Chapter 34 – Falsehood

The surroundings were bright like the stars in space, unlike the jungle atmosphere he had seen on the surface of the planet, the place where he was at was unknown.

Luon gazed around the area, Gizmo, Tyron, and Bendan weren’t here despite the fact they left together. At the place Luon was at there was only a single pathway and space all around with twinkling stars as a backdrop, he reckons if he were to step off the platform he could end up endlessly falling for who knows how long.

With nowhere to go, Luon could step forward into the unknown world. Luon walked on and on for who knows how long, he was never tired nor could he recognize how long he had walked. His senses were numb as if he walked through a blanket of darkness.

After endlessly walking on this path he noticed something parallel to the pathway. When he got closer, he found that the thing he saw in the distance were a series of picture frames. Inside of these small windows was an animated scene which Luon found familiar.

Luon looked carefully at these images and found that these were the memories he made during his time in the Vortex Container.

Confused by the spectacle Luon could only walk on as the scenes of the past flash before him.

Where was he? Why was he here? Where did everyone go? Luon questions himself with every step he took. However, there was no answer. His questions were left open into the space around him, not a single echo for reassurance could be heard. Luon soon found himself divulged into more serious thoughts.

What’s happening to me? How long have I been here for? Who am I? As more memories came to Luon’s mind, he began to waver on his thoughts about his existence. Fortunately, for Luon the path soon ended before he became even more crazed. All of the sudden a surge of information enveloped his mind reassuring him of his existence as he calmed down.

Before Luon was a throne placed in this desolate place and on top of it was someone who Luon was familiar with.

The man gazed at Luon with a deadpan face as not a single word flowed out of his mouth. Luon who was reorganizing the information he had just received found his gaze to be irritating.

Luon bellowed with anger, “Why are you here? What’s going on? Where are my friends? Did you bring me here?”

The man on the throne simply shook his head in denial, he mouthed a few words, but not a single word entered Luon’s ears. Instead, another series of information flashed into Luon’s mind as he now recognizes the situation he was in.

Luon was currently in an illusory realm within his mind, as for why he was brought here it was because he was hit with an illusion spell before he had even noticed it. The man before him helped alleviate the effects and protected him from harm.

Luon looked at the man on the throne again, he felt terrible yelling at the person in front of him and said, “Thanks, I didn’t expect to see you again, Black Luon.”

It was an awkward scene if one had just stumbled upon the situation between the two. Imagine watching someone having a proactive conversation between himself in the mirror, it was weird.

However, the Black Luon was completely understanding and didn’t express any displeasure. What Luon realized from the information he had just received was that he was emotionally unstable from the previous memories after the memories had fused. The scenes of his previous memories before were buried behind many other dominant memories and then were replayed once more by these mirrors.

Everyone had a dark secret they would love to bury within themselves, in the back of their minds they seal their failure and deny its existence.

The amalgamation caused by the BMPU had only fused a partition of his memories as many segments laid buried in his mind. His synchronization rate right now, if it had a numeric value would be around 50%. If Luon had seen his stats now, he would have found out that now he has a new skill [Mental Resistance] and his combat level rose up a single level.

As Luon pondered over the buried memories, he had just recalled the Black Luon once again mouthed a few words only this time they echoed into his mind.

‘Wake up. You’re in danger.’

With those words, the surroundings shattered as if it were a piece of fragile glass as the dimension within in his mind shook. The shimmering stars fell as the stone pathway crumbled. Luon found himself clueless to the situation but trusted himself as the Black Luon more than likely had no ill-intentions.

The surroundings became eternally dark, and it devoured luon.

Luon woke up startled as he tried to wiggle his body only to find himself restricted.

Recalling the sensation of darkness enveloping him a few moments before his realistic dream had caused him to shiver.

Before Luon’s eyes was a scene that genuinely oozed danger. Besides Luon who had just woken up was, Bendan, Gizmo, and Tyron were all tied up in a spider-like cocoon with only their heads sticking out. They were currently trapped within a spider-type Inzektor nest as Luon suddenly recalled what he was facing.

[Demon-face Illusion Spider]

[Race – Inzektor]

[Combat Level – 45]

[Racial Skills – Inzektor Signal, Nimble, Silk Generation]

[Active Skills – Mind Break, Rapid Reproduction, Devour]

[A rare Inzektor with the rare ability to dispose of the fiercest foes with mental attacks. When their prey is sent in an illusion of desires, they feast upon them after reproducing their kind. Although weak individually with their mental attacks and army of spiderlings they continue to be feared.]

Luon could only scream in his mind at how bad the situation was, in the corner of his eye he noticed that the giant spider had just finished laying its eggs as they suddenly began to hatch.

The little white spiderlings who were just born began to cry in hunger as they began to cannibalize each other to satiate their desires. The mother spider cried scaring many of them and redirected their attention to the weak tied up foes found before them.

Luon had a minute before they start attacking him and his friends. He quickly attempted to channel his Manaqi energy only to find that the webs disabled the usage of it. Although disheartened by that fact this wasn’t a situation where he could lament about it, he quickly yelled, “Transform!”

Within seconds his body flashed brightly, and the webs that were holding him down tore effortlessly by the tempered and sharp metal segments that protruded from the designs of the armor.

After he was free, he started to free his companions as the mother spider and spiderlings came charging towards them. Out of the three only Bendan and Tyron woke up right away and they began to resist the spiders. Luon who intended to wake up Gizmo found him to be deep asleep, he had no more leeway and left him behind, protected with some barrier type magic from a tool he pulled from his intraspatial bag.

Luckily the spiders weren’t smart enough to confiscate their belongings as Luon pulled out a series of weapons and tools to deal with them. The spider army dwindled, although numerous they were pathetically weak and had no thoughts other than to fill their stomachs. In fact, some of them took the opportunity to cannibalize on each other.

The mother spider was enraged at its pathetic children as it vented its anger on Luon and his friends. The three of them fought hard, several spiders passed by them and tried to attack Gizmo only to find themselves wasting their time on the barrier that was set up.

Soon enough the mother’s death throes echoed out as the spiderlings rapidly flee from their mother’s murderers.

Luon and his friends took this time to rest instead of chasing after these spiderlings. Eventually, they would grow up and make another nest, but when that time comes at least, they wouldn’t be there to experience it.

Luon tidied their surroundings as the blood-stench air settled in their surroundings, and he took the opportunity to wake up Gizmo.

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“Ahhhh, I was just at the good part! The bikini girl just led me inside of her hotel room,” Gizmo yelled in anguish.

Bendan walked over to Luon who just woke up Gizmo and lectured him, “Gizmo right now we’re on a desolate island, so get rid of your fantasies. I know you spend most of your nights in the Vortex Container running simulations where you hit on girls on the beach, mountain, and mall, but this isn’t the place for it.”

Only allowed on

Even though the Vortex Container disables adult related content, it couldn’t stop curious teenagers from admiring the clothed bodies of beauties, as long as the content was appropriate enough the simulation wouldn’t stop.

Luon could only sigh at his friend who was busy dreaming of beauties while they were out vigorously fighting against a horde of spiders.

The group continued to clear up the surroundings and decided set up camp nearby. The spiders have already made a run for their lives and the other creatures of the night probably feared the spiders making this the ideal location to start.

What they needed to do to survive in the wilderness was secure food, shelter, and water. Fortunately, this spider nest was like a gold mine, the shelter it provided was secure, and the food although disgusting was still edible. Tyron expressed his intentions of eating the spiders and Bendan didn’t care. Only Gizmo and Luon found the meal to be aggravating, and the dishearteningly ate it.

During dinner at the camp they confirmed their goals and listed first on things to do was to find one of those resource outposts to score some easy points. The crew ate and rotated night watch duties. To no surprise, Gizmo had a more extended and more troublesome watch period since he didn’t do any work before.

Thus the first night ended.

“There’s an awfully a lot of Inzektors on the island, who was in charge of weeding them out this year?” Captain Waver said as he switched between the monitors inspecting the students progress.

“Reporting, the ones in charge of weeding out the island was the fourth division, sir,” replied the officer who had caused trouble for Luon before.

He had already finished with what Zythos had assign before, all he had to do is lay low before he gets promoted.

Captain Waver frowned upon his words, the fourth division was backed by the Mythos clan, and he couldn’t help but feel that they neglected their duties this year.

He couldn’t help but feel nervous about this expedition since the young misses from the Novera Corporation, Nightwalker family and one of the supreme commander’s daughter was on this trip.

Captain Waver carefully watched over his students, but little did he know this trip was more than what he could handle.

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