythos may have found a nest of weak and numerous Inzektors by chance, if Luon had hoarded all the points at the Demon-faced Spider’s nest he would have been top of the scoreboard.

Despite the score difference, Luon could still catch up as long as he found the outpost and crafted a base. Captain Waver had sent a message to all participants in regards to the task. Luon and his friends were all fired up to find it as well after all it paid exceptionally well.

[Quest – Craft a Base]

[Scattered around the planet were several outposts that were recently supplied with materials, reconstruct the outpost to the point where it’s fully operational.]

[Reward – 5000 Points Distributed based on Contribution values]

A grand total of 5000 points would be distributed to those who helped on the construction. Rather than fight 5000 different Inzektors, it would be somewhat easier just to build an outpost by himself, but at the same time the longer it takes to construct the higher the chance that points would be distributed to strangers.

Without a doubt they needed to find an outpost first, with Tyron leading the group soon enough they found an abandoned outpost.

Luon, Bendan, Tyron, and Gizmo stood before the shambled entrance awed at how unmaintained the location was. Wild vegetation seeped into the walls of building, leaks, and cracks on stone segments and several scarred areas in memory of a tough fight against the Inzektors.

The group scouted the building and estimated that it would take 5 days to reconstruct the power lines as well as the walls before the outpost could be considered as secured.

Without a moment to lose, they set up camp within the command room after securing the perimeter. While Luon and Gizmo started to design the repair diagrams, Tyron secured the materials found on the outpost and Bendan patrolled the base. The very few Inzektors found on the base were wiped out by Bendan’s blade as he nonchalantly scouted the base.

The first thing Luon had fixed was the radar and alarm system this way they could ease up on the night watch. Once that was completed it was almost night time, and Luon quickly made a meal out of the wild vegetables he had picked as well as several pieces of meat from the supply found at the base.

This meal satisfied everyone, it was way better than eating spiders and spider eggs.

The following days were simple for the crew after they found the outpost. Luon and Gizmo would construct the base while Bendan and Tyron hunted nearby Inzektors while gathering wild plants.

Once the detection system was set up, and the walls were melded with the excess materials found at the base. Usually, this task would take a humongous amount of effort. However, Luon had packed several solar-powered machines which aided the construction progress.

They rebuilt the walls, cleaned the vegetation surrounding the base, repair several defense modules and before they knew it the base was completed within 5 days.

Only allowed on

[Ding – Quest Complete]

[Distributing Contribution Points]

[Luon Fate – 60.6% Contribution – 3030 Points]

[Gizmo – 24% Contribution – 1200 Points]

[Tyron – 10% Contribution – 500 Points]

[Bendan – 5.4% Contribution – 270 Points]

Luon smiled by the number of points he gained, although Tyron and Bendan contribution values were lower due to the fact they didn’t help too much on the reconstruction they were able to earn points from hunting Inzektors in the surroundings.

Luon who was gloating over their fabulous reconstruction job checked the ladder board.

[Rankings List]

[Luon – 3531 Points]

[Arisa – 1762 Points]

[Zythos – 1675 Points]

Although he was surprised at how hard the other people worked, he smiled as he securely ranked first on the ladder board. If this keeps up he will end up first in the competition, the only person that could possibly catch up to Luon would be Shizuka if she spent most of her time securing and reconstructing outposts. With that in mind Luon thought to ensure his victory he should reconstruct another outpost.

Fortunately, while they were repairing the base they found the archives were accessible and found data in regards to another outpost several kilometers nearby, only it was well guarded by several herds of Inzektors. According to Luon’s estimates, it would take nearly 3 days to clear the number of Inzektors by ordinary methods.

Normal methods were things that regular people would use, but Luon was not an average person. If he had a choice to fire a missile to wipe out a massive army of Inzektors he would gladly do so despite the repercussions. Was he a maniac? No! He was merely greedy to get first in the assessment and had a deep hatred for Inzektors. If it weren’t for them, he wouldn’t have experienced hell during his first simulation.

Although he didn’t have a missile, the base had data pertaining useful weapons used to wipe out Inzektors as well as materials used to construct them. Right away after building the base Luon began working on his anvil.

The light on the workshop was lit as he spent the whole day crafting as he creepily laughed deep within the night. Those Inzektors would meet their doom the next day.

With a slash with her sword another enemy fell, and with several twists of the wrist, blood fell on the ground in tribute to another fresh kill cleansing the blade of any disgusting liquid it had on it.

She sheathed her sword as one of her followers walked up to her and said, “Milady, the scoreboard has changed.”

Piqued by her subordinates words she asked, “Oh, was that Zythos able to overcome my score? He sure is hard working.”

“No milady, it’s sir Luon who managed to get. First, it seems that he constructed an outpost,” said her subordinate quickly.

The lady, Arisa smiled at that remark, “Is that so? Maybe we should reconstruct an outpost as well, other than wiping out Inzektors Shizuka is practically bored, did you find one yet?”

“Yes, milady, past these groups of Inzektors is an outpost. However, if we were to begin construction now they would hinder our work, it would take at least a few more days to wipe them out,” said the subordinate.

Arisa sighed as she said, “Keep the rotation going, change the gathering squad to one and set the rest to attack the Inzektors, I want this base cleared a day or two faster than what your estimates are.”

“Yes milady,” the follower said as she left to inform the others.

Arisa went back to the camp and rested, for the next few days all she could only do was focus on the hunt.

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