Chapter 36 – Simple Hunting

“Rejected, if you want to go then let’s split up,” Gizmo said firmly.

When Luon mentioned the idea of securing another outpost for more points Gizmo did not approve of it.

According to the rules for the point system if the base were to be destroyed, then all their hard work would be subtracted and lost. However, despite this Luon still wanted to secure another outpost and the only way to do so is to eliminate the surrounding Inzektors.

Luon had spent the night creating a robotics factory to build more robots with a simple AI system. They were designed to do simple tasks and improve the defenses of the fortress. However, there was a limit to their numbers as the resources in the base slowly dwindled.

For efficiency, they were armed with electric powered rifles that shot wooden projectiles crafted from the surrounding trees. For weak Inzektors, it worked well, but the ones with a hard carapace made things difficult for them, which is why Luon also took the time to construct a few energy rifles and some other useful weapons. If the robots still couldn’t face against the Inzektors Luon’s friends would intervene.

For Luon to assault the second outpost, he crafted a couple of weapons to eliminate the surrounding Inzektors and a small team of robots to aid in the construction.

The team was split into two, Luon led one while Gizmo led the other. It was important for Bendan to stay to defend the first base, so Tyron went with Luon to help claim the second outpost.

“Alright, it might take you guys a few days to secure the outpost. Fortunately, the BMPU messaging system still works so if you have any problems send a message and we will prepare ourselves to help,” Gizmo said.

“Yeah, if something were to happen I’ll send you guys a message. Also if you need some help, you can send me a message as well, and I’ll rush back. Make sure you clear out the Inzektors around the base, it would be quite boring just sitting back at the base, and it would make it easier for yourselves,” said Luon while he double checked his tools.

“You got that right I will be hunting all day, it’s like daily exercise for me. Gizmo do you want to join me?” replied Bendan.

“No thanks, I rather just sit back at the base, all I wanted was some money, so I’ll just laze around for now,” Gizmo said as he yawned to exaggerate his laziness.

“Since you’re going to be resting at the base you might as well manage the supply robots to build some munitions. I left blueprints for a few very helpful and deadly weapons, there are already a few samples, and the robots should already be making them right now,” Luon said.

“Okay, Okay, I got it. Just take care of yourself alright. I’m going to head back to sleep,” Gizmo replied as he began to walk back in the base.

Seeing Gizmo leave Bendan turned his head towards Luon and said “Don’t worry about us. We will keep this place secured so get out there and beat down them Inzektors. Remember though stay alive and keep safe; anything can happen.”

Tyron at this point motioned himself at the entrance waiting for Luon to leave. Seeing how it was time to go Luon said, “Alright take care of yourself now if you need some weaponry just ask the robots.”

Bendan nodded and began to pose, he stood up straight and struck his fist over his heart and proclaimed, “For a new era.”

What Bendan just did was the etiquette between soldiers a gesture between those who fought the Inzektors, a universal saying uniting all nations.

Luon imitated the act and before he left said, “For a new era.”

“Holy smokes what was he crafting! One wrong move and there would be a huge hole in the base,” said Gizmo as he checked on the supply robots progress.

Originally Gizmo was going to sleep right away, but he was curious about the task that was assigned to the robots. Gizmo went to the workshop after seeing Luon off only to be shocked at the sight. The tasks that Luon made the robots craft were explosives, namely grenades and rockets. Several robots can be seen handling with gunpowder meticulously.

At first, when Luon introduced the robots to the team, they were armed with basic rifles to handle simple Inzektors. Little did Gizmo know that Luon was prepared to take down even giants and armies of Inzektors, he was set to start a war.

Luon despite having engraved deck of cards as the primary source of range attacks dabbled in the art of explosives. He had done so mainly because it was possible that magic and Qi arrays could inflict nearly zero damage under the power and restriction of anti-magic and energy barriers.

Attacks can be divided into two categories – magical and physical and they could only be guarded against using defenses that specialize in it.

Explosive shrapnels are effective against mages while magic was useful against armored beings, and Luon’s cards fell in the magic category. Even if the Inzektor were armored, the explosives would still do a surprising amount of damage but not as much as his spells would do.

The biggest problem about fighting Inzektors and most armies were called the ‘Ball of Death,’ utilizing superior range attacks, protective barriers and armor, it was nearly impossible to stop these kinds of armies, and the Inzektors were experts in amassing troops.

The only weakness for these massive groups was an overwhelming amount of firepower. The Alliance armies used giant beam cannons, nuclear missiles, and explosives to wipe Inzektors out. It was a common tactic. However, the downside to this was lack of resources and time. In a war of attrition, if the Alliance were to nuke the Inzektors continuously, they would be able to claim several more solar systems, but eventually, in the long term, they would end up losing due to lack of nuclear weaponry.

It was decided to only use such munitions effectively on crucial parts of the battle.

Gizmo sighed as he thought ‘Well might as well keep crafting, its not my resources anyways. I hope that nothing blows up now.’

“Oh, Gizmo you ain’t sleeping yet?” said Bendan as he walked into the workshop.

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“Why are you here?” questioned Gizmo.

“Luon said I could pick up some stuff. So I came to do so, is that the things he was talking about?” said Bendan as he walked over to the finished products table lightly playing with a grenade.

“Hey, be careful with that we don’t want accidents to happen.” Yelled Gizmo.

“Alright, chill a bit and hit the sacks. I’m going to go hunting now,” smiled Bendan as he began to pack several grenades into his intraspatial bag and left the room happily.

Seeing the giddy figure of Bendan leaving the room Gizmo grew drowsy, now that he had done what Luon had told him to do, he decided it was time to sleep.

Tyron and Luon quickly step in the forest situated several kilometers outside of the base. For the past few days, Bendan and Tyron worked hard to eliminate every trace of Inzektors several kilometers from the camp. On the radar system at the headquarters, not a single red dot was detected reassuring the group of the possibility of night attacks.

The two steadily headed towards the direction of the second outpost, using the map feature found on the BMPU there was no way for them to get lost. For the event, most of the terrain on the map was recorded with a black fog only uncovering several kilometers around the previous and current path traveled.

Soon enough, when they were approximately 50 kilometers away from the outpost, Tyron found signs of Inzektors.

The two began to slow down and slowly hid in a bush nearby. They heard the earth shake and twigs breaking as a group of Inzektors crawled by.

It was a miniature swarm of Inzektors called Catiling, Luon gazing at their appearance, and related them to car-sized pill bugs. A massive black swarm came by in a formation that seemed scripted, in rows and columns the group moved at the same pace ferrying several ingredients found in the forest.

Tyron readied his bow and waited for Luon to prepare an attack, but Luon tapped his hand lowering the bow. Tyron relaxed as he stared at Luon silently asking his intentions when Luon said, “Wait a moment, they are carrying food so they might have a nest nearby. Let’s track them for now; then we can wipe out the whole group for good.”

Tyron nodded, and the two stealthily stalked the Catilings from a distance.

Luon admired how quiet Tyron’s movements were as he tried to imitate it himself. Tyron who noticed Luon’s interest in his technique provided some tips via messages on the BMPU. Not a single word was verbally said as the chat box was filled with professional tips and tricks about professional hunting techniques.

Luon asked if it was normal to share his family techniques and Tyron nodded as he tapped his BMPU to respond to Luon.

When Luon checked the message, he got from Tyron it said, “It’s alright for us to share our hunting technique, it’s basic and simple, and I think you’re an honest, and good person.”

Luon was happy to be called a nice guy and Tyron continued, “It was only a sin to teach this stalking technique to a people who are classified as pedophiles, deviants, and stalkers because it brings shame to our family name. This has happened many times in the past, and I trust you wouldn’t do anything to shame us. To be honest, I was reluctant to share it, even the simplest easy-going nice guy could loli-loving stalker, but I think you’re not one of them.”

Luon smiled wryly at the comment. During the first simulation, he had read and witnessed these bands of deviants and shameless humans. As humans become more culturally knowledgeable and flexible, their imagination and preferences became weirder and awkward, and many different fetishes are made.

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From a natural love between genders to interspecies breeding many new desires came to light. In fact, some of these fetishes were classified as criminal activity or humanly awkward. One of the most mundane groups of weirdos were the Yes Loli No Touch group or the Boys Love Club, and the more hardcore ones would be the NTR Sect.

As for what they’re like it’s better not to know, Luon thought, ‘Luckily, Tyron’s family didn’t irrationally spread their stalking techniques otherwise the world would be full of freaks.’

After stalking the group of Catilings they reached their nest, it was a giant hill of dirt, Luon thought it would be troublesome to single them out.

Luon recalled what the Catilings were like. They had no real valuables. Other than food there was nothing that they took, this species of Inzektors were highly aggressive and this nest needed to be destroyed. Once Luon and Tyron cleared the second outpost of the surrounding Inzektors if the Catilings get a hand on those corpses they would quickly produce a massive army within a few days. They fed on the waste of leaves and animals, and they were able to hunt for their food like wolves of the forest only with ranged attacks, only creepier.

Luon told Tyron his plan, and they got into motion, they blocked off all possible exits of the nest using their intraspatial bags to pick up giant blocks of dirt and drop it on the holes. Luon pulled out from his intraspatial bag several improvised incendiary bombs he had crafted at the outpost. In the worse case scenario, he was prepared to burn the forest down if a troublesome occasion were to occur and this was a perfect time to use a couple.

Luon quickly tossed it inside of the nest, and then he promptly sealed the last exit. Within seconds the ground shook, and Luon carefully inspected his rankings recorded on his BMPU. His score soared reassuring him of the death of the Inzektors, and soon enough it stopped after a few minutes.

Luon opened the dwelling only to find the ashes of the dead Catilings who suffered from burns and suffocation due to lack of air. What helped Luon kill them faster was that these Catilings filled their home with dry grass to make their nest more homely, sadly this trait backfired on them as they wouldn’t have expected a wild arsonist to burn their nest.

Luon smiled at the sight. It was a treasure trove of points. However, his smile didn’t last long as when he cast his detection spell he found someone watching them from a distance.

“Who’s there?!” Luon shouted and in response to his voice the spectator slowly came out.

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